Player Radar 2019 | Todd Goldstein

North Melbourne big man Todd Goldstein is coming off a reasonably solid season in 2018 where he averaged above the ton. Goldy battled some personal issues in 2018 and at times was unfit so what can he do this year five kilos lighter and fit again?

Player: Todd Goldstein
Team: North Melbourne
Age: 30
Price: $548,000
Position: Ruck
Games played 2018: 22
2018 average: 101
100+ scores: 14
90+ scores: 15


After starting the year slowly Goldy averaged 111 points in his final fourteen games of the 2018 season. This included twelve hundreds, five of which over 120 points. Following his lowest average in the past six seasons of (95) in 2017, Goldy’s strong finish to the season in 2018 helped him regain the respect of SuperCoaches across the nation for the 2019 season.

When does a ruckmen peak? Schon crunches the numbers

Although Braydon Pruess didn’t play a game in 2018, his departure from North to the Dees gives coaches a bit more confidence to pick him. Preuss was the one of the main factors that lead to Goldy’s horror 2017 season.

Goldy was so poor throughout the season playing chunks up forward and not being able to cope with the two rucks in the one team structure that he was forced to play in the VFL for a couple of weeks. Playing in the VFL was something Goldy hadn’t done for over seven years until 2017 and it made many people think the once premier ruck men of the competition was nearing his end at highest level. Thankfully now Preuss is gone and will potentially affect another All Australian ruck man… But thats a story for another day.

Goldy has returned to North this pre-season hungrier and fitter than he has been for a very long time. Five kilos lighter and over any injury niggles from previous seasons, Goldstein has managed to not miss a beat this pre-season in a bid to become the prominent ruck man that he once was again. Never underestimate a fit ruck man.

SCHQ Draft: Who selected Todd Goldstein?

Goldy has averaged over 100 points points in six of his past eight seasons. The two seasons he averaged below the ton he managed respectable averages of 93 and 95. This displays the impressive consistency Goldstein regularly produces year on year and why he is such a tasty option at what is one of the cheaper price tags he has been listed at in recent years.

Goldstein is one to consider if you’re one of many coaches who don’t want to spend huge chunks of their salary cap on the Grundy, Gawn ruck combination. Goldy is $160,000 cheaper than Grundy and $144,000 cheaper than Gawn. By picking him that is a considerable amount of cash to spend elsewhere which could strengthen your teams all round structure.


When Ruckman get older it can often hinder their SuperCoach relevancy year by year. Goldstein is now 30 years old an is turning 31 this year. In fellow SuperCoach HQ’s writer Josh Schonafinger’s article ‘Who gives a Ruck?’, Schon explains that on average rucks tend to peak in the 26 to 29 years of age bracket. Followed by a plateau or drop off in points per game after they hit the age of 30. History in SuperCoach is an important factor when it comes to decisions on players and is something coaches who are selecting Goldy should consider.

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After Tom Campbell was delisted by the dogs and North Melbourne picked him up as a rookie, many coaches began to ponder if he was potentially recruited for a purpose? Preuss is gone but could Campbell be the new ruck man that forces Goldy to play in a team that is an advocate for the dreaded two rucks combo again? Many think Campbell is at the club purely for cover to Goldstein but if he has a good pre-season or good VFL form he could find himself in North’s side at any time and potentially burn Goldy owners mid season.

Verdict: Anyone who has played SuperCoach for multiple seasons know what this man can do. The question is, is he still a good selection? All things considered I believe the answer is yes. Goldy is a solid selection and is one who should be in many teams that wont be forking out the cash for both Grundy and Gawn.

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