SCHQ Draft – How It Played Out

A very important draft took place this week.

No, not the AFLX draft. The SCHQ draft!

Our writers went head-to-head to select squads of 15 in 30-second intervals – and a few coaches felt the heat!

Here’s how round one of the draft played out:

1. Brodie Grundy – Murray (Mark)
2. Max Gawn – Big Roosters (Schon)
3. Patrick Dangerfield – Kent Be Beaten (Az)
4. Jack Macrae – Scrimshaw Redmpt’n (Paul)
5. Patrick Cripps – Assy Gardens FC (Josh)
6. Jake Lloyd – BYE (Scott)
7. Josh Kelly – It’s Storey Time (Matt)
8. Nat Fyfe – Clayto’s Champions (Dec)

Have a look at how the teams came together below.

Murray – Mark’s team

Mark went heavy filling the midfield with top-end talent, before attending to the backs and forwards last.

Mark’s picks:

1. Brodie Grundy (RUCK)
16. Elliot Yeo (MID)
17. Luke Parker (MID)
32. Dayne Beams (MID)
33. Mitch Duncan (MID)
48. Alex Witherden (DEF)
49. Jade Gresham (FWD)
64. Callum Mills (DEF)
65. Christian Petracca (FWD)
80. Christian Salem (DEF)
81. Michael Walters (FWD)
96. Tim Taranto (MID)
97. Ollie Wines (MID)
112. Blake Acres (MID)
113. Ryan Burton (FWD)

Mark says:

“Given the pressure of pick No.1 I had to go safe with big Brodie Grundy. With that it meant I didn’t have a pick until  No.16 and No.17 so I decided I wanted to fill my midfield with elite scorers while they were still available and back myself you find some breakout players up forward and in defence.

Really stoked to get some exciting young players that I like and want to see rise like Petracca, Gresham, Mills, Witherden, Salem and Burton. My issue was my pre-draft list was made thinking we had 16 teams in the league. If my guns are consistent and the rest go to another level it be an awesome draft team.”


Big Roosters 🐓 – Schon’s team

Schon’s tactic was the get some

Schon’s picks:

2. Max Gawn (RUCK)
15. Dustin Martin (MID)
18. Lachie Whitfield (DEF)
31. Justin Westhoff (FWD)
34. Scott Pendlebury (MID)
47. Tim Kelly (FWD)
50. Jack Crisp (DEF)
63. Rory Sloane (MID)
66. Jeremy McGovern (DEF)
79. Kane Lambert (FWD)
82. Dylan Shiel (MID)
95. Shane Savage (DEF)
98. Anthony Miles (MID)
111. Jordan De Goey (FWD)
114. Jared Polec (MID)

Schon says:

“I always like to take my time when selecting midfielders in draft leagues – try and find one elite and fill the other positions next. There’s so many high-scoring midfielders you won’t miss out.

Very happy with the selections of Martin at 15, Kelly at 47 and Lambert at 79. Jordan De Goey could genuinely be anything this season so more than happy to start him on my bench. Overall I was a bit disappointed with my defenders – Alex Witherden was taken one pick before I could grab him, and I’m not convinced by the Crisp or McGovern selections.”

Kent Be Beaten – Az’s team

Aaron’s eighth-round pick was wasted on Tom Mitchell, but otherwise he was able to acquire a pretty well-rounded side.

Az’s picks:

3. Patrick Dangerfield (FWD)
14. Stephen Coniglio (MID)
19. Todd Goldstein (RUCK)
30. Gary Ablett (MID)
35. Shannon Hurn (DEF)
46. Tom McDonald (FWD)
51. Jeremy Howe (DEF)
62. Tom Mitchell* (MID)
67. Josh P Kennedy (MID)
78. Toby Greene (FWD)
83. Jimmy Webster (DEF)
94. Ben Cunnington (MID)
99. Tom J Lynch (FWD)
110. Andrew McGrath (DEF)
115. Rory Lobb (RUCK)

* Az ran out of time with this selection and it defaulted to Tom Mitchell. Needless to say, he’ll be finding a replacement. Set your pre-draft rankings, kids! 

Az says:

“I was happy locking in Dangerfield with my first pick, he’s a genuine chance to be the top scorer up forward. I drafted defenders who may benefit from the kick in. Goldstein as my ‘set and forget’ ruck. Lots of DPP on bench to cover DEF/MID, FWD/MID and FWD/RUCK.

However, I didn’t plan much in advance which hurt me big time in a 30-second draft comp. Took too long looking for Dayne Zorko at one pick (he was gone) and ended up with Tom Mitchell as he was the top rated player. Bench players are all speculative, but could turn out to be poor decisions or masterstrokes: Andrew McGrath, Rory Lobb and Richmond’s Tom Lynch.”

Scrimshaw Redmpt’n – Paul’s team

Paul made sure he didn’t miss out on any high-scoring mids – taking midfields with his first four selections.

Paul’s picks:

4. Jack Macrae (MID)
13. Adam Treloar (MID)
20. Marcus Bontempelli (MID)
29. Callan Ward (MID)
36. Ben McEvoy (RUCK)
45. Toby McLean (FWD)
52. Shaun Higgins (MID)
61. Jack Billings (FWD)
68. Harris Andrews (DEF)
77. Lachie Weller (DEF)
84. Ed Curnow (MID)
93. Luke Breust (FWD)
100. Wayne Milera (DEF)
109. Connor Blakely (DEF)
116. Jacob Hopper (MID)

Paul says:

“I started with pick number No.4 so I decided to go hard and set up an ultra-premium midfield to which I was able to achieve in the likes of Macrae, the Bont, Ward and Treloar. I hope this ensures a good base for the rest of my squad each week.

Then I went and chased what I thought was the best available ruckman left in Ben McEvoy, who has been very consistent the past few seasons. When it came to my forward line and defence, I was prepared to take a few risks as I believe there was some good sleepers available outside the top priced players.

I managed to get McLean, Breust and Billings in my forward line with Andrews, Milera and Weller in defence. Hopefully after the first couple of weeks I’m rewarded!”

Assy Gardens FC – Josh’s team

Josh’s picks:

5. Patrick Cripps (MID)
12. Kade Simpson (DEF)
21. Isaac Heeney (FWD)
28. Zach Merrett (MID)
37. Toby Nankervis (RUCK)
44. Sam Menegola (FWD)
53. Luke Ryan (DEF)
60. Seb Ross (MID)
69. Jayden Short (DEF)
76. Taylor Adams (MID)
85. Kyle Langford (FWD)
92. Jack Steele (MID)
101. Jack Riewoldt (FWD)
108. Jarrod Witts (RUCK)
117. Jason Johannisen (DEF)

Josh says:

“I was stoked to get Patty Cripps at pick No.5. Couldn’t believe he slipped through to my first pick. It started off a reasonably good draft. It was annoying seeing players like Witherden and Mills go the pick before me pick at times when they were going to be my next pick, I see both as serious break-out contenders.

One of my last picks was Riewoldt who I thought was a steal for the games he takes on Suns, Blues and other struggling teams, not to mention he averaged 93 last year. Midfield is a bit lighter than most of the other boys. Although I have Cripps and Merrett I’ll be banking on Seb Ross to improve on his 103 average in 2018 and Taylor Adams to get back to his 108+ average form from 2017.

Backline is reasonably solid – I was able to add three players who I believe will take kick in duties at their clubs, selecting the likes of Short, Simpson and Luke Ryan. ‘Nank the Tank’ is my first ruckman, someone who is always l consistent 90+ without going too big.”

BYE – Scott’s team

Scott took Sydney’s Jake Lloyd with his first selection and made plenty of surprising selections after that too.

Scott’s picks:

6. Jake Lloyd (DEF)
11. Lachie Neale (MID)
22. Matt Crouch (MID)
27. Robbie Gray (FWD)
38. Tom Bellchambers (RUCK)
43. Steele Sidebottom (MID)
54. Josh Dunkley (FWD)
59. Chad Wingard (FWD)
70. Lachie Hunter (MID)
75. Heath Shaw (DEF)
86. Tom Stewart (DEF)
91. Jack Steven (MID)
102. Orazio Fantasia (FWD)
107. Callum Sinclair (RUCK)
118. Brandon Ellis (DEF)

Scott says:

“I drafted players at the start from different positions, and wasn’t caught up at the end with no premium defenders or forwards! I drafted defenders that will benefit from the new kick in rules – Lloyd, Shaw and Stewart in 2018 all took a lot of kick-ins which if they do again will improve scores.

I didn’t target enough DPP, which will hurt through out the year! Coming into the draft I should have done more research, towards the back end of the draft I was struggling to find any good players! PAY ATTENTION, once you have made your pick watch who others have drafted so your not looking for players that have already been taken and then quickly selecting one on the final five seconds.”

It’s Storey Time – Matt’s team

Matt took some calculated risks and compiled what will be a very competitive squad.

Matt’s picks:

7. Josh Kelly (MID)
10. Rory Laird (DEF)
23. Stefan Martin (RUCK)
26. Andrew Gaff (MID)
39. Tom Hawkins (FWD)
42. Joel Selwood (MID)
55. Angus Brayshaw (MID)
58. David Mundy (MID)
71. Dyson Heppell (MID)
74. Brodie Smith (DEF)
87. Mitch Wallis (FWD)
90. Matthew Suckling (DEF)
103. Steven May (DEF)
106. Aaron Sandilands (RUCK)
119. Mitch Robinson (FWD)

Matt says:

“Positioned in a swing spot and off the back of no preparation and only 30 seconds to settle on a player I was pretty happy with who I ended up with.

Laird in round two and Stef Martin in round three were handy pickups. Took a punt on Andrew Gaff who despite being suspended should come back and be a quality scorer. Took quite a few DPP midfield and forwards which should allow for some flexibility. Defence is a bit weaker than I had hoped but should cover the first few weeks and I’ll keep one eye on the waiver wire!”

Clayto’s Champions – Dec’s team

Dec had to deal with being handed pick No.10 but used the consecutive picks to his advantage to put together a fine squad.

Dec’s picks:

8. Nat Fyfe (MID)
9. Clayton Oliver (MID)
24. James Sicily (DEF)
25. Devon Smith (FWD)
40. Lance Franklin (FWD)
41. Paddy Ryder (RUCK)
56. Michael Hurley (DEF)
57. Dayne Zorko (MID)
72. Zac Williams (DEF)
73. Jack Gunston (FWD)
88. Bryce Gibbs (MID)
89. Jack Viney (MID)
104. Zach Tuohy (DEF)
105. Jack Martin (MID)
120. Sam Jacobs (RUCK)

Dec says:

“Quite happy with the draft overall. Getting Oliver and Fyfe with my first two picks was a big plus and they could easily end up as the top two mids by the end of the season. Forwards and backs are quite solid and could all go 90+ at their best.

Was absolutely stoked to get Z.Williams at a steal too (pick No.72). Will be interesting to see whether Gibbs, Zorko and Ryder can return to 100+ but if they don’t I have some solid backups on the bench.”

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