Fresh Faces | Freo, Geel, GC, GWS

Fremantle endured a tough year last year, but the off season produced some gold with some key
signings for the club.

Travis Colyer (Traded, Essendon)
Forward/Midfielder $282,300
Could a change of clubs be a change of fortunes for Travis? He’s never been able to put large amounts of games together in one season though. 21 games in 2017 was the only time he played more than 20 in a single season. Cheap enough but would need to be on fire in the JLT for me.
– No for me

Reece Conca (Traded, Richmond)
Midfielder $392,900
With a highest end-of-season average of just 81.3 (2013) and with many seasons ruined by injury
since then, this change was exactly what the doctor ordered. He was immediately elevated into the Dockers’ leadership group so could this also elevate his SuperCoach game too?
– Watch JLT

Jesse Hogan (Traded, Melbourne)
Forward $498,300
Fremantle were finally able to land the man they have been chasing for a while now. With Hogan only
getting better the more he plays, hopefully Ross doesn’t stuff this up. Eight 100s last year in what
was his most consistent season, Fremantle’s friendly draw to start 2019 should be great news for Jesse’s scoring.
– Watch JLT

Rory Lobb (Traded, GWS)
Forward/Ruck. $411,600
Requested the trade back to his home state and got his wish. Had a couple of really great SuperCoach games last year including a mammoth 150 against Adelaide. Looks to be an interesting option this season especially with his dual position status.
– Watch JLT

Sam Sturt (National Draft, Dandenong Stingrays)
Forward $135,300
Taken at pick No.17, he was somewhat of a draft bolter after a late debut with Dandenong Stingrays in the TAC Cup (averaged 100). He managed to make his presence felt, leading score assists and tackles inside 50 from debut.
– Watch JLT

Luke Valente (National Draft, Norwood)
Midfielder $117,300
Taken at pick No.32, he slid further than I expected, which was great for Fremantle and SuperCoach players. He played senior footy for Norwood and dominated under 18’s where he captained South Australia to the title and then was named VC of the All Australian side.
– Watch JLT, big yes for me.

Lachlan Schultz (National Draft, Williamstown)
Forward $117,300
Taken at pick No.57, this mature-age prodigy has been applying his craft for Williamstown in the VFL. Looks an interesting prospect for SuperCoach.
– Watch JLT

Brett Bewley (National Draft, Williamstown)
Midfielder $117,300
This 23-year-old was taken at pick No.59 in the draft. He looks an exciting prospect for SuperCoach, he was rated elite at disposal inside fifty and also led the VFL for effective long kicks.
– Watch JLT, looks to be a lock.

Tobe Watson (Rookie Draft, Swan Districts)
Defender/Midfielder $102,400
Another mature-age selection by Fremantle, this time in the rookie draft from the Swan Districts. He could be an option throughout the season or he could be the perfect option as a floating donut.
– Watch JLT


A lot of interesting selections by Fremantle with all the rookie-priced players sure to see some sort of game time throughout the year. Keep a close watch on JLT Community Series for the others.

Nathan Kreuger (SPS South Adelaide)
Forward $123,900
Kreuger is a 19-year-old, 195cm key position prospect who missed selection in the previous year’s draft so he went to South Adelaide to play in the SANFL. Should get some opportunities through the year at AFL level.
– Watch JLT

Gary Rohan (Trade, Sydney)
Forward $261,600
Never been able to get continuity with his body at Sydney. A fresh start could be exactly what he needed. Tricky price.
– Watch JLT, No for me.

Luke Dahlhaus (Trade, Western Bulldogs)
Forward/ Midfielder $418,300
Experienced his toughest season last year as the emergence of other players at the Bulldogs made his
output less and less. If he fires i would look to grab him through the season.
– No for me

Jordan Clark (National Draft, Claremont)
Defender $144,300
Is an attacking half-back flanker who was taken by Geelong with their first pick, No.15 overall. Hopefully we get to see something from him in the JLT as a lead in.
– Watch JLT

Ben Jarvis (National Draft, Norwood)
Ruck/ Forward $117,300
Predominately a forward as he only stands 188cm, he has a great leap on him with good hands which allowed him to go in the ruck on occasions.
– Watch JLT

Jacob Kennerley (National Draft, Norwood)
Midfielder $117,300
Is a smooth moving wingman who uses the ball well. He set the new record for the 2km time trial at the NAB AFL Draft combine with an impressive 6:04 minutes. Geelong will be tough team to break into, maybe he needs an injury?
– Watch JLT

Darcy Fort (National Draft, Central Districts)
Ruck $117,300
At 25 years old, this mature-age prospect who Geelong selected with pick No.65 looks to be a great
option in SuperCoach this season. He could sit at your R3 as he should get opportunities to play AFL, or maybe even R2 if selected round one?
– Watch JLT, currently in my team

Jake Tarca (National Draft, South Adelaide)
Forward $117,300
Plays predominately as a small forward, looks to need time.
– No at the moment for me.

Oscar Brownless (National Draft FS, Geelong Falcons)
Midfielder $117,300
The son of club great Billy was selected at pick No.74 overall. He’s a versatile player who can play all over the ground but I’m not sure what opportunities he will get this year.
– Watch JLT

Tom Atkins (Rookie Draft, Geelong VFL)
Midfielder $112,900
This tough 23-year-old midfielder has finally been given an opportunity on an AFL list. He captained the Cats’ VFL side last year and has won multiple best and fairest awards. Could be the next Tim Kelly?
– Watch JLT

Blake Schlensog (Rookie Draft, Category B)
Ruck/Forward $102,400.
Will take time, not at all interested this season.
– No for me


Some interesting mature-aged players selected coupled with Jordan Clark seeming to be the most SuperCoach relevant at the moment. Must watch JLT Community Series here.

Another tough year for Gold Coast Suns which ended with them losing their co-captains. Time for another rebuild.

Corey Ellis (Trade, Richmond)
Defender/ Midfielder $233,300
This former first-round draft pick’s career never really got going at Richmond, through a combination of form and injures. The fresh start could work wonders.
– Watch JLT

Anthony Miles (Trade, Richmond)
Midfielder $342,000
Embarking on his third club and hopefully third-time lucky, Miles always promised to dominate on the
SuperCoach stage with his game style. I’m keen to see his role in the JLT before I lock him in.
– Watch JLT

Watch Shorty’s Anthony Miles preview here

George Horlin-Smith (Trade, Geelong)
Midfielder $270,300
Crossed from Geelong in the off-season for more opportunities and really needs to hit the ground running to make a mark. He would need to see some very strong performances in JLT for me to entertain him in my midfield.
– Watch JLT

Jack Hombsch (Trade, Port Adelaide)
Defender $275,700
A great pick up for the Suns in regards to team set up, but definitely not SuperCoach relevant.
– No for me

Jordan Murdoch (DFA, Geelong)
Midfielder $399,200
Picked up Murdoch as a delisted free agent after being let go by Geelong. He will be a nice role player, but not at all relevant at that price.
– No for me

Chris Burgess (SPS, West Adelaide)
Defender/Forward $123,900
This 22-year-old gets his opportunity on an AFL list. He played predominately as a defender until the end of 2017 when a switch forward yielded success.
– Watch JLT

Sam Collins (SPS, Werribee)
Defender $188,900.
Will be one of the most popular cash cows this season. After previous AFL experience with Fremantle (14 games), he was described as the Jeremy McGovern of the VFL last year. He’s got a SuperCoach-friendly game with plenty of upside.
– Watch JLT, Lock.

Josh Corbett (SPS, Werribee)
Forward $123,900
Josh impressed in the VFL with his strong contested marking for Werribee and was named the Fothergill-Mitchell Medalist as the most promising young talent in the VFL. Looks a great Prospect this year in SuperCoach if he plays.
– Watch JLT

Jack Lukosius (National Draft, Woodville West Torrens)
Forward $202,800
Set the under 18 level alight with a SuperCoach average of 106. Priced extremely high for a rookie which is now his only downfall. He will develop nicely as a key position tall.
– Watch JLT, no for me

Izak Rankine (National Draft, West Torrens)
Forward $198,300
Once again, Rankine will develop into an excitement machine but he just needs time. A high priced rookie who will see plenty of game time throughout the season but won’t make quick money like you want from your rookie players.
– Watch JLT

Ben King (National Draft, Sandringham Dragons)
Forward $184,800
Another key position prospect who will take time to develop. A bright future but probably not SuperCoach relevant this year.
– No for me.

Jez McLennan (National Draft, Central Districts)
Defender $117,300
Finally we come to a draft pick that is very much SuperCoach relevant. Priced right and should get some
great opportunities out of the back line for the Suns.
– Watch JLT, yes for me

Caleb Graham (National Draft, Gold Coast Academy)
Defender/Ruck $117,300
Very much a project player. Not relevant.
– No for me


Anthony Miles, Jez McLennan and the three SPS guys (Collins, Burgess, Corbett) all look to be the best options at the moment. After the JLT a couple more might make their presence felt.

It’s almost coming to a make or break type situation for the Giants. After coming so close in the previous
years, this off-season they focused more on the draft instead of chasing established talent.

Tommy Sheridan (DFA, Fremantle)
Midfielder $382,500
To put it simply, as he is just midfielder only he is definitely not relevant.
– No for me

Shane Mumford (Pre-season, GWS)
Ruck $320,200
Still has to serve a two-game suspension from when he retired, Mummy has a habit of finding trouble. That being said he is definitely under-priced so it’s the classic case of risk vs reward.
– Watch JLT

Jye Caldwell (National Draft, Bendigo Pioneers)
Midfielder $162,300
Taken at pick No.11, Caldwell is a talented Midfielder who should see some early games in the AFL. My only question mark is his price. I think there are cheaper options who will play early as well.
– Watch JLT

Jackson Hately (National Draft, Central District)
Midfielder $148,800
Taken at pick No.14, Hatley had an impressive average at under 18s of 107, then managed to average 91 in the SANFL against grown men. I imagine he’ll be ready to go round one.
– Watch JLT

Xavier O’Halloran (National Draft, Western Jets)
Midfielder $117,300
Taken at pick No.22, O’Halloran is a real impact player who uses the ball well. Captained Vic Metro and is a hard running midfielder who can play forward as well. Should get games this season.
– Watch JLT

Ian Hill (National Draft, Perth)
Midfielder/Forward $117,300
Taken at Pick No.24, this lively forward who is clever around goal with a great leap looks to have an exciting future in the AFL. Like his cousins Brad and Stephen at Fremantle, he also has ability to move up on the wing with his pace.
– Watch JLT

Kieran Briggs (National Draft, GWS Academy)
Ruck $117,300
Taken at pick No.34, he was named the under 18’s All Australian ruck. He will  develop nicely but I feel they will give him plenty of time.
– No For Me

Connor Idun (National Draft, Geelong Falcons)
Defender/Forward $117,300
A later pick at No.61, Idun already stands at 190cm and 92kg. He thrives on a contest and can play small as well with his above average speed.
– Watch JLT, No for me


GWS didn’t waste any of their first four picks in the national draft, which all appeared in the first two rounds. I like those four going forward into the SuperCoach season. Mumford is too risky for me.

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