Player Radar 2019 | Kade Simpson

The incredibly durable Kade Simpson is and has been a star of our great game for seasons upon seasons.

The 34 year old classy defender hasn’t gone under the 90 average mark since 2008 and is today’s edition of the 2019 Player Radars.

Player: Kade Simpson
Team: Carlton
Age: 34
Price: $570,300
Position: Defender
Games played 2018: 21
2018 average: 105
100+ scores: 10
90+ scores: 13


Despite being 34 years of age, Simpson’s body has proven to be extremely reliable.

He has missed just six games since 2005 – in other words, 13 seasons – a monster effort! Simmo hasn’t just been playing games consistently each season, he has been scoring well as well.

Not since 2008 has Simmo gone under the 90 points average mark. In fact, in Simpson’s career he has managed to average above 90 points in 11 of his seasons, two of which were also above 100 points per game, and both of those came in the last three seasons. Age truly is just a number for the 300-gamer.

The new kick-in rule is set to impact Simpson in a positive way. In 2018 he averaged 4.7 kick-ins per game and played on 50% of the time. That means Simmo only played on from kick-ins roughly 2.3 times per game.

Assuming that Simmo’s kick-ins were all effective he would’ve averaged around just 2.3 points per game from kick-ins, as last season effective kick ins were worth just one point (see tweet above).

The new rules: How will they effect SuperCoach?

The new kick-in rule means that players will have an extra 10 metres room and will be able to run out of the square without having to kick it to themselves – meaning we’re going to see players play on a lot more often.

Assuming Simpson takes the same amount of kick-ins that he did last year, his kick-ins are effective and expecting his play-on rate to be close to 100%, by my calculations we could see Simpson score up to an extra 19 points from kick-ins alone. That’s a huge difference considering he averaged an already solid 105 points last year.

Sam Docherty going down with an ACL injury again this pre-season makes Simpson the go-to man off half-back for Carlton once again.

Once again Simpson hasn’t missed a beat in his pre-season training and has been fully fit, not letting any injuries stop him in his tracks.

[interaction id=”5c6bf0988497a7bf1668d309″]

It’s crazy to think that a player who has averaged 90 points or more in 11 of his past 13 seasons and only missed six games in 13 seasons could be a POD but Simpson is just that.

Sitting in only 7% of teams, the ever-reliable defender continues to fall into the “will he get rested this season?” or “will this be the year he drops off because of his age?” categories.

However, like Corey Enright, it just looks like this will never happen with Simpson who I think is likely to still be averaging 95+ (in Enright’s case it was 100) when he does end up hanging up the boots. Touch wood.


It’s the two questions that’s always asked and the flip side of my last argument for picking Simpson.

  • Will this be the year he is rested?

  • Is it the year he begins to slow down?

At 34 years old it’s the risk attached to Simpson. However his body and consistent averages seem to be denying it.

Carlton are a developing side and in my mind it would be more worthwhile having Simmo on the ground as a playing coach rather than not playing at all. However on the flip side, Bolton may want to develop a kid in Simpson’s role (potentially resting him) in the period when the Blues season is over and done with in the latter stages of 2019 (SuperCoach finals time).

Something to be wary of, but may not be a factor. Hopefully.


A true champion of our game who continues to build a strong legacy. Currently in my side and doesn’t look like moving.

You know what you get with Simmo and that’s consistency. A pick that suits the unfortunate folk like my self who picked Michael Hibberd last year. Pick him!

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One thought on “Player Radar 2019 | Kade Simpson

  1. Gotta love Simmo, but do you know why I don’t trust him? Simpson’s name backwards is “nospmis”; and “nospmis” doesn’t even make any sense. Yes, I’ll be avoiding him this year. That’s sound reasoning that cannot be denied… 🙂


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