Final Thoughts Before Lockout | SuperCoach 2019

The wait is almost over and there’s now just two days left until the season starts!

By now, hopefully your side is looking relatively stable and it should only really change now pending rookie selection for round one.

But of course, if there are still some selections you’re struggling with, I’m here to give you a hand with working those out! Drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

Let’s look at the defence first up.

There are a variety of different structures that people are rolling with.

Personally, I like the two out-and out-premos plus a mid-pricer or two, followed by a handful of rookies.

In terms of premium picks, guys like Jake Lloyd, Rory Laird, Kade Simpson, Lachie Whitfield and Shannon Hurn all look the goods.

Banking on a veteran? Why Kade Simpson is the safest pick in defence

For mid-pricers, it appears as though Zac Williams, Brodie Smith and Callum Mills are the best options. If you were looking at Dylan Roberton, you need to move him on because unfortunately he won’t play this year due to a recurring heart issue.

Rookie wise, the likes of Marty Hore and Xavier Duursma feature in a lot of sides and for good reason.

The midfield is usually a gold mine for points and it’s easy to get sucked in to pre-season form and load up here.

I’m talking about the likes of Dom Sheed and Tom Rockliff. These guys had blinder JLT games and all of a sudden find themselves in a few more sides. I’d be wary of these two for sure, Sheed is unproven and what will change this year to allow him to score more points? Gaff will be back soon and realistically, Sheed was in the side last season by the skin of his teeth, hardly a vital cog in the system. In Rockliff’s case, he averaged 132 way back in 2014 but ever since then he has been your typical ‘burn man’, missing games on the regular due to injury and being relatively inconsistent when he did play.


If you are looking at mid-priced options in the midfield, guys like Tom Liberatore & Brad Crouch, who are on the comeback trail due to injury, seem like more calculated risks.

[interaction id=”5c7a77d1c31fa19680274242″]

So, whilst there are heaps points to be won in the midfield early, the best rookies also seem to be here. Guys like Sam Walsh (yes he has a high price tag, fork it out for him though), Charlie Constable and Zak Butters should feature in every SuperCoach side. Do you leave out a gun midfielder who will average 115+ for a rookie who will average 75 and spend the cash elsewhere or do you simply load up from the get go?

How are you structuring your midfield in 2019? Are you running with any mid-pricers or are you going the out-and-out guns and rookies approach?

The ruckmen for me is a position I have had little worry about this preseason. Aside from Todd Goldstein featuring for a week or so pre-JLT, the combination of Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn has been my move. Even if these two don’t quite live up to the expectations and standards they set last year, I suspect they will be up there in terms of scoring again in 2019 and for that reason, save yourself the hassle mid-season of trading them in and get them in now.

How will they line up? Predicted round one sides

In the past the R3 position has been good for loophole options and this is the case again this season with only really Zac Clarke and Darcy Fort looking like chances for round one.

The forward line is probably the toughest to pick this year. Apart from Patrick Dangerfield at F1, the rest of the line is a head scratcher.

I’ve seen a lot of sides with Isaac Heeney at F2 but F3 seems to be the ‘POD slot’ this season. Sam Menegola, Tim Kelly, Devon Smith, David Mundy, Josh Dunkley, Travis Boak and Michael Walters could all be decent selections.

Sonny side up? Why Michael Walters is Dec’s Burn Man

Some teams are opting to roll with ‘mid-price madness’ in the forward line with the likes of James Worpel, Darcy Moore, Toby Greene and Lincoln McCarthy being the pick of the bunch.

Will Setterfield and Willem Drew are rookie locks but after that, job security poses issues for guys like Noah Balta and Dylan Moore.


Good luck for the season this year guys! Remember, back your research but more importantly back your instincts.

2 thoughts on “Final Thoughts Before Lockout | SuperCoach 2019

  1. Besides danger and heens no one else thrilled me for F3.

    Thinking of going with SPS.

    More mid time in JLT, fitter and first full pre season. Is elite by foot.


    Really like this pick.


    1. He looked pretty good in the JLT. What do you realistically think he can average though? If he can average 90 I think you’d be delighted.


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