Western Bulldogs in Queensland – Training Report

So, I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and I’m always keen to check out whatever I can in regards to AFL teams training or merely just being in my vicinity.

Yeah, slightly addicted I know, but today (Sunday) I was rewarded. Well, that’s what I think anyway.

The Western Bulldogs, yep, the 2016 premiers, visited my area to train and do some match simulation.

It’s such great access to players when these training camps are conducted. Here’s what I learned:

Firstly, the players who where on light/restricted duties were:

Tom Boyd (RUCK/FWD) $364,200
Just completed a few run-throughs for the session and still looks a long way off.

Liam Picken (FWD) $285,500
Brad Lynch (DEF/FWD) $276,300
Lukas Webb (FWD) $249,200
Jason Johannisen (DEF) $465, 600
Where the other players that I saw that didn’t compete in the game simulation, they all completed what seemed to be a large chunk of running drills and should be right to start the season proper.
Of the above players, I couldn’t recommend starting any of them. Johannisen could become a target throughout the season though.

Other players of note were:

Jordan Sweet (RUCK) $102,400
While Trengrove and English started in the ruck, Sweet started forward and moved into the ruck on occasions. He will start the season 21 years old and looks ready to take any opportunity that should come his way, will surely debut at some stage.

Tom Liberatore (MID) $300,400
That hunger was there to see, fit and firing throughout the game, with a normal hair cut! At that starting price he will be hard to ignore, hopefully he can get the minutes required in the midfield to make money quickly, he was sizzling!

Ed Richards (DEF) $319,500 & Bailey Williams (DEF) $441,600
Couldn’t split these two for my defence, both seemed to find a lot of ball off half back and other guys liked the ball being delivered by them. I saw both of them show exquisite skills by foot and I believe these two will be instrumental across half back for the Bulldogs this season and should be considered by coaches.
Toby Mclean (FWD/MID) $514,000
Is like a fine wine – it appears that Toby is getting better with age. This starting midfield is looking scary not only for opposition but more importantly for us SuperCoach players; who will get the points-friendly role? I definitely know Toby will be one of them.

And lastly, my ‘burn’ player from the Dogs is:

Josh Dunkley (FWD/MID) $516,300
Priced at peak in my opinion, with Libba back, his midfield minutes in the match didn’t seem great. I’d say there are better option else where considering what I viewed in my small sample.

My top five SuperCoach relevant players:
1. Tom Liberatore
2. Jordan Sweet
3. Jackson Macrae
4. Bailey Williams
5. Toby McLean

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