Clayto’s Captains BBL|08 – Round Nine

I’d like to introduce myself as the newest member of the SCHQ team for 2019. My name is Dylan Bolch and I am a passionate sports writer. I have my own sports page on Facebook titled “Top Spin – Sports News” (chuck it a follow if you can!) and am really excited about getting the opportunity to work with the team here at SCHQ this year. I’m a diehard Hawthorn fan and am very keen on SuperCoach too, the best bit is when you get bragging rights over your mates for an entire year!

So, without any further ado, welcome to Clayto’s Captains for Round 9. I’ll be giving it my best crack in Dec’s absence so hopefully I can hit the nail on the head for you all this round!

The Renegades have the double again (against the Stars and Thunder) and there isn’t an obvious choice this round so the player you give your captaincy armband can dictate whether or not you can climb the overall rankings this week or make up some ground in your head-to-head leagues.

See the Fixture Analysis for all the byes and doubles here

Alternatively, you could get caught out! Here’s some tips to help you get through the week.

Captain Choices

Daniel Christian – BAT/BWL $155,200

Christian is the leading candidate for the captaincy this week. Whilst the size of his role can vary depending on the match situation, the vulnerable Renegades top order generally means that he gets a chance with the bat most games. It’s a similar story for him with the ball, he can bowl anywhere from 1-4 overs but he has a happy knack of taking wickets.

Mohammed Nabi – BAT/BWL $144,500

Another Renegades all-rounder features at the top of this edition of Clayto’s Captains in Mohammed Nabi. Nabi had gone cold up until last week with a five-round average of just 36.8, but he pumped out a massive 143 against the Sixers in a match-winning performance. He’s the in-form player for the Renegades.

Kane Richardson – BWL $179,300

After missing the past two games due to hamstring soreness, Richardson bounced back in emphatic fashion as he posted 105 against the Sixers, his fourth ton of the season. Richardson has topped the hundred in 50% of his matches so far in BBL|08 and if he can have a similar impact this round, he’d be a good selection.

Aaron Finch – BAT ($191,300)

Finch could be the point-of-difference (POD) move that you need this round. Finch has just completed the ODI series against India where he averaged just 8.66 with the bat.

But in the one game he has played this season for the Renegades he scored 42 which got him to a score of 50 SuperCoach points. He’s got a lofty price tag, but if you can squeeze him in, then he could be worth a punt if you are aiming to make ground in your league or in the overall rankings as a POD.

Sam Harper – BAT/WKP $121,900

The Victorian youngster has been a revelation for the ‘Gades this season and is worth considering for the captaincy this week. He bats high in the order and as the wicket keeper, is always a chance to take a catch or two. Another good sign is that he scored 79 points against the Melbourne Stars in their earlier fixture this season.

Good luck with your captaincy selections this round!

6 thoughts on “Clayto’s Captains BBL|08 – Round Nine

    1. I went Gurney as captain, Carleton. D’oh! Not a good choice. But he’s got one more match to improve, I suppose.


      1. You wh-wh-whaaaa~? You picked a rookie with a rough job-security who’s only played a couple of games with just a par-average over a guy who’s averaging over 100 for the past 5 weeks??? Should I call the mental asylum???


  1. You wh-wh-whaaaa~? You picked a rookie with a rough job-security who’s only played a couple of games, with just a par-average, over an established star who’s averaged over 100 for the past 5 weeks??? Should I call the mental asylum???


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