Statistical Analysis | Mid-Price Forwards

Remember when Jack Billings averaged 75 SC between rounds 1-11 last season before being dropped? I do, because then I rage-traded him. Remember when he proceeded to collect 54 disposals (yes, fifty-four) in the VFL the following week, against a Frankston side whose senior coach somewhat conveniently happened to also be an assistant at St … More Statistical Analysis | Mid-Price Forwards

SCHQ Preseason 2019 – Overrated or Underrated?

Today, we run our eye over some of the most discussed players heading into season 2019 and decide whether they are overrated or underrated, taking into account price, expected form and list changes. As always we want to hear about which players you think are over or underrated heading into the new season! Max Gawn … More SCHQ Preseason 2019 – Overrated or Underrated?