SCHQ Burning Questions | Round five

Welcome back to the Burning Questions of the week!

A few rookies have made some cash, one has gone backwards! Here’s what you wanted to know this week.


Interestingly, it’s been the arrival of Scott Lycett that has killed Justin Westhoff’s scoring this season.

Last year, the Hoff averaged 8.3 hit-outs per game, signifying time around the ball and an increased the opportunity to get tackles (down 2.4 per game), clearances (down 2.4 per game), contested possessions (down 3.6 per game) and other good SuperCoach stats.

However, Lycett has arrived and pushed Westhoff into a wing-half forward position, where unless he kicks a bag, now appears unlikely to score well.

With matches against West Coast and Collingwood coming up in his next three, it’s not going to get any easier.

He’s got to go.


Sam Jacobs has been ruled out of round five and “the Crows don’t have a timeline on Jacobs’ return”, according to

Terrible news for Sauce but good news for Reilly O’Brien. He’s not going to set the world on fire but he will get a couple of weeks of cash generation.

If he continues to average 85 for another three weeks, he’ll be sitting at $280k and a rise of $150k, according to TooSerious’ stats calculator.

Sydney Stack was passed on by many but the Tigers gave him a chance and he’s taking it.

His job security looks pretty good too I reckon, especially with Trent Cotchin and Shaun Grigg at least two weeks away. At the basement price I think he should be your go-to downgrade this week, if you want to make one.


While Zac Williams hasn’t been setting the world on fire, but be careful you don’t go points chasing.

His average of 84 means the gap between he and Lachie Whitfield is now closing in on $200k – that’s a lot of coin to be forking out for a mid-pricer to a premo.

Williams has matches against Fremantle, Sydney and St Kilda coming up, hardly daunting opponents, so I’d suggest you hold firm for now, and here’s why:

The Swans have made a habit of tagging Whitfield in previous encounters (see George Hewett), for scores of 64 (round three) and 80 (round 22). So you might want to wait until after the Sydney Derby before you pull the trigger.


Ugh, Noah Balta’s been a shocker so far. Imagine losing money from that starting price!

If you can get him to Sydney Stack via a DPP, do it! Otherwise, just hold him for now and hope he can turn it around.


This is a complex one.

Shane Mumford has been really impressive so far, but I wouldn’t be jumping on him without caution.

Remember, he’s had a year out of the game so will need to be eased through the season, especially if the Giants make the finals, which it looks like they will.

You’re absolutely kidding yourself if you think he’ll play all of the remaining games from here, which means you’re going to need ruck cover, which few of us have.

Would the $300k that you make from the trade be worth it in your forward line? Well, considering the rookies have only had two weeks of growth, that only equals one full upgrade.

Yes, Mumford looks incredible value at the minute, but I don’t think he’s worth the hassle.


Agree or disagree? Let me know! 

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