Point Of Difference SuperCoach Side

When you are constructing your SuperCoach team, it’s important to have a few unique selections in your side.

These selections allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack, which can be extremely helpful in H2H matchups and the overall rankings.

So, I decided to put together a SuperCoach squad full of unique players, to try highlight some point of difference (POD) options for all you coaches out there.

Get a unique engine-room: Schon’s midfield PODS

To be eligible for selection, players had to have an ownership of 7% or lower (although I was more lenient with the rookies).


Shannon Hurn – $523,400 (DEF) – 6.4% ownership
Harris Andrews – $480,100 (DEF) – 2.2%
Wayne Milera – $433,100 (DEF) – 2.9%
Ryan Clarke – $355,400 (DEF) – 1.0%
Harry Perryman – $314,200 (DEF) – 0.3%
Colin O’Riordan – $250,800 (DEF) – 0.4%

Darragh Joyce – $123,900 (DEF) – 1.6%
Ben McKay – $123,900 (DEF) – 3.5%

It’s hard to believe that Shannon Hurn is in less than 7% of teams. He averaged a career-high 96.4 points last season and scored 90+ on fifteen occasions. His scoring should only increase too, with the new kick-in rule perfectly suited to players of his ilk.

Youngsters Harris Andrews and Wayne Milera are both intriguing prospects in the $400k-$500k price bracket. Andrews was averaging an impressive 97.1, before a serious concussion in round 14 derailed the second half of his season. Milera on the other hand had a quiet start to 2018, only averaging a modest 68.9 before the bye. However, a move to the backline paid dividends and he averaged 91.9 after the bye.

Cheap as chips but will he leave you salty? Brodie Smith Player Radar

If you are looking for an alternative to Brodie Smith, then Sydney-based boys Ryan Clarke and Harry Perryman could be worth considering. Both players look set for a larger midfield role in 2019. Clarke was particularly impressive in JLT2, racking up 29 disposals and 109 SuperCoach points from only 78% TOG.


Elliot Yeo – $585,500 (MID) – 4.7%
Marcus Bontempelli – $564,600 (MID) – 3.5%
Dayne Beams – $557,600 (MID) – 5.0%
Jack Steele – $512,600 (MID) – 1.5%
Paul Ahern – $375,100 (MID) – 0.9%
Luke Davies-Uniacke – $197,500 (MID) – 7.1%
Jackson Hately – $148,800 (MID) – 8.0%
Will Hayes – $117,300 (MID) – 2.4%

Ely Smith – $117,300 (MID) – 3.2%
Riley Collier-Dawkins – $121,800 (MID) – 1.7%
Jack Ross – $117,300 (MID) – 1.2%

You know what you are getting with Yeo, Bontempelli and Beams. They are all proven SuperCoach jets and could easily go 105+. On top of that, you can get them as PODs, which is a big bonus.

[interaction id=”5c8718780e019f28ee6b685c”]

A personal favourite of mine is Jack Steele. He might only be in 1.5% of teams but don’t let that deter you. The St Kilda midfielder had a ripping finish to 2018 and averaged 111.8 after the Saints bye.  He’s carried that form into the new year with scores of 117 and 115 in the JLT Series. With Hannebery and Steven out, plenty of responsibility will fall on his shoulders but I think he’s more than up for the task.

Davies-Uniacke proved to be one of the biggest disappointments of 2018. The much talked about rookie only played seven games in his debut season and averaged a measly 40.4 points. And by the end of the season, he’d only increased by $10,000 on his starting price. Could 2019 be a different story though? With another pre-season under the belt and a solid JLT Series, LDU might be one of the big SuperCoach improvers this season.


Toby Nankervis – $533,000 (RUCK) – 2.5%
Sam Jacobs – $455,700 (RUCK) – 5.1%

Even though the Grundy/Gawn ruck combo seems to be the way to go, big Toby Nankervis is still worth considering. Since moving to the Tigers, he’s been a consistent improver each year and he should average over 100 if he continues on this trajectory.

Is Nank The Tank the go? Toby Nankervis Player Radar

Crows veteran Sam Jacobs is also an undervalued option too. Statistically, he had his worst SuperCoach season since 2013 (ave 83.9) . Therefore, he has a 10-point upside if he can return to his best.


Lance Franklin – $543,500 (FWD) – 2.8%
Sam Menegola – $543,100 (FWD/MID) – 3.5%
David Mundy – $520,900 (FWD/MID) – 1.8%
Travis Boak – $478,000 (FWD) – 2.1%
Tom Papley – $383,400 (FWD) – 1.4%
Jarrod Brander – $135,700 (FWD) – 0.8%

Oliver Hanrahan – $123,900 (FWD) – 0.8%
Gryan Miers – $123,900 (FWD) – 1.1%

Even though Buddy is under an injury cloud, I was honestly shocked to see him in only 2.8% of teams. The Sydney superstar has been a SuperCoach gun for over a decade and he proved last year that he can still dominate despite limited training/preparation; averaging 100 in 2018.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if veterans David Mundy and Travis Boak are both top eight forwards by the end of the season. Both players received a significant increase in midfield time in the JLT Series. If this carries over into the season proper, then they’ll easily go 90+.

Tom Papley burst onto many coaches’ watch-lists after an impressive 140 in JLT2 from only 76% TOG. Although he never scored a hundred last season, he showed glimpses of his scoring potential when Horse threw him into the midfield. If the midfield time isn’t a one-off, he could be a smokey option up forward in 2019.

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