JLT Series Stats You Might’ve Missed

Thanks to some incredibly talented people and groups on Twitter, there are some interesting stats to consider after the weekend’s JLT action.

Yes, SuperCoach points are great, but in practice matches and pre-season games they often don’t tell the full story.

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So here are some of the ‘extra stats’ that the amazing SuperCoach community has presented after the first week of the JLT Community Series.

Centre Bounce Attendances

These stats-by-observation come via Ben Chapman, a writer for Dream Team Talk.

With the exception of the two games in Western Australia, Ben recorded every player who attended a centre bounce (CBA) over the weekend.

This potentially gives us an insight into how teams may set-up during the season, and which players have worked their way into the midfield rotation for 2019.

There’s a lot of expected names, like Patrick Cripps, the Crouch brothers, Dustin Martin and Jack Macrae, but there’s also some surprises that.

– Zach Fisher (CARL) $392,800 MID/FWD

I’d heard a few Carlton supporters suggest that Fisher is set for a breakout season, but I never really gave that idea too much thought. However, against the Bombers he had 26 touches and scored 72 SuperCoach points played almost exclusively midfield.

According to Ben’s stats, only Cripps attended more centre bounces than Fisher, which is a terrific sign and likely to convert into the season proper.

The reason Fisher’s SuperCoach points were down was largely due to a disposal efficiency of 53. However, across his career he’s gone at 70%, so I don’t see that as a major concern but more just a few signs of rust.

– Andrew McGrath (ESS) $384,300 DEF/MID

12 CBAs for McGrath is a great sign for those who want to see the former No.1 draft pick make a permanent move to the middle, but a few things need to be considered.

Dyson Heppell and Zach Merrett both only played half the game, and in the season proper those two, along with Dylan Shiel, will almost certainly be Essendon’s regulars in there.

But what it does mean is it can be assumed that McGrath’s tank is ready for the midfield. So, I think we’ll see him a lot on the wing, and occasionally in the guts, in 2019.

[interaction id=”5c7f2cf618d43d01b2bc151b”]

– Jade Gresham (STK) $429,600 FWD

More music to the ears of those hunting a breakout player.

Although the Saints’ midfield was missing Jack Steven, Dan Hannebery, Blake Acres and David Armitage, none of those guys are certain round one starters.

Only Jack Steele had more CBAs than Gresham, who started mainly forward and played predominantly midfield in the second half.

Will Gresh move to the middle? Jade Gresham Player Preview

– Travis Boak (PA) $478,000 FWD

It appeared Boak’s time as a permanent midfielder might be over last season, playing mainly as a forward and producing some pretty uninspiring scores.

So much so, that for 2019 he’s not available as a midfielder in any capacity.

However, things might be about to change, with Ollie Wines set to miss the start of the season.

Boak’s return to the middle reflected in his SuperCoach score of 81, which was Port Adelaide’s second-highest score.

He’s at an awkward price but is it better to bet on an unproven star or a hardened AFL midfielder of yesteryear?

James Worpel (Hawthorn) and Callum Mills (Sydney) also ranked pretty highly, but both of those sides had a fair few first-choice midfielders not selected. JLT 2 will be a better indication for those sides.

Kick-ins and Play On Percentage

The team are SC Elites, who are the best in the biz at elite-level leagues, recorded the flavour of the month – the kick-ins.

However, they didn’t stop at just who took them, but also added the amount of times the player played on and where the kicks went. Superb effort, that.

We get a lot of expected names, like Shannon Hurn, Shane Savage and Daniel Rich, but also a few which previously had not been in our SuperCoach calculations.

Jordan Murdoch (GC) MID $399,200

The prodigious left-footer has never been much use in fantasy, but after being given the duties for Gold Coast’s kick-ins, does he become relevant?

Of the Suns’ 12 kick-ins, Murdoch took seven, playing on from all but one.

While this is great for his numbers, the same issues appeared from his time at the Cats – he couldn’t find enough of it elsewhere.

He got six free disposals (the kick-ins) but finished the game with only 15 touches. Sorry Jordan, that’s not enough.

Lewis Jetta (WCE) $335,600 DEF

When Jetta is at his best, he is a superb user of the ball.

So it’s no surprise that the Eagles want the ball in his hands as much as possible. In fact, no one had more kick-ins over the weekend than Jetta.

Unfortunately, a lot like Murdoch, Jetta didn’t do enough away from the goalsquare. And that’s not a surprise, he’s never been a big ball winner. And with his 30th birthday not far away, I can’t see that changing.

Jamie Macmillan (NM) $440,200 DEF

One of those guys who goes a bit unnoticed, Macmillan has averaged between 77 and 88 for the last four seasons.

Then, on the weekend he decides to pump out a 40-disposal, 136 SuperCoach point game and start to turn some heads.

Was it a flash in the pan? Six kick-ins is a really positive start but the Roos do have lots of options in that department, so consistently being the name will be tough.

Point per Minute

I highly recommend you check out SuperCoach Talk’s All Saints’ Twitter page, where he has combined the SuperCoach scores and the time on ground of every JLT Community Series match.

This gives us a much better indication of what a player can produce, rather than looking at the raw disposal and SuperCoach numbers.

For example, rookie-priced midfielder from Fremantle Brett Bewley only scored 48 SuperCoach points. But, he actually only played 39% of the match, meaning his points per minute were actually above Dayne Beams, Brodie Grundy and David Mundy in the same category.

There’s a few others in the same boat, including Anthony Miles, Kane Lambert, Zac Williams, Sam Menegola and Charlie Curnow, just to name a few.

Check them all out, every match is available on their Twitter page.

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