Josho’s PODs

Having PODs (Point of difference players) can be so important in getting your team ahead of the pack and set you apart from the rest. Pick them right and you could be on the road to glory, pick them wrong and you could be in all sorts of trouble. PREMIUMS DEFENDERS Dylan Roberton, $509,000 Ownership: … More Josho’s PODs

Player With PODential – Round 16

The byes have finished and what a fantastic feeling it is! I’m back again with a point of difference, for Round 16. STEPHEN CONIGLIO Price: $530,700 Position: Midfield Games Played: 13 Season Average: 109.6 3 Round Average: 119 (7th highest straight midfielder) 5 Round Average: 103.6 Selected In: 1.7% of sides Breakeven: +69 PROS Has had a super consistent … More Player With PODential – Round 16