2018 SuperCoach Trade Period Analysis

A fresh start. A new lease on life. A SuperCoach star in 2019?


Richmond to Fremantle
2018 games: 18 (including finals)
2018 SC average: 72.4

Still not relevant.



Western Bulldogs to Geelong
2018 games: 17
2018 SC average: 77.1

A combination of injuries and lack of motivation saw Dahlhaus’ SuperCoach output drop severely in 2018. At 26 he can still provide some 2019 value if he can find some midfield time at the Cats.


Gold Coast to Richmond
2018 games: 10
2018 SC average: 78.4

We normally steer clear of key forwards but given how well Jack Riewoldt scored in Richmond’s 2018 set-up (average of 93) let’s not discount the extremely talented Lynch just yet.


West Coast to Port Adelaide
2018 games: 25 (including finals)
2018 SC average: 81.3

Could he take his game to the next level alongside Paddy Ryder? He’s just turned 26 but coming off his career-best season, who knows?


Geelong to Brisbane
2018 games: 2
2018 SC average: 57

As a small forward he’s never really going to be a player we look at in SuperCoach. Pass.


Richmond to Gold Coast
2018 games: 1
2018 SC average: 90

Like this guy a lot. Averaged 100 from 12 games in 2014, and 98 from 22 games in 2015. He’s a ball magnet and he’s just what the Suns need. Still only 26 and will be a leader of the Gold Coast midfield from the get-go.


Richmond to Gold Coast
2018 games: 4
2018 SC average: 47.8

Threatened to have a breakout year in 2018 after a strong pre-season and even sucked some of us (d’oh) into picking him. His career is only 23 games old (from four seasons) but if given a chance to run and carry and use his good foot skills, he could become something.


Adelaide to Carlton
2018 games: 12
2018 average: 67

Played the 21 games in 2016 but only managed 12 games in both 2017 and 2018 due to injury. His scoring will probably improve from his top average of 69.3 in 2017 but I can’t see him averaging above 75 next year.


Port Adelaide to North Melbourne
2018 games: 22
2018 average: 94.6

Had a very solid year this year with big scores including 9 tons out of 22 games and an additional 3 scores above 90. Unfortunately most likely won’t get DPP and is set to be just Midfield eligible, a position in which a 94 average (his best ever) isn’t enough to be selected.


Port Adelaide to North Melbourne
2018 games: 11
2018 average: 67.4

Has been dropped due to poor form multiple times over the past two seasons which was surprising after his 22 game, 92 average year in 2016. You wouldn’t be picking him off the back of two poor seasons. Would only be in calculations as a trade late in the season if he came out and averaged 90+. It’s a no from me.


Swans to Cats
2018 games: 11
2018 average: 48.2

In his 9 seasons has only managed to play 15 or more games in just one season. Injury prone, was dropped this year and isn’t the greatest scorer. Best average in the past was 70 points per game in 2017. Pass for me.


North to Swans
2018 games: 19
2018 average: 65.5

Good talent, young only 21 years old but by no means is he a Supercoach option. Possibly not in Swans best 22 and has a best average of 67.


Saints to Eagles
2018 games: 13
2018 average: 89.5

The 201cm big man had decent scores this year but played 4 VFL games as well. Wouldn’t touch him at all. Eagles like playing two rucks so will share with Vardy the ruck duties. However I can’t see him averaging above 85.


Blues selection traded to Cats

19-year-old South Australian Nathan Kreuger kicked 22 goals from 13 games for South Adelaide. Cats were very keen on him giving away their pick 42 to Carlton to make sure they locked away Kreuger at their club and he wasn’t taken before their pick 42. Watch his pre season he could be a rookie option in 2019.


Pies to Blues
2018 games: 1
2018 average: 11

Stay away. Debatable whether he is in Blues best 22, never averaged over 76 and will be very awkwardly priced.


Sydney to Saints
2018 games: 14
2018 average: 60

It was painful watching the new 28-year-old Saint play what looked like injured footy. Supercoach days look to be over and I wouldn’t be touching him. Has averaged 114 and 113 but can’t see him going above 90 next year.


Dees to Saints
2018 games: 5
2018 average: 64.2

The 24 year old showed he can score big in his first 2 games this season before his injury scoring 113 and 105. However, he shouldn’t be in your considerations next year. Injury prone and rarely puts a full season together. No from me.


Dees to North
2018 games: 14
2018 average: 75

Will be mid only next year and will be playing in a Midfield that has fairly good players. Will be too awkwardly priced to select. His best average of 94 was back in 2014.


North to Dees
2018 games:0
2018 average: 0

If he went to any other club than the Dees I would put him in my considerations based on his 118 SuperCoach average in the VFL this year. However in a side with Max Gawn, you have to steer clear!


GWS to Carlton
2017 games: 2
2017 average: 44.5

Big rookie lock next year. Was in my calculations priced at 195k this SuperCoach preseason but did his ACL. Playing at a club like the Blues he will have huge opportunity and will be discounted in his price. LOCK!!!


Tigers to Dogs
2018 games: 7
2018 average: 79

Had some good scores in his 7 games this year which included 99×2 and 92. Didn’t have enough opportunity in a strong Tigers side. Will have more opportunity at the Dogs but I can’t see him becoming SuperCoach relevant with a career high average of 79 from 5 his 5 seasons. No thanks.


Suns to North
2018 games: 6
2018 average: 79

Will fit into North Melbourne’s team structure very well playing on the wing. Has had good years in the past averaging 95 from 17 games in 2016 and 92 from 16 games in 2017. Will be fairly low priced (around the mid price range). If he is forward eligible next year and has a good preseason then he is certainly one who could be considered.


Suns to Hawks
2017 games: 4
2017 average: 46

The former pick 7 and talented youngster failed to play a game this year for various reasons. Dubbed as Grant Birchall 2.0, Scrimshaw will be a big watch this upcoming pre season as he will be low priced and could fit straight into the Hawks side taking Burton’s spot if he is to leave.


Cats to Suns
2018 games: 4
2018 average: 62

Played seasons seasons and has missed 105 games. Top average of 75 in his 7 seasons but only played 7 games that year. Will have more opportunity at the Suns but it’s still a big no for me.


Tigers to Crows
2017 games: 2
2017 average: 38

Will be dirt cheap next season. Didn’t play a game this year priced at 148k so will get a nice 20-30% discount. Talented player, going home, will be an interesting option if he gets named round 1 next year for the Crows.


GWS to Hawthorn
2018 games: 1
2018 average: 19

At his very best, Scully nearly joined the top group of midfielders (22 games in 2016, average of 97) but has never averaged 100 in a season. His entire 2018 was ruined in round two when he fractured his ankle against Collingwood, robbing the AFL of its best runner. All reports are he’s still got some way to come back, and some sources say he might not return ever. Would have to play pre-season to even be in consideration.


Hawthorn to Western Bulldogs
2018 games: 17 (including finals)
2018 average: 62.3

Was dropped for the final six games of 2018 and the Hawks’ first final after an up-and-down season. Played back, played forward, and generally struggled. Has never averaged more than 75 in six seasons so it’s got to be a pass.


Hawks to Port Adelaide
2018 games: 21
2018 average: 65

The former Hawk will be in his 4th season next year and should be able to regain his role off half back at Port. The role helped him average 83 in 2017 before Sicily took over the position. Burton will be one to watch this pre-season as he could potentially be priced nicely as a mid pricer.


Port Adelaide to Hawks
2018 games: 21
2018 average: 88.6

At the Hawks Chad could be a very good option if he is eligible to be picked as a forward next year. Wingard had a poor start to the year however, he managed to average 103 in his final 12 games of the season. Has shown he can put together solid seasons in the past averaging numbers like 93, 98 and 99 in past seasons. Will be one to certainly consider at a new club and priced at an average of 88.


Lions to Port Adelaide
2018 games: 6
2018 average: 56

The former pick 8 Sam Mayes has been sent to his home state of South Australia to wear the black, white and blue. Being only 24 years old Mayes best years are arguably ahead of him. However, with a career high average of 80 and second highest 70, I won’t be considering Mayes in my side at all.


Giants to Essendon
2018 games: 21
2018 average: 90

Oh boy I’m happy the deal got done. Had a few tense moments but the deal got done so I can’t complain. Shiel’s SuperCoach relevancy is unknown. Will definitely get more minutes in the middle as he did at the Giants. Has averaged 102 and 99 in the past. Could be one to look at considering how Smith improved his SuperCoach average in the Red and Black. Watch his pre-season and JLT form.


Fremantle to Lions
2018 games: 22
2018 average: 112

Has averaged above 109 his past three seasons. Neale is a genuine gun. Will be interesting to see how he fits into the Lions midfield. Will definitely be up there to consider as premium midfield option next season. Watch how he goes in JLT playing a part in the Lions midfield. Neale’s last four games of the year where he scored 120, 134, 132 and 140 is enough alone to argue a solid case for him.


Suns to Melbourne
2018 games: 8
2018 average: 67

Kade is extremely talented but injury, especially his concussions this year has impacted on his career to date. Only played 11 and 8 games in his past two season is evidence to this. In 2015 Kolodjashnij averaged 89.4 from 22 games in what was a big breakout year for him. Many were burnt in 2016 when they selected him to break out further, he failed to do so and averaged 69 from 19 games. It will be interesting to see him in a new team and whether he can get back to his high averaging form. However it’s unlikely with Salem and Hibberd playing a similar role to what he strives in.


Swans to Blues
2018 games: 10
2018 average: 73

Had a very good SuperCoach rookie season and made a lot of money for many happy coaches can’t see him being relevant SuperCoach wise in 2019 with Simpson and Docherty fulfilling the rebounding half back role that he scores highly in.


Dogs to Pies
2018 games: 12
2018 average: 70

Talks he will be a key defender or back up ruck man to Grundy and Cox. It’s a big no for me. Don’t want to select any key defenders and certainly don’t want to select number 2 ruck man.


Port to Suns
2018 games: 14
2018 average: 51

Another one who will be a key defender in 2019. Not good for SuperCoach scoring. Will fit in to the Suns best 22 easily replacing may but, I can’t see him being a viable option next year. Ugly career high average of 76.


Brisbane to Collingwood 
2018 games: 21
2018 SC average: 102.7

There’s no doubt about it, at his best, Dayne Beams is one of the best midfielders in the competition. He’s also a phenomenal SuperCoach scorer, too. In 2012, he averaged 123 points per game. In 2014 and 2015, he averaged 116 and 113. Averaged only 103 in 2018, but his average from the final 10 games of the season was an elite 116.7. Definitely consider.


Essendon to Fremantle
2018 games: 8
2018 SC average: 52

Nah. Might be a role player for the Dockers but that’s it.


Western Bulldogs to Brisbane
2018 games: 6
2018 SC average: 69.5

Averaged 80 in his first season (2016) of footy but has been injured or out of the team regularly since. The Lions do like to chip it around so maybe, at this stage.


Gold Coast to Melbourne
2018 games: 17
2018 SC average: 81.7

May has averaged in the 80s for the last three seasons, so for a key defender he’s scored quite well. But the big concern is his durability – due to injury or suspension, he’s actually never played a complete season of footy.


Geelong to Sydney
2018 games: 7
2018 SC average: 59.3

He would have to a blinding pre-season to come into consideration, even though Sydney has a good record of rebounding defenders scoring well. Averaged 70 from 19 games in 2015.


GWS to Fremantle
2018 games: 19 (including finals)
2018 SC average: 75.8

He’s never been a massive scorer and that won’t help if his wish to play as a forward is granted by Fremantle. Better options at that price at this stage.


Melbourne to Fremantle
2018 games: 20
2018 SC average: 91.8

I want to say I’ll be considering Hogan in 2019. Showed he can play through the middle and score well as a key forward in 2018 before injury cut short his season. Now back home, hopefully a happy and healthy Hogan dominates at Optus Stadium.

Which of the above players will you consider selecting in SuperCoach 2019? Let us know below.

2 thoughts on “2018 SuperCoach Trade Period Analysis

  1. Personally for me none of the players that have found there way to other clubs are a lock for 2019SC for me. Dylan Shiel when the deal for him is finally through he will be penciled in my 2019SC squad. Mitch Mcgovern pass, Lincoln McCarthy pass Fasolo another pass. Rory lobb is a maybe?? Given his dpp status Jesse Hogan were will he end up melbourne or freo who knows?? Still a maybe though. Finally we come to the interesting case of Lachie Neale will he still want to go to Brisbane given the Beams wanting out of the Lions? If Beams goes to Collingwood expect it to have a major impact on Neale decision because the way I see things is that Lachie Neale suddenly becomes the no.1 mid at the lions with only a half decent mid in Robinson as support. If Neale goes to Brisbane then yeah lock him in for my team for next year.


    1. Hey mate thanks for the comment. Love your thinking and agree with you entirely. Setterfield I think is a huge LOCK!!!


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