Team Reveal – Mummy Knows Beers

Happy Labour Day all,

As it’s a public holiday here in VIC, I’m sure you’re all wisely spending today fiddling with your SuperCoach sides.

Who am I kidding? Like me, you’ve probably been on SC tinkering every day for the past month and will continue to do so until Thursday week.

With seemingly a scarcity of available rookies, I have sought value, value and more value (without going full mid-price madness).

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my post-Marsh 2 team. Please criticise accordingly, cheers!


DEF Post-Marsh 2

Laird, Sicily and Docherty have all proved they can average 100+ and I am banking on this occurring again. With Brodie Smith the likely choice for an opposition tag and the Crows on a downward spiral, Laird should lay off half-back and find plenty of it. Stewart, Houston and Crisp have all floated in and out of my side but I have opted for Sicily given his ceiling and the Hawks’ off-season inclusion of Patton.

Noble has been solid and is value at his price. As a Bombers man, I have always been a fan of Berserk-Thatcher (please, let it catch on) and with Hooker and Ambrose out for at least the first month, he will fill that void aptly. Admittedly, I love Roberton, but I just can’t trust his body enough to fit him in. Fingers crossed Starcevich gets a chance early.


MID Post-Marsh 2

This is what I am talking about!

Started with Macrae last season and I think I owe him the same level of respect again in 2020. Fyfe is the best player in the League, the selection speaks for itself. Cripps is a bull and with an inevitably improved Carlton outfit, I can only see his average moving in one direction.

This is where it gets interesting. Now Coniglio has put his contract distractions behind him, compounded by a full pre-season and an outstanding Marsh Series, at just $549k he is too difficult to ignore. McCluggage is the best 22-year-old in the AFL and he is ready to explode; I simply can’t justify paying an extra $160k for his teammate.

The rookies are obviously subject to round 1 teams, however bar Noah Anderson, it is looking unlikely there will be any others who debut.

Stiff: Oliver is underpriced given his finish to 2019; he’ll be in for Coniglio if my request for an extra 50k salary cap is approved by administrators. 


*Cue controversy*

RUC Post-Marsh 2

Is it Grundy? It’s Grundy!

This is where I convince you Sauce over Gawn is genius and not insane.

  • Gawn isn’t 100% fit after pre-season surgery, illustrated by his 50% TOG in Marsh 2 and half-time run through’s away from the main group
  • A $350k saving allows a gain – given prospective breakouts perform – an extra 65-70ppg
  • Mumford unlikely to play with Sauce fit and firing
  • As long as Jacobs averages 80+ and Gawn doesn’t hit (touch wood) 140, it’s a win
  • Seriously, touch wood right now

Conroy at R3 saves you $15k and enables both a captaincy and emergency loophole. Smart, simple.


FWD Post-Marsh 2

Take out his injury-affected scores from 2019 and Whitfield becomes an underpriced uber premium. Don’t be like me last year and not own Whitfield. He did not enter my team once, not once. Just pick him.

Martin on the other hand is, irrespective of his X-factor, one player who has been in and out of my side. But after watching his State of Origin performance and evident hunger in the Marsh Series, he looks determined to start the season well.

With 15 off-season surgeries rocking Tullamarine including Heppell (foot), Shiel (knee) and Smith (knee), Parish is destined for more midfield minutes. Astounded he is in only 4% of sides.

Haven’t submitted to Petrappa. I like Greenwood’s role, but his inability to convert into SC points during the Marsh Series has turned me off. Instead, I have opted for A. Brayshaw. After his older brother burnt me and joined my blacklist in 2019, I’m ready to go through a similar rollercoaster of emotion this year.

A fit Smith is Essendon’s most important player. Lock and load.


My reputation is on the line with the unenviable task of SCHQ’s first Team Reveal of 2020 but nevertheless I’m looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!

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