Melbourne in Queensland – Training Report

Hey guys and girls, I’m back!

This time it was one of the premiership favourites, the Melbourne Football Club, holding their open training up north. Might I just say, the supporters are up and about with large numbers in attendance.

Alright: Let’s take stock of what I was able to observe and learn today.


Firstly the “rehab” group, which appeared quite extensive at first sight. But after I went over and had a good look, really what seemed to be about 15 players (to which it was) needed to be broken down even further.

Steven May (Def) $443,500
Probably completed the least amount of work, only walking the ground and boxing training, a long way off.

Kade Kolodjashnij (Def) $363,700
First and foremost an absolute great bloke, I was able to have a little chat with him and in his own words he freely admitted he was still two-three weeks away from getting back into any sort of training. Looks like touch and go for round one.

Guy Walker (Def/Fwd) $102,400
Saw nothing from him. Not relevant.

Josh Wagner (Def) $282,300.
Completed some work, still not part of Melbourne’s best 22, he needs to get some more kms through his legs.


  • Angus Brayshaw (Mid) $526,900
    Amazing last year for Melbourne, should be right for round one.
  • Jake Lever (Def) $374,400.
    Coming back from ACL.
  • Nathan Jones (Mid) $459,200
    In his words he is just old so doesn’t have to do as much as the young blokes.
  • Jack Viney (Mid) $449,500
    Just nursing body through the pre-season?
  • Clayton Oliver (Mid) $622,600
    Started main group, put back to rehab group. Something not right?
  • Charlie Spargo (Fwd) $311,200
    Completed all drills in group, can’t be far away.
  • Jay Kennedy Harris (Mid) $301,300
    Make or break year, serious talent, as above.
  • Austin Bradtke (Ruc) $102,400
    Raw, project player.


Now that novel is completed, let’s get stuck into the guys who were part of the main group.

Christian Petracca (Fwd/Mid) $442,600.
Coming into his fourth season, now is the time to shine for CP. His work today was sublime with a spring in his step, looked fitter and looks seriously ready to take the comp by the scruff of the neck.
Started in some midfield work, then floated forward to take a couple of contested marks… dare I say it… he looked ‘Danger-esqe’.

Alex Neal-Bullen (Fwd) $402,500
Have you ever had a moment when watching a game/training and you’ve spotted a great piece of play and you didn’t know the player straight away?
Well that was me with ANB, so much so I couldn’t take my eyes away. This guy wouldn’t look out of place at F3 or F4.


Max Gawn (Ruc) $692,100.
I can’t believe I just wrote that.

I went to training hoping, no, wanting Braydon Preuss to just go away and stop ruining one of the best ‘lock’ ruckman that has graced our SuperCoach game. But it was all to no avail.

In Max’s own words he spent a lot of time forward and couldn’t get near it. With clear deficiencies in Preuss’ disposal, I can see Max being used more around the ground (mainly forward) when he takes his breaks with Preuss just a tap ruckman, dishing off handballs and then to the bench – if he plays at all. JLT series will be pivotal here.


1 Christian Petracca
2 Alex Neal-Bullen
3 Tom McDonald
4 Christian Salem
5 Max Gawn

In footy talk Melbourne need Max up and about to win the premiership. Hopefully this bodes well for his SuperCoach scores.

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