Player Radar 2019 | Dylan Roberton

After an unfortunate and scary heart scare in his fourth and final game of season 2018, Dylan Roberton comes in to this season at what looks to be a bargain price tag. Let’s take a look at the St Kilda defender.

Player: Dylan Roberton
Team: St. Kilda
Age: 27
Price: $297,500
Position: Defender
Games played 2018: 4
2018 average: 68
100+ scores: 0
90+ scores: 1


Firstly, Dylan Roberton started the season at $509,000 in 2018 which makes him look like an absolute steal. This year he’s priced $212,000 cheaper and is supposedly over the heart issues that hampered his season last year.

He has publicly said “no worry from my end” and “as far as my mental state, I’m ready to go,” when asked by reporters on his body. Those comments will put coaches’ minds at ease.

Roberton completed his first competitive hit out in the Saints intra-club game a couple of weeks ago and managed to play eye-catching footy. Roberton had 19 kicks and six intercept marks playing as a floater, third tall-type defender.

Form like this is encouraging considering his past averages and capabilities having twice managing to average 90 points per game over a season. That’s a history that not many of the options under $300k can boast.

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As well as performing well in the intra-club match, Roberton managed to star in his JLT game against North Melbourne on the weekend.

After starting slowly in the first half playing as key position player, Robbo was able to have an impressive second half which resulted in him scoring 103 points for the game.

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An example of Robbo’s price and how the cash can be used elsewhere can be displayed through popular selection Alex Witherden, who is price $158k more than Robbo.

Witherden is in 15% of sides and has been touted as a breakout contender. However, if we’re being realistic, both he and Roberton are not likely to finish the year as top six defenders.

In this scenario, Roberton would make more money as a ‘value’ selection compared to Witherden and potentially at a similar scoring output. That extra cash could then be used to upgrade elsewhere, like turning Goldstein into Gawn. Something to think about.


The one big negative that stands out in the selection of Roberton is his unknown role. With Jake Carlisle going down, many footy fans believe Robbo will play key position.

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In his JLT game on the weekend key position was the role he played throughout the first half. Robbo’s SuperCoach impact was limited and he was barely touching the footy. It’s probably the only con I can see for Roberton but it’s quite a significant one if the cards fall the wrong way for SuperCoach players.


If he doesn’t play key position at $297k he is an absolute lock based on his pre-season form. It’s just that uncertainty that has a little bit of doubt creeping in to my mind. At the moment he is in my side.

Check to see Saints’ round one side. If it has two key position players and Roberton then pick him. If not, then he’s probably not the best pick around.

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