Fresh Faces | Haw, Melb, NM, Port

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Fresh Faces | Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood & Essendon

Fresh Faces | Fremantle, Geelong, Gold Coast, GWS

Finishing fourth in 2018 was definitely a positive for the Hawks, however since then it’s been a disaster:  out in straight sets in the finals and then the best player is now missing all of 2019. Let’s look at the changes.

Jack Scrimshaw (Trade, Gold Coast Suns)
Defender $149,800
This former No.7 draft pick has come back home to Victoria in the off-season and should get plenty of opportunities to play seniors.
– Watch JLT

Tom Scully (Trade, GWS)
Midfielder $334,900
Former No.1 draft pick who is coming back from a serious leg injury. He will take time.
– No for me

Chad Wingard (Trade, Port Adelaide)
Midfielder/ Forward $481,100
Crossed from Port Adelaide in the off-season. A former All Australian and proven superstar will be a great acquisition for the Hawks and your SuperCoach side when fit.
– No for me (Injured, won’t play round one)

Darren Minchington (DFA, St Kilda)
Midfielder $190,900
Delisted by St Kilda at season’s end after 28 games across four seasons. Will need to prove his worth to get senior opportunities, but at his price could become relevant.
– Watch JLT

Jacob Koschitzke (National Draft, Murray Bushrangers)
Defender/ Forward $117,300
Hawthorn’s first draft pick (52 overall) looks as though he will take time to develop. Maybe later in the year.
– Watch JLT

Mathew Walker (National Draft, GWS Academy)
Midfielder/ Forward $117,300
Taken over Cyril’s number 33 jumper, Walker will be an exciting prospect for SuperCoach and Hawthorn for years to come.
– Watch JLT

Damon Greaves (Rookie Draft, East Perth)
Defender/ Midfielder $109,900
Rookie who will take time to develop.
– No for me.

Will Golds (Rookie Draft, Oakleigh Chargers)
Midfielder $102,400
Rookie who I think will need to bide his time in the VFL until an opportunity presents itself.
– Watch JLT

Tim Mohr (Rookie Draft, GWS Giants)
Defender $243,200
Dour defender, who will play a role for Hawthorn but not at all relevant for SuperCoach.
– No for me


Scrimshaw, Walker and Minchington could be good rookie options and Wingard will be relevant at some time during the year.

The Melbourne fairytale was alive last season, and after coming so close I didn’t think they needed to improve their list with talent from other teams.Let’s see who they did bring in.

Brayden Pruess (Trade, North Melbourne)
Ruck $239,900
This is more about how he effects Gawn, more than what his own input will be. Not relevant in my eyes for SuperCoach.
– No for me

Who gives a ruck? Read Schon’s ruckmen age analysis

Steven May (Trade, Gold Coast Suns)
Defender $443,500
The former Gold Coast Suns captain moved for greener pastures in the off-season. His last three seasons have ended with an average in the 80s, this seems about his ceiling, so I will be looking elsewhere.
– No For Me

Kade Kolodjashnij (Trade, Gold Coast Suns)
Defender $363,700.
In his last full season (2015), he averaged an impressive 89.4. Since then seasons have been ruined by injures. Unfortunately has started his Demons career in the rehab group so hopefully we can see him play great footy again.
– No For Me.

Tom Sparrow (National Draft, South Adelaide)
Midfielder $117,300
Melbourne’s first pick at No.27 averaged an impressive 128 points in the SANFL under 18s. He’s a high pressure, big tackler which could earn him games early.
– Watch JLT

James Jordan (National Draft, Oakleigh Chargers)
Defender/ Midfielder $117,300
Melbourne’s second pick at No.33 presents too many unknowns here. I, like everyone else it seems will need to pay close attention this pre-season.
– Watch JLT

Aaron Nietschke ( National Draft, Central District)
Midfielder $117,300
Averaged 32 disposals, 14 contested at SANFL under 18s level. Could be a surprise packet in the season ahead.
– Watch JLT

Marty Hore ( National Draft, Collingwood VFL)
Defender $117,300
Mature-age prospect who got better and better as the seasons went on in the VFL. Last year he ranked second in Champion Data points behind Sam Collins. He should play early while Lever comes back from injury.
– Watch JLT, yes for me.

Toby Bedford ( National Draft, Dandenong Stingrays)
Midfielder/ Forward $117,300
Toby relies on his pressure acts to have impact on matches, was the leading tackler of any mid-forward in the two under-age competitions (TAC and Under 18s).
– Watch JLT

Kade Chandler (Rookie Draft, Norwood)
Midfielder $108,400
A fair way down the pecking order, will have to apply his trade in the VFL. I can’t see him having any impact early.
– No for me

Guy Walker (Rookie Draft, Category B)
Defender/Forward $102,400
Played cricket for the Melbourne Renegades but needs a lot of time to develop.
– No for me


Marty Hore seems to be the only relevant player from Melbourne out of the new arrivals at the moment.

North Melbourne over achieved last year in my honest opinion, but they were really active in the off-season, finding ways to improve their list with talent from other teams.

Aaron Hall (Traded, Gold Coast Suns)
Midfielder $389,200
Was on the verge of becoming elite a few seasons ago before injuries stalled his career. A change of scenery could be very beneficial going forward. Risky price though.
– Watch JLT

Dom Tyson (Traded, Melbourne)
Midfielder $411,000
Much maligned footballer who is now at his third club. He’s priced about right but probably needs to go to the next level to be relevant.
– Watch JLT, no for me

Jared Polec (Traded, Port Adelaide)
Midfielder $513,500
North Melbourne were finally able to land that big fish they have been chasing for the past few seasons. I would like to see a great JLT series for me to entertain him. Would be a serious POD.
– Watch JLT

Jasper Pittard (Traded, Port Adelaide)
Defender $365,700
Struggled for opportunities last year with Port Adelaide going in and out of the side, and needs opportunities at North Melbourne. As he’s scored well in the past, with the right role he could become a POD?
– Watch JLT

Tom Campbell ( DFA, Western Bulldogs)
Ruck $264,400
Wasn’t required at the Dogs, moved to North as insurance for Goldstein? Maybe plays as a secondary ruck option but suspended for round one.
– No for me

Tarryn Thomas (National Draft, North Launceston)
Midfielder $175,800
North Melbourne’s first selection in the National Draft (eight overall), Thomas is a gifted midfielder who will develop nicely. Will really needs to perform in JLT for me to entertain at that price.
– Watch JLT

Curtis Taylor (National Draft, Calder Cannons)
Midfielder/Forward $117,300
Will need to develop and find his best position in the VFL maybe a mid-season downgrade?
– Watch JLT

Bailey Scott (National Draft, Gold Coast Suns Academy)
Midfielder $117,300
The son of former North player (Robert), Scott managed to get a great average (102 points) at Under 18s level so there’s definitely some talent there.
– Watch JLT

Joel Crocker (National Draft, Sandringham Dragons)
Defender/Forward $117,300
The second of the father-son selections, Crocker doesn’t look as far forward as Scott development-wise. Didn’t set the TAC Cup alight.
– Watch JLT

Tom McKenzie (Rookie Draft, Northern Knights)
Defender/ Midfielder $114,400
Needs to show something in the VFL, before he probably gets his chance in the AFL. Wait and see .
– No for me.

Tom Wilkinson (Rookie Draft, Southport NEAFL)
Forward $102,400
Mature-age forward from the NEAFL finally gets his opportunity on an AFL list. Could be a great option at some stage this season.
– Watch JLT


A couple of interesting rookie options to go with a couple of recycled players, the JLT will be pivotal in selecting any of North Melbourne’s Fresh Faces.

Port topped up their list last year with some proven talent, but that didn’t pay off, missing finals. What did they add this year?

Scott Lycett (RFA, West Coast Eagles)
Ruck/ Forward $441,200
Fresh off a Premiership with the West Coast Eagles, with Paddy Ryder in rehab every second week he will be pivotal to Port’s success. However, in regards to SuperCoach, while the DPP status is a bonus, he will need a strong JLT series for me to entertain.
– Watch JLT

Sam Mayes (Traded, Brisbane Lions)
Defender $274,400
This former first-round selection has returned home after a quiet 2018. When up and going is a very good user of the ball off half back or the wing. He is definitely under-priced and could be a sneaky selection.
– Watch JLT

Ryan Burton (Traded, Hawthorn)
Defender $356,700
After almost 50 games with Hawthorn, he was made part of the trade that got Wingard to the Hawks. Now back home in SA with what seems to be great talent, can he take his game to the next level?
– No for me

Connor Rozee (National Draft, North Adelaide)
Defender/ Forward $189,300
Port Adelaide’s first selection and fifth overall, Rozee is a hugely talented player. For SuperCoach his DPP status is a bonus but his starting price is the worry.
– No for me.

Zak Butters (National Draft, Western Jets)
Midfielder $157,800
The second of Port’s first-round selections, Butters once again hugely talented and should see some early games. He averaged 110 in the TAC Cup – I see lots of upside.
– Watch JLT

Xavier Duursma (National Draft, Gippsland Power)
Defender/Midfielder $130,800
Last but not least, the third of the first round selections, Duursma averaged 124 in the TAC Cup and looks ready to go from the outset. Will be very relevant this season I think.
– Watch JLT

Riley Grundy (National Draft, Sturt)
Defender $117,300
A developing defender who will take time. If his brother is anything to go by, a bright future awaits!
– No for me

Boyd Woodcock (National Draft, North Adelaide)
Forward/ Midfielder $117,300
Tore apart the SANFL under 18s with a huge average of 155 points. There is some definite upside here, but will need opportunities.
– Watch JLT

Tobin Cox (Rookie draft, Glenelg)
Forward/ Midfielder $115,900
Developing player, will need to prove his worth in the SANFL.
– Watch JLT

Kai Pudney (Rookie draft, Category B)
Midfielder $102,400.
Looks to be a really interesting prospect for SuperCoach, he’s a 19-year-old who averaged 31 disposals in the SANFL under 18s. If he gets some opportunities through the year at AFL level he could be a great rookie option.
– Watch JLT

Martin Frederick (Rookie draft, Category B)
Defender/ Midfielder $102,400.
Will need time l feel.
– No for me


A few great rookie options who look ready to go from round one. Add those with the couple of interesting recycled players and it looks like Port Adelaide have a great lot of Fresh Faces for SuperCoach.

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