Statistical Analysis | Mid-Price Forwards

Remember when Jack Billings averaged 75 SC between rounds 1-11 last season before being dropped? I do, because then I rage-traded him. Remember when he proceeded to collect 54 disposals (yes, fifty-four) in the VFL the following week, against a Frankston side whose senior coach somewhat conveniently happened to also be an assistant at St … More Statistical Analysis | Mid-Price Forwards

Josho’s Top 20 Most Relevant SuperCoach Players

20- Isaac Heeney Price: $433,400 Position: Mid/Forward 2015 Avg: 70 2016 Avg: 79 Tom Mitchell leaving the Swans and becoming a Hawk has created a lot of hype around Isaac Heeney. John Longmire announced in the early stages of the preseason that Heeney was a chance to play more midfield time as a result of … More Josho’s Top 20 Most Relevant SuperCoach Players