Fresh Faces | Rich, St K, Syd, WC, WB

This is the article when I run the rule over every side’s new recruits. Past editions:

Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood, Essendon
Fremantle, Geelong, Gold Coast, GWS
Hawthorn, Melbourne, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide

Richmond enjoyed a stellar home and away season, finishing top of the ladder, a couple of games clear of the pack. But eventually, the Tigers fell short of making the Grand Final after suffering defeat in the preliminary final. Their list doesn’t need much tinkering and therefore made minimal amount of changes in the off-season.

Tom Lynch (FA, Gold Coast Suns)
Forward $425,600.
Touch and go for round one, when he comes back and puts some form together, he might become relevant.
– No

Maverick Weller (DFA, St Kilda)
Forward $334,500.
Has never really been SuperCoach relevant and i don’t see that changing this season.
– Nah

Riley Collier-Dawkins (National Draft, Oakleigh Chargers)
Midfielder $121,800.
Will be an interesting prospect this season, where does he fit into the Richmond team? Will he have to bide his time in the VFL or does he get early games.
– Unlikely to play

Jack Ross (National Draft, Oakleigh Chargers)
Midfielder $117,300.
Pick 43, could take time, looks a lively type, who could be a nice downgrade option at some stage.
– If named, jump on

Fraser Turner (National Draft, Clarence)
Midfielder $117,300.
Another potential midfield option for Richmond going forward, was solid at Under 18s level, will he take time? l think so.
– Not at this stage

Luke English (National Draft, Perth)
Midfielder $117,300.
Yet another midfielder, English averaged 104 at Under 18s level and 146 in the WAFL Colts. Impressive averages, can he get opportunities at senior level?
– Not just yet, downgrade chance

Jake Aarts (Rookie Draft, Richmond VFL)
Forward $106,900.
This 24-year-old has played 82 VFL games and now finally receives an opportunity on an AFL list, he is a small pressure forward which Richmond has some very good ones, where does he fit in Richmond’s team?
– Must get opportunities? Unlikely to be a big scorer

Sydney Stack (Rookie Draft, Perth)
Midfielder $102,400.
18 -year-old pacy midfielder, Stack was originally looked over in the draft, before being offered a lifeline by Richmond. Could take him time to get senior opportunities, although the club is excited by what he could do.
– Not yet


There are a couple of decent rookie options but I don’t know if any of them have locked in a round one spot though. Maybe a nice downgrade option at some stage.

St Kilda’s best 22 on paper is an exciting prospect but they haven’t been able to achieve that at any stage of late, this looks to be a make or break year for a lot of players. Will the new additions add some extra dimensions to St Kilda?

Dan Hannebery (Traded, Sydney)
Midfielder $326,100.
Secured a long contract with the Saints, now can he return to his 2016 form, where he was one of the dominate midfielder’s of the game, currently has a hamstring complaint.
– No

Dean Kent (Traded, Melbourne)
Forward $278,800
Acquired from Melbourne in the off-season, Kent is lowly priced would need a great pre-season on fire for me to entertain.
– No for me

Max King (National Draft, Sandringham Dragons)
Forward $193,800.
Injured, 8-12 weeks away.
– No

Jack Bytel ( National Draft, Calder Cannons)
Midfielder $117,300.
Injured, out for the season.
– No

Matthew Parker (National Draft, South Fremantle)
Forward $117,300.
Finally, A very exciting addition for the Saints, this 22-year-old looks ready and raring to go round one.
– Yes for me.

Nick Hind ( National Draft, Essendon VFL)
Midfielder $117,300.
Taken at No.54 in the draft, this mature age prospect possesses great speed. He averaged 87 in the VFL last year and should get an early crack at the AFL.
– If named, it’s a yes for me.

Robert Young (National Draft, North Adelaide)
Forward $117,300.
This lively forward was taken at pick No.67 in the draft, at 23 years of age will be keen to make an immediate impact at his new home. Seems to be behind the above two but with the amount of injuries at St Kilda an opportunity could be close.
– Not yet

Callum Wilkie (Rookie Draft, North Adelaide)
Defender $124,900.
This 22-year-old starred for North Adelaide across half back in a premiership winning season, Wilkie will add valuable depth, should get some opportunities through the year at AFL level this year.
– Not unless named

Jonathon Marsh (SSP, East Fremantle)
Defender $163,100
The former Pies’ defender just joined the Saints this week in theSupplemental Selection Period because of the long-term injury to Jack Bytel. Looks like he should get a crack but the price is far from ideal.
– Price has turned me off


Some interesting mature-aged players selected by St Kilda, should all get game time throughout the season, and some are definitely worth a punt on.

The ever consistent Sydney once again made finals, but didn’t have the impact that they normally have. Are changes needed, or will development come from within?

Ryan Clarke (Traded, North Melbourne)
Defender $355,400.
A great runner and line breaker, but hasn’t set the SuperCoach stage on fire in his three previous at North Melbourne could a change of scenery be the start of something great?
– Midfield time is promising

Jackson Thurlow (Traded, Geelong)
Midfielder $289,700.
Was never able to get continuity with his body at Geelong after promising so much in his early career. Being midfield only makes Jackson not really relevant this season.
– Nah

Daniel Menzel (DFA, Geelong)
Forward $369,100.
Will add an extra dimension to the Sydney forward line, but has never been SuperCoach relevant and I don’t see that changing this season
– Too many injuries

Nick Blakey (National Draft, Sydney Academy)
Forward $166,800.
A prestigious talent, had the choice of three clubs due to his father’s links and Swans Academy, but in the end chose his home state. Will get games but I think won’t be rushed or over-played.
– Probably better options 

James Rowbottom (National Draft, Oakleigh Chargers)
Midfielder $117,300.
Averaged 103 points at under 18s and 97 in the TAC Cup. Rowbottom looks to have a bright future, my only question is whether or not he gets opportunities through the year.
– Not yet but signs are promising

Justin McInerney (National Draft, Northern Knights)
Defender $117,300.
John Longmire is never afraid to play rookies and this running defender rated elite for marks and above average in other areas. Maybe a little time in the NEAFL first.
– Unlikely to play early, downgrade option perhaps

Zac Foot (National Draft, Dandenong Stingrays)
Forward $117,300.
Even though he was the second youngest player at the draft combine, Foot finished with the 10th best time in the 2km time trial. May get opportunities.
– Not yet

Durak Tucker (Rookie Draft, Peel Thunder)
Defender $111,400.
Injured, will take time.
– No

Harry Reynolds (Rookie Draft, Sandringham Dragons)
Defender $102,400.
Is going to need some time to develop in the NEAFL.
– No


The main player with SuperCoach relevance is Blakely who has shown he has some serious talent at under 18s level. Clarke might have a case after seeing him play midfield in the JLT series.

The Eagles achieved the ultimate success last year with the premiership, can they back up that brilliance again this season? What changes have they made to help keep them at the top? Let’s see.

Tom Hickey (Traded, St Kilda)
Ruck $485,600.
Has never played a full season which is a worry, but he will definitely get lots of opportunities with the departure of Lycett and Naitanui still a long way off from returning. Would be a sneaky but risky POD.
– Nah

Xavier O’Neill (National Draft, Oakleigh Chargers)
Midfielder $117,300.
A young athletic outside midfielder, who I think will need to bide his time in the WAFL early, maybe a late season debut?
– No for me

Luke Foley (National Draft, Subiaco)
Midfielder $117,300.
Missed out on the Draft last year, but was able to play as an overage player in the under 18s in 2018 where he was number one in AFL player rating points for WA. Sure to debut at some time this season.
– Depends on selection of course

Bailey Williams (National Draft, Dandenong Stingrays)
Ruck/ Forward $117,300.
Project player, will need this year to develop.
– No

Jarrod Cameron (National Draft, Swan Districts)
Midfielder/ Forward $117,300.
Very similar type of player to his brother Charlie, probably looks the best placed in terms of rookies to get an early debut for the Eagles, definitely one to keep an eye on.
– A sneaky chance

Harry Edwards (Rookie Draft, Swan Districts)
Ruck $103,900.
Development year ahead.
– No

Josh Smith (Rookie Draft, Collingwood)
Forward $224,300.
25-year-old rookie, didn’t take his opportunities at Collingwood, I can’t see how he fits into the current premiers and will be SuperCoach relevant this season
– No for me


The relevant players at the Eagles don’t seem to be amongst the new acquisitions for me.

Since the 2016 premiership injuries and form have hampered the Doggies’ performances, but they still have a quality list so they don’t need much injection to get back to the finals again. Let’s see who has arrived.

Taylor Duryea (Traded, Hawthorn)
Defender $340,000.
Can play both as a small forward and defender, he’s a great acquisition for the Dogs. Unfortunately he’s  never really been SuperCoach relevant and I don’t see that changing with the change of scenery.
– Nah

Sam Lloyd (Traded, Richmond)
Midfielder $386,000.
Always deserved more opportunities at the Tigers, but wasn’t able to get the minutes or continuity in his game to take his game to the next level. There are better options at that price in the midfield is my main concern.
– No for me

Bailey Smith (National Draft, Sandringham Dragons)
Midfielder $180,300.
Taken at pick No.7 in the draft, Smith averaged 125 at under 18s and 175 in the TAC Cup and was simply unbelievable. He’s an expensive rookie but could still a great option.
– A good shout if named

Rhylee West (National Draft, Calder Cannons)
Midfielder $117,300.
His father Scott is a club legend and if he is half as good as him, he will be a great player for many years to come. No JLT action was annoying.
– Not for now

Laitham Vandermeer (National Draft, Murray Bushrangers)
Defender/ Midfielder $117,300.
Vandermeer is DPP which is a huge plus for a rookie. He rated elite in kicking in the TAC Cup, so he uses the ball well when be gets it. Taken at pick No.37 in the draft, this 20-year-old should get some opportunities through the year.
– Not yet

Ben Cavarra (National Draft, Williamstown)
Forward $117,300.
Taken at pick No.45 this mature-age prospect averaged 97 points in the VFL with Williamstown playing as a small forward and was Williamstown’s leading goal kicker in the previous two seasons as well. Should get opportunities early and looks a great prospect for SuperCoach.
– Will be a great buy when he plays

Will Hayes (National Draft, Footscray VFL)
Midfielder $117,300.
The Hayes name is synonymous with the horse racing industry, but now Will is getting his opportunity on an AFL list. At 23 years old and fresh from winning the Footscray B&F, he looks a viable option for SuperCoach.
– Maybe, if he gets a run

Lachie Young (Rookie Draft, Dandenong Stingrays)
Defender $120,400.
At his best playing as an intercept defender, if an opportunity presents itself he looks ready to take it.
– Not yet

Jordan Sweet (Rookie Draft, North Adelaide)
Ruck $102,400.
21-year-old mature-age prospect Sweet averaged 127 champion data ranking points at under 18s level in the SANFL. He has taken his time to develop for North Adelaide in the SANFL, he could be a great bench ruck option this year. Lack of JLT action was disappointing.
– Doesn’t look like it now


Some great rookie options that should see some early games in the AFL, but the Doggies’ recycled players don’t look relevant this season.

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