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For Adrian and Aaron’s team reveal click here, for Schon’s team reveal click here.

MATTY’S TEAM (@_MatthewStorey)

My turn to reveal how all my planning over the last few months has gone and what I have been left with. Tear it to shreds, don’t hold back and let me know your thoughts!


By far, the line that I have had the most trouble with. Rory Laird appears to now be sharing rebounding and kick in duties with Brodie Smith and Wayne Milera. This may change once the season begins but I don’t have confidence in him at almost $600k. Ditto Jake Lloyd. For most of pre-season I had him in my side as my first defender. Without getting a look at what role Callum Mills will play for the Swans I fear they may take points off each other if both are played at half back. Lloyd’s first seven games last year saw him not score 100 or more. It may be a coincidence but those were the only seven games that Mills played in in 2018.

As such I am looking into reliable defenders who may not score big, but will provide consistency. Shannon Hurn and Shane Savage do just that. Zac Williams is on the return from injury and has proven to be a good scorer in the past while I have settled on Pearce Hanley instead of Brodie Smith for D4 on the basis that he is a more proven.


Last season I played most of the year without Paddy Cripps. Isn’t going to happen this time around. Nat Fyfe hasn’t played JLT which is scary but his ability to average 120+ pre-bye is insane so he gets a spot. The Crows are looking to bounce back and Matt Crouch has had a great pre-season. Angus Brayshaw looks to take the next step as an uber-premium, while Jack Steele’s end to 2018 was unheralded.

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Sam Walsh picks himself. Jye Caldwell should be given some midfield minutes at GWS and looks a decent scorer, as does Zac Butters.


For a long while I had Brodie Grundy as my No.1 ruckman, but I have concerns about Collingwood going the way of Richmond last season and everyone averaging 90-95 and sharing points. I’ve taken the punt on Sam Jacobs who will be keen to bounce back after a tough year last year. Patrick Bines is in my team purely for DPP and VC loophole.


Least amount of rookies that interest me so have gone with the four premiums. Patrick Dangerfield and Isaac Heeney pick themselves. I can’t go without Buddy, but if he doesn’t play round one I will move him to someone else.

Jack Darling is underpriced in my opinion, after a couple of injury affected games last year. Nick Blakey has looked better than his JLT scores suggest and I believe he has reasonable job security.

Will Setterfield and Willem Drew are the other must haves, while Ben Cavarra may not be ready for round one, but should play a substantial role this season.


Four dual position midfield/forward players in my forward line and none in my midfield concerns me slightly.

Wish I could find a way to add Tom Liberatore into my midfield to add depth, but can’t without compromising other areas. Have also looked into Darcy Moore instead of Pearce Hanley.

Don’t have much left over in the kitty.

Other than that I’m pretty happy! For now.

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