SCHQ Burning Questions | Round 2

Hello everyone and welcome to SCHQ’s Burning Questions – a new weekly article where I’ll try and address everything that’s going on in the world of SuperCoach.


Great questions Chris. If you, like me, were one of the 37,000 coaches who selected Stephen Coniglio, give yourself a pat on the back.

Cogs had a great pre-season and delivered in round one with 154 points.

Here’s the thing: Will Coniglio score 150 every week? Of course not. They thrashed the Bombers so there’s going to be some big scorers. Will Josh Kelly impact his points? No way.

Cogs is far too versatile these days to be effected by something like that, as shown by his three goals on the weekend.

Also, we saw Brett Daniels and Brett Deledio spend time on the ball. You’d imagine they’ll be bumped to the forward line when Kelly returns.

However, as a vice-captaincy option? Maybe – but he only averages 86 against the Eagles from eight matches.


Wow-wee – there could be some high-scoring defenders in this game.

Jake Lloyd, Rory Laird, Brodie Smith, Wayne Milera

Josh will touch on these options in his captains article but considering Lloyd has never cracked the SuperCoach ton against the Crows, I’d say play it safe this round.


This dilemma comes up every year, doesn’t it?

Unsurprisingly, I’m going to suggest to you to have faith. There aren’t enough alarm bells to pull the trigger just yet.

I’ve got Max Gawn and while he did look a bit underdone against the Power, it’s easy to look second rate when your team is getting done.

In fact, I think if the Demons select Braydon Preuss it might actually be good for Gawn’s body, and Gawn’s scoring. Time will tell.


Agreed. It does seem like you’re chasing points. It’s only been one game – so if you didn’t think they were worth of selection seven days ago, that shouldn’t have changed enough by now.

As for Sam Collins, you could certainly hold him as a loophole option (the Suns play on Sunday) and then trade him the following round for a rookie on the bubble.


Tough opening round, Dave? The good news is there’s still 22 rounds to go.

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