Team Reveals 2019 | Schon’s Team


After Aaron and Adrian revealed their teams last week, I thought it was only fair that I put my current squad out there to be picked apart as well.

One thing you should know straight up is that I’ve got $394,100 in reserve at this stage. I’ll definitely spend most of that before lockout on Thursday but for now I’m preferring to keep my options open.

So, get ready for guns and rookies because I’ve been burned too many times before to go down the alternative path again…


Lachie Whitfield had a spot in my side for a while but Shannon Hurn has replaced him following the JLT. I’m happy to stick with Alex Witherden I despite many other jumping off because I think the young Lion will have a terrific season. I’m backing Rory Laird over Jake Lloyd even though both are great selections.

Tobe Watson is my floating donut, and Marty Hore could easily start come round one.

What’s a floating donut? My explainer and best options

I’m still ok with Sam Collins, but he could easily become Zac Williams in the next day or two.


It’s taken me how many months? But I just brought Sam Walsh into my midfield today.

I didn’t have Jack Macrae up until a couple of weeks ago but decided on pure weight of numbers he’s a really good option, despite his price. My only concern is having two Doggies midfielders (Tom Liberatore), but for now I’m happy to take that risk.

Stephen Coniglio and Dustin Martin I’ve had since SuperCoach opened so I’m going to back my instinct on those two and hope they both explode into the top echelon, where they belong.


I’m big on Toby Nankervis, which you may have gathered from my Player Radar on him earlier this pre-season. He’s young enough that there’s still plenty of improvement in him and I’ve decided that I don’t want to fork out for both Brodie Grundy and Max Gawn.


However, I had to have at least one of them, right? Grundy’s there as it stands but I’ve been known to make last minute switches. Standby, Max!


This is the toughest line in my opinion.

I really don’t want three rookies on the field up forward so I might look at someone like Toby Greene, Zach Fisher or Jack Billings with my left over cash.

I wouldn’t bank on Noah Balta playing many games but if he’s named early I might not have a choice but to pick him.

Patrick Dangerfield and Isaac Heeney are really easy selections in my opinion and Sam Menegola is a still too good to be available as a forward – F2 will be either Menegola or teammate Tim Kelly.


Unfortunately I don’t have any DPPs across the lines yet which I generally like to start with. So if I could get Willem Drew, Will Setterfield or Xavier Duursma into the middle (to allow for direct switching) I’d be delighted.

I also need to work out where that stockpiled money ($394,100) goes.

There have been some season where I’ve gone into round one with $2,000 in the bank, and some seasons where I’ve gone in with as much as $80,000 left over. I don’t have a hard-and-fast policy on how much I like to keep in the kitty but it will be in the $15,000-$60,000 range ideally.

So, it looks like that money will be spend on improving D4 and F4, which are currently both rookies. Not ideal.

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