Schon’s Draft Power Rankings | February Update

Drafting is such an important part of SuperCoach these days, and probably my favourite aspect of it.

A strong draft day can set up your entire season.

The SCHQ Draft: See how it panned out

In the attachment below (opening the Excel Spreadsheet by clicking the link or the image below) I’ve ranked my top 200 players for the season ahead.

The SCHQ in-house draft that we completed impacted the rankings heavily – that way it’s more like eight brains working on the same rankings.

For the second 100 (picks 101-200) I’ve ranked depth forwards and defenders with much more importance, given their scarcity, especially in deeper drafts.

Cash-cows and rookies: Matty ranks the top 50 players under $200k

A midfielder who can average 80 is a dime-a-dozen, but finding a defender who can do that? Much tougher. In fact, I addressed that in my positional analysis article earlier this month.

That story kicked off the SCHQ 40 in 40, which you definitely need to get across if you haven’t already.

Alright, click away and let me know how I did.

And of course, best of luck with your SuperCoach drafts!  


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