BBL|08 Fixture Analysis

One of the most important parts of every BBL campaign for fantasy coaches is getting familiar with the fixture.

With the amount of double-game weeks and byes to factor in, it is vital to know who plays when. Click on the below image to enlarge or save it.

Alright, so after digesting the above, here are a couple of interesting takeaways.

Brisbane Heat: Have a handy double in round one, but byes in rounds two and three. Very annoying and very detrimental to your team if you load up with Heat players.

Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder: These sides have the fewest double-weeks of all the sides (only one each), but it also means neither of the Sydney teams cop a bye. Hopefully they provide a few set-and-forget options for us.

Hobart Hurricanes: Complete their second and final bye in round seven, coming home hard with doubles in rounds eight and 11. Load up.

Melbourne Renegades: The ‘Gades only have one bye, and it comes in the final round of the season. That could be handy to keep in the back of your mind.

View the full spreadsheet by clicking here.

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6 thoughts on “BBL|08 Fixture Analysis

  1. Round 1: x2: Brisbane Heat, Perth Scorchers; Byes: Nil.
    Round 2: x2: Adelaide Strikers; Byes: Brisbane Heat.
    Round 3: x2: Sixers, Hobart; Byes: Adelaide Strikers, Heat.
    Round 4: x2: Sydney Thunder; Byes: Hobart Hurricanes.
    Round 5: x2: Nil; Byes: Nil.
    Round 6: x2: Brisbane, Melbourne Renegades; Byes: Nil.
    Round 7: x2: Adelaide Strikers; Byes: Hobart Hurricanes.
    Round 8: x2: Hobart Hurricanes; Byes: Adelaide Strikers.
    Round 9: x2: Melbourne Renegades; Byes: Perth Scorchers.
    Round 10: x2: Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers; Byes: Nil.
    Round 11: x2: Strikers, Brisbane, Hurricanes; Byes: Stars.
    Round 12: x2: Nil; Byes: Nil.
    Round 13: x2: Melbourne; Byes: Melbourne Renegades.


      1. Yeah, I have. I would like at least 3 Brisbane players; that way, in round 3, I can trade them out. Pray tell, how come I can’t log into Twitter via Supercoach?


      2. Also, Josh, I know Scorcher players are the way to go; I’d to have at least 3 on-ground, but I’m struggling to pick 3 Scorcher-guns to pick. Who did you pick?


      3. Tye and the Marsh brothers always score well – Shaun and Mitch mightn’t be available. Otherwise one of Coulter-Nile/Behrendorff and one of Willey/Agar would be the way I’d go.


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