JLT Series Notes | Week Two

Missed any of the action from JLT week one? Check out Schon’s notes here



Adam Treloar ($594,200) MID
128 SuperCoach points
Treloar did as he pleased, racking up 42 disposals and 128 SC points. He will surely score big against the lower ranked sides this season, but still needs to tidy up his disposal against the better teams.

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Brodie Grundy ($708,200) RUCK
85 SuperCoach points
A corkie to his quad sent a scare through the SuperCoach community, but he played on, and all is good. Andrew Phillips competed well and gave Grundy a really good run, but we saw enough from the Pies’ big man.

Kade Simpson ($570,300) DEF
105 SuperCoach points
Was just super once again. As reliable as ever – pick him with confidence.

Patrick Cripps ($648,200) MID
104 SuperCoach points
I think you just about have to start with Cripps. Played midfield (24 disposals), rested forward and kicked goals (two of them), he really is the complete player.


Tyler Brown ($123,900) DEF
28 SuperCoach points
Only had 33% game time and if we’re honest, is a long way off a senior debut. His older brother looked good though.

Michael Gibbons ($102,400) MID
34 SuperCoach points
Had a very limited impact as again he was stuck in the forward 50. Unfortunately looks like he’ll be used for forward pressure and not as a ball-winner.

Sam Walsh ($207,300) MID
96 SuperCoach points
Getting harder and harder to ignore – he just looks like he fits. Scored 102 in JLT 1 and has backed it up with 96 in JLT2.

Will Setterfield ($144,900) MID/FWD
60 SuperCoach points
John Barker suggested after the match that Setterfield is in the Blues’ midfield plans, so that’s great news. Won’t win a lot of it but hopefully his contested possessions and tackles helps him to a strong SuperCoach average.


Tom Langdon ($416,600) DEF
95 SuperCoach points
Became a crucial member of the Collingwood side as the Magpies stormed into the Grand Final, and will be equally important this season as an intercepter and repeller. Took seven marks against the Blues following on from his 83 SuperCoach points in JLT1. A big POD to consider.



Dom Sheed ($394,100) MID
134 SuperCoach Points
Another mega score from the premiership hero, amassing 40 touches to go with 4 marks and a goal. With a JLT SC average of 139, he is the highest scoring player of the preseason. Watch this space though, Sheed reeks of the term ‘trap’.

Luke Shuey ($492,700) MID
108 SuperCoach Points
For a long time Shuey has been consistent without being brilliant in SuperCoach. Had just the 17 touches but went at 88%, was tagged by Tucker but chimed in with a goal from just 58% TOG. Awkward price.

Jack Darling ($471,700) FWD
96 SuperCoach Points
Many have Darling sitting at F3 in their sides and his performance yesterday would have been reassuring. With 18 disposals, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 4 FF, his score would have been higher if he had converted his 1.4 better. Does his scoring get impacted though when Josh Kennedy is back? Possibly.

Shannon Hurn ($523,400) DEF
89 SuperCoach Points
With there still being some uncertainty over which defenders will score well with the new rule changes, the veteran Hurn still looks to have what it takes. A follow up 89 to his 111 from JLT1, Hurn could be a handy POD in 2019. Had 26 disposals, 24 of which were kicks and took 9 marks.

Michael Walters ($476,800) MID/FWD
92 SuperCoach Points
Has been a burn-man in the past, scoring 140 one week then a 60 the next. Frustrating stuff! 18 touches and 7 tackles show he is hungry and ready for season 2019, perhaps prepared to play some more midfield minutes due to the loss of Lachie Neale.

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Jack Petruccelle ($123,900) FWD
87 SuperCoach Points
16 disposals and 2 goals are great for a rookie and Petruccelle could be the forward line rooking we are all crying out for. Very nice F6-8 option.

Jarrod Brander ($135,700) FWD
77 SuperCoach Points
Now averaging 59.5 SC points through the JLTs, Brander has flown under the radar a bit. A key position forward, it would be wise to leave Brander out given Kennedy will be back in the side at some stage.

Brett Bewley ($117,300) MID
16 SuperCoach Points
A lot was hoped for Bewley heading into the JLTs but he hasn’t really delivered, albeit minimal opportunity. Was a late in yesterday for fellow cheapie Lachlan Schultz and picked up eight possessions from 41% game time. Others have jumped ahead of him now.


Willie Rioli ($318,700) FWD
147 SuperCoach Points
Booted 4.1 from 19 disposals and also took seven marks and laid five tackles. I suspect he will endure a similar SuperCoach career to his cousin Cyril, where he has big games 120+, but also stinkers where he struggles to get to 50.



Josh Dunkley ($516,300) MID/FWD
107 SuperCoach Points
Bounced back after last week’s poor effort with 29 touches and four tackles playing a more midfield centred role. Was aided by four FF but the real worry here is his inconsistency. How often will he play deep forward like he did last week?

Jack Macrae ($689,700) MID
104 SuperCoach Points
This man is a ball-winning machine and it’s no wonder he is priced so highly. You’d be paying a tad overs starting him at the start of the year but realistically, you’ll want to have him in come seasons end I would think.

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Tom Liberatore ($300,400) MID
87 SuperCoach Points
Now a large portion of the way through the JLT series, Libba looks like the go to as your mid-price midfield option. Is playing lots of midfield minutes and we know if fit, he can score well. Played just 71% game time yesterday but still posted very nice numbers, 21 disposals and a goal.

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Tim English ($310,600) RUC
85 SuperCoach Points
The Doggies ruckman is of interest because he could be in line for the number one job. Laid four tackles and scored 85 SC points from just 45% TOG. It is worth noting though that St Kilda played with a very inexperienced ruckman too, Rowan Marshall, so can English continue this form when up against the best? Even still, at least we know he has the potential to score well even if we don’t pick him this year.

Jack Newnes ($356,100) MID/FWD
117 SuperCoach Points
Slightly surprising that Newnes scored so well given he had just the 23 disposals. Did lay 5 tackles and kick a goal but probably isn’t SuperCoach relevant this season.

Jack Steele ($512,600) MID
115 SuperCoach Points
Now here is a guy who is SuperCoach relevant. Many have tipped the former Giant to have a breakout season and elevate his game to another level. Can impact the scoreboard, racks up the ball and is a tackling machine. Had 10 tackles yesterday to go with his 25 possessions.

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Dylan Roberton ($297,500) DEF
68 SuperCoach Points
Roberton played pretty well yesterday, accumulating 24 touches and 7 marks. However, the real concern with Roberton is that he was reported to be feeling “wonky” post-match. This is most likely another heart-related issue so fingers crossed the Saint will be ok.

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Matthew Parker ($117,300) FWD
36 SuperCoach Points
Hardly a reassuring game from the forward, who won the footy just 8 times. Positives are that he appears to be a good chance to play Round 1 and that should be enough to select him given his price and the lack of forward line rookie options.

Nick Hind ($117,300) MID
29 SuperCoach Points
Did play just 53% game time but that’s two poor scores from Hind now in the JLT. Personally, there are better value options available in the midfield so I’d look to move him on.

Callum Wilkie ($124,900) DEF
18 SuperCoach Points
Big man and in the past the big boys have struggled at times to score well, especially youngsters. Did play just 29% but I don’t think he has done enough to warrant a place in your round one side by any stretch.

Bailey Smith ($180,300) MID
41 SuperCoach Points
Also had limited opportunities playing just the 46% of the match, but when he was on he looked solid gathering 12 touches. Look elsewhere though because at that price you will get a similar if not greater output from cheaper players.


Rowan Marshall ($341,100) FWD
112 SuperCoach Points
Will Marshall be the man to take over the number one ruck spot for the Saints in 2019? He did his chances yesterday no harm. Had 18 disposals, 5 marks, 6 tackles and 37 hitouts. May have scored even more if not for 3 FA. Averaged just 62.8 last season so this does appear to be an outlier in his scoring however.



Touk Miller ($482,400) MID
125 SuperCoach Points
31 disposals and seven tackles resulted in 125 points for the midfielder, the highest of all Suns. With the mass exodus at the Suns, does this mean we will see a considerable spike in his scoring?

Peter Wright ($306,400) FWD
103 SuperCoach Points
Two-metre-Peter cracked the ton on the back of 17 touches, a few tackles and a couple of goals. He also spent a little bit of time in the ruck as a second fiddle to Jarrod Witts. Never averaged more than 73 throughout his career and can’t see that increasing too much this season.

Jarrod Witts ($480,900) RUC
86 SuperCoach Points
Would rather invest cash elsewhere instead of going with the Grundy/Gawn combo? Then Witts could be your man! Whilst 86 points isn’t exactly elite, Witts is entering his prime and could become one of the leading ruckmen in the game. Now a co-captain, he is probably one of the most SuperCoach relevant Gold Coast premiums. Consider if you want to spice things up.

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Luke Parker ($561,700) MID
128 SuperCoach Points
Parker is one of the best in our game and his wide range of skills were on show yesterday at Oakes Oval. Three goals to go with 25 touches. Possible POD option.

Callum Mills ($428,900) DEF
93 SuperCoach Points
Could this be the year Mills finally takes his game to another level? 22 possessions and 8 marks is a reasonable day at the office and there are spots open in the Swans midfield. However, he was used predominantly off half back yesterday. With his role still uncertain, I’d look to other guys in a similar price range.

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Charlie Ballard ($241,800) DEF
83 SuperCoach Points
Few horrific clangers that he’ll want to have had back but scored well still. Has an inflated price and there are probably better options.

Sam Collins ($188,900) DEF
52 SuperCoach Points
With the news that Rory Thompson has gone down with an ACL injury, we thought Collins’ role may change. Playing as a lock down defender, we saw a considerable drop in his scoring going from 91 last week to 52 this week. Job security is high though and is still a good pick.

Izak Rankine ($198,300) FWD
32 SuperCoach Points
Played just 38% game time but the real concern was that he came off at half time with a hamstring injury. Still yet to know how long he will be sidelined for but at his price, move him on anyway.

Chris Burgess ($123,900) DEF/FWD
15 SuperCoach Points
Dammit! Burgess was on -2 SC points at HT and didn’t fare a whole lot better in the second half. Job security looks reasonable as he played out of the square most game but clearly there will be games where he has SC stinkers. 1.3 means he is a target man, but how many opportunities on goal will the big man get come the season proper?

Nick Blakey ($166,800) FWD
54 SuperCoach Points
A better effort from Blakey in his second JLT outing but he is another young key forward who will struggle and be inconsistent this year in terms of SC. Pass.

Justin McInerney ($117,300) DEF
51 SuperCoach Points
Had more opportunity than in JLT1 but job security is an issue here. Had 15 touches but there are better defensive rookies available.


Tom Papley ($383,400) FWD
140 SuperCoach Points
27 touches along with a goal and seven tackles, Papley was the surprise packet of the day. His best average in a season was 82.1 in 2017 so this is probably a case of a once-off score. Nevertheless, a ripper effort!



Jaeger O’Meara ($503,200) MID
101 SuperCoach Points
O’Meara is currently putting together an awesome preseason and looks like he will be taking a significant amount of Tom Mitchell’s load in 2019. 35 disposals and a goal along with four clearances are good numbers for the Hawk. It is slightly worrying though that he only just tons up despite those huge numbers and we all know he has a long injury history.

Dustin Martin ($563,800) MID
81 SuperCoach Points
On managed game time, churned out 30 possessions from just 65% TOG. Proven performer, it’s just a question if you can squeeze him in to your midfield when there are so many options in there this year.

Trent Cotchin ($486,900) MID
129 SuperCoach Points
Turned the game on its head in the last quarter willing his side to victory. Don’t expect these numbers each week but he does have the capability of pulling out a big score like this on his day. Two goals and 24 touches.

James Worpel ($395,700) MID/FWD
73 SuperCoach Points
Can the Worpedo be the mid-pricer that we all need? Played a ripper first half and finished the game with 24 disposals and a goal. Played just 60% game time but it does look like he will play a key role for the Hawks this year. Keep in mind that he only played 11 games last season and averaged just 72.9 in the regular season. It would be a gutsy move.


Noah Balta ($123,900) FWD
52 SuperCoach Points
A much quieter night from Balta and this is a score that I think he will most likely achieve come season proper. Still a solid option in the forward line but beware job security when Josh Caddy and Tom Lynch are fit.

Oleg Markov ($158,000) DEF
43 SuperCoach Points
12 disposals and 4 marks from 63% game time. Better options.

Dylan Moore ($123,900) FWD
40 SuperCoach Points
An outside chance for round one and hasn’t set the world alight in the JLT. Pass.

Oliver Hanrahan ($123,900) FWD
26 SuperCoach Points
Would be unfair to judge the youngster on a score from just 44% TOG. Looked lively and could be worth considering if named round one but his small-forward role and job security aren’t ideal.

James Cousins ($219,900) MID
73 SuperCoach Points
Came crashing back down to earth following his century last week. Should see a lot more senior action this year but he does come with a high price tag for a bloke who has just played a handful of games. There are enough midfield rookies to leave him out I think.

Jack Scrimshaw ($149,800) DEF
78 SuperCoach Points
A very nice JLT series has put the new recruit in line for a Round 1 debut. Had a terrific first quarter where he was probably best on but seemed to run out of gas a bit late. If named he could be a really handy pick.


Jack Higgins ($392,700) FWD
99 SuperCoach Points
The cult hero who burst onto the scene last year spent more time in the midfield and looked lively, racking up 19 touches and three goals. It’s a pass for me, but a good game nonetheless.



Angus Brayshaw ($526,900) MID
126 SuperCoach Points
Last season’s Brownlow Medal runner up has hit the ground running again in season 2019. A complete performance racking up 26 touches and booting three goals. Looks primed to take his game to another level.

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Max Gawn ($692,100) RUCK
119 SuperCoach Points
Many have steered clear of Gawn this preseason but a lot changed yesterday. Not only did fellow ruckman Braydon Preuss play in the VFL, but he also picked up a minor injury and is in doubt for round one from that point of view too. 22 disposals and 32 hit-outs, his score would have been bigger if not for three frees against. The Grundy/Gawn combo looks the move!

Clayton Oliver ($622,600) MID
104 SuperCoach Points
Oliver burst onto the scene in his second season of AFL footy and he is one of the most promising youngsters in the competition. Averaged 114.7 last season and could replicate that again. Premium player.

Lachie Neale ($607,300) MID
106 SuperCoach Points
Has won a lot of the ball in recent seasons and despite a move to Brisbane, some things never change. Does have a hefty price tag but is one of the most consistent players in the competition.

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Marty Hore ($117,300) DEF
69 SuperCoach Points
Hasn’t pumped out any massive scores but is doing enough to put his hand up for round one. Takes kick outs often enough and played 92% TOG for 16 possessions.

Lincoln McCarthy ($247, 500) FWD
75 SuperCoach Points
There weren’t too many rookie options to come out of this game so I have included McCarthy in this bracket, albeit somewhat controversially. A new home and being injury free have allowed him to tackle the new season head on and with the small amount of forward line rookie options available, it may be worth forking out the extra cash for the former cat.


Jarryd Lyons ($502,000) MID
147 SuperCoach Points
I’ve long been a fan of Lyons and when I heard he was moved out of the Suns I was stunned. His performance against the Dees shows he is still a quality player and that the Lions picked up a decent player for nothing in Lyons. 26 disposals and four goals. Tough to fit in at that price but could be a nice SuperCoach Draft option.



Tom Rockliff ($405,900) MID
170 SuperCoach Points
Rockliff had an outstanding game accumulating 41 touches and two goals powering his way to 170 SC points. However, Rockliff has ‘trap’ written all over him. Has a long injury history and his role in the Power side is still yet to be confirmed. Pass.

Travis Boak ($478,000) FWD
101 SuperCoach Points
Boak has never really been a massive SuperCoach asset in the past but that fact that he is a forward means he should at least be considered. Has averaged 85+ every year since 2010 but a high average of 106.6 in 2013 means he is a little bit inconsistent. Will get enough mid time with the injuries to the likes of Ollie Wines and Joe Atley but is he a keeper? Possible F3 option, but look elsewhere in my opinion.

Robbie Gray ($525,500) FWD/MID
92 SuperCoach Points
In a similar boat to Boak, he has to be considered due to FWD eligibility. During 2014-2016 he averaged between 108-111 points per game so we know he can score highly. However, does tend to go missing in action. Upgrade target?

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Jared Polec ($513,500) MID
92 SuperCoach Points
A new club for Polec and our small sample size suggests the move has been a good one for him. Despite going at just 64% DE, he still managed to score well thanks to his 25 touches and goal. A key man for North.


Willem Drew ($123,900) FWD/MID
86 SuperCoach Points
Drew’s final JLT outing caps off a terrific pre-season for the youngster, adding an 86 to his 77 from against Adelaide. With Port missing a few, Drew is pretty close to a rookie ‘lock’.

Zak Butters ($157,800) MID
82 SuperCoach Points
He played a different game to what he did in JLT1, but that just further enhances his credentials for a place in Port Adelaide’s Round 1 side and your SuperCoach side too. Booted three and had 14 touches showing that he has the skillset to be a dangerous forward too. Don’t be put off by the slightly higher price tag.

Xavier Duursma ($130,800) DEF/MID
78 SuperCoach Points
Duursma played just 67% TOG but his 24 touches displayed his ability to win the footy. Good rookie option if he gets a gig round one.

Connor Rozee ($189,300) DEF/FWD
44 SuperCoach Points
A second score in the 40s for Rozee during the JLT. Looks as though he doesn’t rack up huge numbers and will possibly play a small-forward role if he is in the best 22. Too expensive for what you get.

Bailey Scott ($117,300) MID
89 SuperCoach Points
Now here is a legitimate cash cow who has burst onto the scene during the JLT. Two goals and 19 disposals from just 58% game time and it looks as though he is in coach Brad Scott’s plans for the season opener.

Tarryn Thomas ($175,800) MID
21 SuperCoach Points
Pass. Thomas looks like he may develop into a decent player over time but SuperCoach wise he is a big no for now. Higher priced and averaged just 26 over the JLT.


Scott Lycett ($441,200) RUCK/FWD
122 SuperCoach Points
A good hit out for the newly recruited Power ruckman who will have even more responsibility given Ryder is now under a cloud for round one. 16 disposals and two goals are solid contributions.



Matt Crouch ($551,300) MID
155 SuperCoach Points
His form across the pre-season has many coaches jumping on board now. His game high 155 in addition to his 110 in the first match against Port Adelaide makes him one of the most in-form players in the comp. Get on board!

Brad Crouch ($418,000) MID
124 SuperCoach Points
Is playing to a similar lofty standard as his brother, as he churned out a 124-point score. The duo of Brad & Matt combined for 69 disposals and if they continue this form into the regular season, it could be worth looking at both.

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Rory Laird ($587,600) DEF
82 SuperCoach Points
Hardly a monster game for Laird, but don’t be too put off by his JLT form, he is a quality player and is still a very decent option for your backline.

Rory Sloane ($524,300) MID
115 SuperCoach Points
Another Crows midfielder who has been in good JLT form. However, proceed with caution. Sloane has been susceptible to a tag in recent years and didn’t have anyone follow him in the JLTs. With this likely to change, I believe Sloane has ‘trap’ written all over him.

Brodie Smith ($332,500) DEF
97 SuperCoach Points
Smith appears to be one of the best options in the glut of mid-priced defenders this year and we should all strongly consider. 97 is a solid follow up from his 103 in JLT1, he may even be a possible top-10 defender come seasons end.

Stephen Coniglio ($588,600) MID
123 SuperCoach Points
Coniglio looms as a decent POD in season 2019 following his 37-disposal effort against the Giants. 140 in the first game also proves he is a seasoned campaigner.

Tim Taranto ($481,600) MID
96 SuperCoach Points
Didn’t quite reach the standards of his last game but is one of those ‘breakout contenders’ for season 2019. He should assume a more SuperCoach friendly role with Shiel, Scully and Griffen gone as well as Callan Ward being under an injury cloud. Awkward price but worth considering.

Lachie Whitfield ($542,100) DEF
86 SuperCoach Points
Hasn’t set the world on fire as of yet, with scores of 93 and now 86. At that price you would want a greater output, but Whitfield should see a lot more midfield time in 2019. I would look to more proven performers first and see Whitfield as an upgrade target due to the uncertainty around his role.

Heath Shaw ($492,400) DEF
82 SuperCoach Points
No Zac Williams meant Shaw should’ve scored a lot more points. 22 touches and we know Shaw is a quality player. Can you squeeze him in? Personally, I’d look elsewhere but a 128 and 82 in the JLT means he still has it.


Chayce Jones ($171, 300) MID
78 SuperCoach Points
Is highly priced for a rookie which is usually a deterrent, but this youngster looked good kicking two goals and laying five tackles on his way to a nice 78. He did his Round 1 chances no harm and could be a good selection if picked but look to cheaper rookies first.

Isaac Cumming ($173,700) DEF
63 SuperCoach Points
Cumming played two games last season, hence his inflated price. 12 touches alongside 5 marks and 2 tackles from just 65% game time means he may come into consideration pending other rookie efforts this round. Keep in the back of your mind.

Jackson Hately ($148,800) MID
42 SuperCoach Points
Dammit! After an outstanding 101 in JLT1 against the Swans, Hately couldn’t replicate those efforts. Slightly inflated price but still worth considering for your Round 1 side.

Jye Caldwell ($162,300) MID
24 SuperCoach Points
Played just 42% game time but it was a slightly worrying night for those looking at Caldwell. If named Round 1 could still be a very valid option, but if not, look elsewhere.


Wayne Milera ($433,100) MID
123 SuperCoach Points
He will be competing for points every week with the likes of Laird, Seedsman and Brodie Smith which makes him a high-risk option. But as seen by last night’s game he can be high reward too. 29 disposals at 100% efficiency. Worth considering.



Joel Selwood ($570,500) MID
153 SuperCoach points
The Geelong captain has been virtually forgotten by all the SuperCoaches this season, as he’s only in 1.8% of sides. But 38 disposals, seven tackles and 11 marks against the Bombers shows he’s still got the goods and could be a mighty POD option.

Patrick Dangerfield ($660,500) MID/FWD
128 SuperCoach points
Danger hit 30 disposals, pumped 10 inside 50s and sat out the last quarter. Expensive, but a safe pick as your F1.


Charlie Constable ($123,900) MID
61 SuperCoach points
Another solid performance from Constable who showed us that he can play as an inside midfielder, is courageous and makes good decisions.

Jordan Clark ($144,300) DEF
67 SuperCoach points
More exciting signs from the dashing defender. Zach Tuohy’s injury opens up a round one debut for Clark nicely.

Darcy Fort ($117,300) RUCK
18 SuperCoach points
Fort only played a quarter as Rhys Stanley did most of the rucking. Unlikely round one starter now.

Gryan Miers ($123,900) FWD
31 SuperCoach points
A disappoint game for the dreadlocked one. Showed a few signs but probably behind a few others now.

Tom Atkins ($112,900) MID
80 SuperCoach points
Would be very surprised if we don’t see Atkins named for round one. 12 contested possessions and two goal assists are good numbers for a SuperCoach rookie.

Brayden Ham ($117,300) FWD
7 SuperCoach points
Only played a tiny bit of the final quarter so we learned nothing.

Sam Draper ($123,900) RUCK
12 SuperCoach points
Again, only played a tiny bit of the final quarter so we learned nothing.

Dylan Clarke ($147,700) MID
6 SuperCoach points
And again, only played a tiny bit of the final quarter so we learned nothing.


Luke Dahlhaus ($418,300) MID/FWD
118 SuperCoach points
With 25 disposals and eight tackles, it looked like the Luke Dahlhaus of old. 2018 was his worst season in a long time but at 26, he’s fully fit and a very handy DPP.

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