Week 12 NFL wrap

Thanksgiving Day football; there’s almost nothing better. Twelve straight hours of NFL action included the Lions downing the Eagles, the Panthers destroying the Cowboys and the Bears edging the Packers for Jay Cutler’s first ever win at Lambeau Field. As we near the pointy end of the season, I’ll begin to look at the most … More Week 12 NFL wrap

Week 8 NFL wrap

Another big week saw the demise of yet another undefeated team: the Green Bay Packers – they were manhandled by the Denver Broncos, but more on that later. The Patriots, Panthers, Bengals and Broncos all kept their perfect records in tact, which has put us in rare air – this is the first time in … More Week 8 NFL wrap

Week 5 NFL wrap

Now we’re getting into it. Week five is when you can actually start to look at form lines and come to meaningful conclusions. Nobody cares if a guy is averaging three TD’s per game after one game. But eight TD’s in five games is impressive (we’re looking at you Devonta). In terms of results, there … More Week 5 NFL wrap

4th and Inches

The NFL 2015/2016 season is up and about, and with interest building on the back of Jarryd ‘The Hayne Plane’ Hayne, we’re confident that weekly articles celebrating everything NFL-fantasy-football-related is worth the effort. If you’re one of the (growing) minority who know your first downs from your linebackers, stick with us each week as we … More 4th and Inches

Week 3 NFL wrap

Well, with three weeks of Football now in the books I think we have a pretty good picture of who will and won’t be contending for the playoffs this year. The Colts tried their hardest to lose, but somehow still won, with inexperience costing Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans the ballgame. That win put … More Week 3 NFL wrap