Point Of Difference Midfielders

Yeah, the popular picks are popular for a reason. And it’s important to have a few of those because on the whole, the SuperCoach community knows what it’s talking about.

But, it’s also key to mix up your squad with one, two or three unique picks that can give you the jump on the rest of the competition.

And not all POD (point of difference) selections are high-risk. As you’ll see in the midfield PODs below, there’s a lot of consistent scorers who for whatever reason, don’t get a lot of love.

For arguments sake, I’ve kept the POD mark at an ownership at around 5% of teams and below.

Elliot Yeo $585,500 – 4.9% of teams

Yeo played every game and won the best and fairest in West Coast’s premiership season, capping off a brilliant year for the athletic midfielder.

He was finally granted permanent time in the midfield, and pumped out 15 100+ scores while dropping under 90 only three times.

The 25-year-old has lost his defender eligibility for 2019 and that’s why the number of sides he’s in has been slashed.

However, his scoring won’t drop off and at under $600k, is a really good option for your midfield.

Marcus Bontempelli $564,600 – 3.7%

The Bont is another who has become a more unique selection due to lost DPP eligibility.

Over the past four seasons he’s missed only five matches, and recorded season averages of 103, 108, 104 and last year, 103.

Is this the year the Dog goes from star midfielder to genuine elite power scorer?

He’s always had a good ceiling; he scored 124+ on six occasions last year.

The Bont just needs to become a little bit more consistent and he’ll enter the top bracket of SuperCoach midfielders.

Trent Cotchin $486,900 – 1.4%

I do find it strange that the captain of arguably the most popular club in the league has such a low ownership.

However, he’s never been a big scorer and with his 29th birthday just around the corner, that looks unlikely to change.

One thing Cotchin might be useful for however, is his consistency and durability.

Because he’s so cheap, maybe you want him to deliver simple 100s for you the first few weeks, making a bit of money and letting the more expensive traps expose themselves.

It would be a bold move but you can’t win SuperCoach playing it safe.

Dayne Zorko $520,200 – 2.2%

Anybody who has owned Zorko in the past knows the rollercoaster that he brings with him.

Glorious highs (164, 142) and miserable lows (32, 37) mean owning Zorko is not for the faint hearted.

Copping heavy tags have been an issue for Zorko in the past, and I imagine that will be a problem at times this season as well.

But the Lions, with the arrival of Lachie Neale and Jarryd Lyons, and the continued emergence of young midfielders like Jarrod Berry, Hugh McCluggage and Rhys Mathieson, suddenly have several players for the opposition to be wary of.

If you want to roll the dice for a massive start, Zorko’s your man.

Shaun Higgins $560,200 – 1.3%

In his 13th season in the AFL, Shaun Higgins had his best season by many measures, including SuperCoach average.

Higgins is a beautiful user of the footy, kicks goals and sets up plenty.

Many coaches will ignore him again this season but he’s about as consistent as they come, it was just a shame he dropped off a bit towards the end of the season.


Brayden Fiorini $442,200 – 0.3%

Here’s one for the risk-takers.

It’s no secret the Suns need some midfielders to stand up this season, and my hunch says it will be Fiorini to take charge.

The 21-year-old has always been able to find the footy but his 2018 was interrupted with a leg injury that forced him to miss 10 games.

His JLT scores this pre-season were great: 94 points from 73% game time in JLT1 and 95 from 76% in JLT2.

He’s into the Suns’ leadership group, has great job security and has a quality ruckman in Jarrod Witts tapping the ball to him.


Steele Sidebottom $551,700 – 5.7%
Dayne Beams $557,600 – 5.4%
Adam Treloar $594,200 – 5.3%
Scott Pendlebury $562,000 – 2.8%

Collingwood’s big four midfielders are all really good SuperCoach scorers, however, all will be considered POD picks when round one gets underway.

[interaction id=”5c8718780e019f28ee6b685c”]

If you can successfully predict that one of these boys will lift their season average to around 115, you’ll be counting your money for the rest of the season.

My pick of the bunch is Sidebottom, who averaged 113 in 2014. Runs all day and rarely wastes it.

Good luck with your POD picking!

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