The Praccy Matches – and what they mean for SuperCoach

We’ve had a look at some tweets over the past week or so from people observing intra-clubs and practice matches and we’ve considered how these may affect your SuperCoach team.

We will update further after St.Kilda’s intra-club and the Adelaide U23 v Port U23 game, but if you have seen another practise match or intra-club that we missed, please comment below or tweet @SuperCoach_HQ with your SuperCoach thoughts!

Happy reading.


What they said:

What it means for SuperCoach:

The tweets from the praccy match suggest that Max Gawn and Braydon Preuss can function in the same side together. Preuss ($239,000) played largely forward and had an impact there, while pinch-hitting in the ruck, and Gawn ($692,100) dominated as the main ruckman, albeit against the uncapped Max Lynch, and second-string ruck, Mason Cox. Melbourne have rested Gawn forward in the past, but considering he kicked only 13 goals in 2018 and no more than 2 in any game, Preuss playing forward shouldn’t effect his 127 average too much.

Mature-age, only $117,000 and taking the kick ins: it seems like Marty Hore ticks all the SuperCoach boxes. Put him in your sides for now but watch during the JLT. Can the pick No.56 from the VFL lock himself into Melbourne’s team?


What they said:

What it means for SuperCoach:

All reports are that the number 1 draft pick, Sam Walsh, starred for Carlton. He’s a Rolls Royce, and unfortunately you may need to do restructuring of your side as his price tag of $207,300 looks completely worth it.

David Cuningham was another stand out, but is at an extremely awkward price of $250,100. But if he locks himself into Carlton’s side and looks like scoring well, he is a cheaper option than the likes of Liberatore and Miles.

Someone needs to step up and fill Tom Mitchell’s void. All reports are the James Worpel ($395,700) had a good showing in a recent match simulation and continued that good form into the game against Carlton.

Dylan Moore also had a solid game and could be ready to break into the senior side at $123,900.

James Sicily just got even more tempting to take in defence, after taking majority of the kick-ins.


What they said:

What it means for SuperCoach:

I wouldn’t jump on the Jarrod Brander bandwagon just yet. He is a nice price at $135,700 in his second year, but he snagged those goals today without Josh Kennedy up forward. Watch his form in the JLT.

I would be much more keen to jump on fellow second-year player Jack Petruccelle for $123,900 at this early stage… Three of his four goals came in the third quarter, and he spend some time off half-back.

Great to hear Elliot Yeo is right for the JLT but disappointing he is midfield only. However at $585,500 the 25-year-old, fresh off a season average of 108, should be on your watch list.


What they said:

What it means for SuperCoach:

Shane Mumford is a bargain basement for his quality, at $320,200. But we should be treading carefully. He is already suspended for rounds 1-2 and will be looked at for today’s push/arm to George Hewett’s face.

Jake Lloyd continued his good form, either receiving or taking the kick-ins and will likely warrant his $608,200 price – but are you prepared to pay that?

Nick Blakey ($166,800) looks a chance for an early debut and Callum Mills ($428,900) will be a defensive bargain if he does get more midfield time in the season proper; will he though?


What they said:

What it means for SuperCoach:

I would be steering away from Paddy Ryder and Scott Lycett for now, even though they’re nicely priced around the $450,000-$500,000 mark. Until they know exactly what their roles are, I won’t entertain either in a SuperCoach capacity. I really like that Justin Westhoff has ruck/forward DPP, but again, not sure how his role works with the addition of Lycett. Will be watching all three in the JLT and beginning of the year.

Xavier Duursma ($130,800) could be a sneaky ball magnet, going by Lewy’s tweet. Let’s hope he can debut early, as his price is great and he is a DPP in midfield and defence.

I’ve also had it confirmed for now to not touch Tom Rockliff, based on low time on ground – wonder whether this was just management with AFLX however. Do not let his price of $405,900 tempt you… yet.


What they said:

What it means for SuperCoach:

Jesse Hogan stepped up his SuperCoach average to 91.8 last year mainly due to versatility – he had the ability to rack up 25 touches, mark the ball 10 times or kick a bag of five goals. Unfortunately, it was largely inconsistent, with his scores ranging from 36-145. But seeing Hogan on a wing makes things very interesting for SuperCoach. According to today’s intra, although blowing off some dust, he played forward and in the midfield. He is a touch on the pricey side at $498,300, but if he is more consistently finding the ball and having stints in the midfield, he will be worth it.

Looks like Lachlan Schultz could be another mature-ager to find himself in our teams. Hopefully his good intra-club showing is just the start of a solid 2019!

More to come.

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