SCHQ Burning Questions | Round 3

How are those fingers feeling? A little twitchy? Ready to hit that big red ‘T‘?

Welcome back to another week of Burning Questions.


Whoa, whoa, whoa! Tim Taranto was the one who was meant to have a breakout season! And to be fair, he’s started with scores of 112 and 78, so far from disastrous.

It’s easy to look at Tom Rockliff and Dom Sheed’s scores and get jealous – but there’s no point chasing points. Look forward – the introduction of Josh Kelly into GWS’s midfield might help free Taranto up somewhat.

So in a word: hold.


This is seems to be a big dilemma of the week.

A sore ankle picked up in the JLT Series say the Swans. And yet he took that mark with it?

Isaac Heeney’s been drifting across half forward far more often than we’d like so far this season, but I don’t think it’s time for panic stations just yet. You’ve got to remember, this is a 22 year old who averaged 97.5 last season.

Sore ankle or not, his midfield time will only increase the longer Sydney struggle. Hold him for now.


The top five rookies on the bubble, in terms of lowest breakevens, are Willem Drew (BE of -121), Matthew Parker (-108), Charlie Constable (-97), Luke Davies-Uniacke (-83) and Xavier Duursma (-69).

Certainly aim to have at least four of these guys to ensure you’ll be making enough money over the next few weeks.


Port Adelaide has been terrific with blooding youngsters this season and it’s had a positive impact on their win-loss record too. Hopefully other coaches take the hint!

Drew and Duursma have been terrific (see above), but the other two Zak Butters and Connor Rozee have also done a job.

I wasn’t big on Rozee in the pre-season but he showed enough last week to think that his larger price tag might be worth it. Squeeze in Butters if you can, and Rozee as well as a luxury – job security for both looks really good.


If you’re trading out Greene, Jade Gresham would be my second option. The 25-touch game against Essendon was impressive, but is it sustainable?

James Worpel on the other hand looks a safer bet, in my opinion. He’s cheaper, got dual-position status and has had 27 and 25 touches in his two games. Clarko wouldn’t be giving him so much game time if he was no good.


Really tough one. Tom Rockliff’s average is obviously a lot higher, but you will need to find an extra $100K.

There is talk that the return of Ollie Wines and Sam Gray will affect the numbers of Rockliff. I don’t buy that – if he’s collecting 40 touches a game it wouldn’t make sense to limit his time in there. So can the 29 year old keep it up? I have a feeling injuries might crop up later in the year.

As for Tom Liberatore, he’s back to doing what he does best, in and under in the Doggies’ midfield. This is his role and it won’t change for the rest of the season, so long as he behaves himself. Expect a 100 average and not much more.


Sonny started with a 100 against the Roos but backed it up with only 50 against the Suns. Despite that promising start I agree with you – the signs aren’t good.

Here’s his heat-map from the first two games:

Walters’ 2019 heat-map (Freo kicking to the right)

If the Dockers win by plenty he’ll score well. I can’t see that happening much this season though.

As for Boak, he’s a safe bet while the Power keeps winning.

One thought on “SCHQ Burning Questions | Round 3

  1. I have the Walters problem too. Ballantyne went out, Hogan came in, Walters had to go forward. If mMatera comes in this week would expect Walters to be back in mid mix.


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