Team Reveals 2019 | Aaron & Adrian’s Teams

As we lead into the first bounce of the 2019 season, have a look at how some of our writer’s teams are shaping up!

Let them know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter.


*As at March 12


Didn’t have Lloyd for a while, but ended up being happy to pay the premium for him. Still so-so on Laird.

I need to weigh up how much impact both Milera and Smith will have on him this year. Williams is a proven premium at a discounted price. Went him over Smith, for no specific reason.

I also had Roberton at D4 for a while, but waiting to hear back from Saints doctors. I may consider Jayden Short (or similar price) at D2, although I feel undermanned then, as it would allow me to afford Gawn at R2 – or upgrade Greene to a player around 500-550k mark at F3.


These have been set for ages. The one I had in there for a while was Fyfe, and I feel like I will need him. But I can’t get all the $600k players, and Oliver and Cripps are must haves IMO too.

May look at trading Macrae for Fyfe and hopefully getting Macrae slightly cheaper. But given no JLT for Fyfe, I will just wait and see what the round one teams look like and whether he does match sim between now and then. Beams and Steele both POD picks that I have stuck with. Beams has looked excellent back at the Pies, while at $515k, and with some good JLT games, I reckon Steele can go to another level. His back half of 2018, including his last four games, are evidence of that. And he is in the right age bracket.

I didn’t have Liberatore for most of the pre-season, but have had to throw him in. Looks too good at $300k. I was going to trade Walsh to Libba, but Walsh is too hard to not have too; more a risk not having him with his high percentage.


Grundy have been R1 for ages. It’s the R2 I have had trouble with… I was originally looking at Lewis Pierce, but he’s injured and Marshall looks Saints first ruck at the moment. I’ve had a good look at Lycett, Jacobs and Lobb in the position… But I feel that they all might be a bit ‘half-assed’ (for lack of a better word).

Ideally, I wanted to go a rookie there, but Clarke got injured, and Smith and Fort look to be behind Martin and Stanley at the moment. The current team has Goldy, who I am actually happy with there, even though Gawn likely to average higher (10+). There are ways I can work Gawn in, but for the moment that would be Laird down to Short; something I wasn’t originally a fan of but will consider.


Locked in Dangerfield and Heeney a long time ago. I had Greene at F4 and several people roll through F3, from Gray to Wingard, down to Worpel. And now, given my want to spend more at R2, I have grabbed Greene.

Absolutely has the ability to score big, but limited pre-season and always the risk of injury or suspension with him. The positive of a dearer ruck and Greene, is that the ruck will be set… whereas forwards I will ugprade, so Greene, although F3 now, will slowly move his way down to F4, F5, F6.


I have gone with the dearer ones at the moment, as they seem to all have had okay JLTs and look like they will be named. I hope Gibbons gets in based on cost… but depending on round one teams and news between now and then, I am certainly open to trading down Collins and Blakey, to free up coin even further.


Essentially, if the rookies stay as is, I am tossing up between the following combinations (or similar prices) for the following positions: D2 – R2 – F3
– Laird – Goldstein – Greene ($394k max F3)
– Short – Gawn – Greene
– Short/Savage ($480k max D2) – Goldy – Kelly (around $500k F3)
– Short/Witherden – Gawn – Greene ($370k max spend F3)


Let’s revert to round 10 last year; my chances of winning SuperCoach were already over, so I made a promise to myself: Never pick Jack Billings ever again.

Funnily enough, he was in my side until as recently as last week when he made way for a Dog who should start this season with a bang.

I personally don’t subscribe to ‘mid-price madness’, with the exception of Brodie Smith and Tom Liberatore, rather perceiving the duo to be ‘fallen premiums’. After reading a stupendous amount of SC articles this pre-season, it’s ironic alterations to my team have become more frequent over the past few days.

My No.1 mantra this season is to simply select players I believe will finish in the top 10 of their respective position. I have settled with this pending round one teams ($13,600 remaining):


I really wanted Jake Lloyd ($608,200) in my side, but with budget constraints, I have opted for Rory Laird instead – a sound alternative. After his mammoth finish to season 2018, Lachie Whitfield was my first defensive selection; lock and load.

I was initially sceptical picking Brodie Smith as a mid-price option, but after closely observing his role, particularly during JLT2, it became apparent very quickly his role is crucial to the Crows’ chances of returning to finals footy.

The rookies have pretty much chosen themselves going off pre-season hype and form, while Chris Burgess has been named for round one, it will remain to be seen whether he makes way (somehow) for Sam Collins – for the added job security. 


Six words: Jackson Macrae, Patrick Cripps, Matt Crouch. Can you find three bigger locks this season? I don’t think so.

Lachie Neale has ultimately won the tussle against Nat Fyfe ($618,100) for that M3 position for mainly two reasons, a) durability and b) bye structure. The sexy, glasses-wearing, man-bun-boasting Docker is rarely 100% fit for prolonged periods, as illustrated this pre-season.

Secondly, with the Western Bulldogs and Fremantle sharing its bye in round 12, I didn’t want to be without two uber-premiums in the first bye round, as it is here, teams are most susceptible to ranking drops.

I figure Tom Liberatore is worth the risk, while Sam Walsh’s ownership (60%) and JLT form is too hard to ignore. Michael Gibbons is the rookie I’m uncertain on, I have a gut feeling he may be dropped within the opening handful of rounds for Alex Fasolo.


Set & forget. Brodie Grundy & Max Gawn.


With the lack of forward rookies this season, (I don’t believe Noah Balta or Dylan Moore to be good picks due to shaky JS), I personally think four premiums is the best way to go.

For at least a month I was rolling with Tim Kelly, but the ever-reliable David Mundy (4% ownership) has since replaced him. Kelly may average more, but I just know what I’m going to get week-in-week-out from the Freo veteran, and I admire that. I believe the Josh Dunkley (9%) we saw in JLT2 is the Josh Dunkley we’ll see this season – the Toby McLean of 2019 if you will.


I can only foresee one potential trade (involving three players) prior to round one, with the objective of finding cash to upgrade Gibbons to Collins. This is how I would get it done:

OUT: Rory Laird, Lachie Neale, Michael Gibbons

IN: Kade Simpson, Zach Merrett, Sam Collins

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