SuperCoach Research Tool – Season 2017

With the SuperCoach Picker having gone live earlier this week for those who subscribed to SuperCoach Gold last season, the pre-season starts now! For those that couldn’t afford to subscribe, or didn’t bother, why should you miss out? Well, now you don’t have to! All you have to do is click this link: supercoach-player-prices-2017 and you’ll have a … More SuperCoach Research Tool – Season 2017

SuperCoach Championship Rings (now with NRL & AFL Dream Team)

Inspired by championship rings worn by US sports stars, David from Championship Rings designed a SuperCoach championship ring that is suddenly in big demand. “The main idea was to get something unique made for the league,” he said. In 2015 this was big – in 2016 it will be HUGE! Not only has the SuperCoach … More SuperCoach Championship Rings (now with NRL & AFL Dream Team)

Break-Evens Round 3

A must-have tool to know whether or not your players are going to be rising or falling in value. Just click the link below to open up an Excel Spreadsheet. CLICK HERE >> Round03 Breakevens   Leave a comment below if you’re not sure whether to hold a player or cut them!