The SCHQ Barometer – Round 12

We’re back! After a mid-season break for making intentional contact with an umpire, the SCHQ Barometer is ready once again to take you through those players that are performing as well as those who are not. With the first of the ‘real’ bye rounds coming to an end many teams may well be looking for some much needed upgrades to plug the holes of those missing players. Remember though, look to trade in players that have already had their bye, otherwise you’ll have to account for them to be missing next week. Plan accordingly.


Trending Up 

Harris Andrews, Brisbane: Despite having his bye this week, Harris Andrews performance has been super impressive, particularly the last five week, where has only scored below 100 once and that was still a good score of 91. Currently owned by less than 1% of all teams, Andrews its a great defence POD when he comes off his bye next week.

Tom McDonald, Melbourne: Odd to be even writing about him as a defender considering I don’t think he’s spent much time down that end of the field so far this season, however his dual position status, along with his scoring ability is what makes him an attractive option. The fact he keeps kicking bags of goals is helping his scoring output significantly but I’m still far too scared to go out on a limb and select him. Given his current price point, those who haven’t traded him in already may have missed out, unless you have a massive war chest, but his PODential to be the difference maker for your side is underrated.

Adam Saad, Essendon: His last three weeks have been exactly some predicted at the start of the season from Saad. Full of run off half-back and finding teammates by using the ball well. As such his scores have reflected those performances.Two scores of 100+ in his last 3 games for an average of 103, and a 5 round average of 96, which would put him right on the border of being a top 6 defender. On the bye this week so not an option to trade in but priced at just over 400k and owned by only 3.5% of teams, Saad provides a cheap, in-form option for those looking to finish off their defence next week.

Trending Down 

Lachlan Murphy, Adelaide: Very harsh to include a first year player as performing poorly, but SuperCoach wise, the goose is just about cooked. A loss of just $3,200 this week is likely to begin to multiply significantly if he keeps his spot in the Crows team this week and as such I’d be looking to offload this week if possible, even though the byes may make it difficult. Having only made 100k from his starting price some amy argue there is no point trading him and if you have other problems can understand this reasoning, but if you are struggling for cash generation take the 100k and burn the trade this week.


Trending Up 

Callan Ward & Josh Kelly, Greater Western Sydney: After a rough few weeks for the Giants and owners of Callan Ward, his last 3 weeks have seen him bounce back significantly, culminating in by far his highest score of the year so far, 156 SC points, against the hapless Suns. As for whether Ward is a good fantasy option going forward, the jury is still out. With the return of Josh Kelly, who also scored extremely highly against the Suns, and the fact the Stephen Coniglio, who missed the game against the Suns, is still to return to the Giants side, scores this high are unlikely with the majority of the points to be shared between all of the midfielders. As such I’d avoid Ward, but would consider Kelly given he has proven to be an elite scorer in the past.

Gary Ablett, Geelong: The Little Master was back to his vintage best in the last fortnight. After just causing against Essendon and Carlton, the last two weeks show Ablett may not be a spent SuperCoach force just yet. Back-to-back big scores (117 and 151) have many considering Ablett at the crazy price of just over 500k. At this stage, I would still avoid, not because I don’t think that Ablett can’t put up crazy scores, but because, I’m afraid in the back end of the season, when it’s SuperCoach finals time, he may be rested which would hurt. But I’d love to be wrong and hope the GOAT can keep up this renaissance he is currently experiencing!

Trending Down 

Michael Walters, Fremantle: A lot of teams traded Walters in at his basement price and were rewarded with a good score in his first game, however he’s back in everyone’s bad books after being suspended for a silly act with just two minutes left in the Dockers win over the Crows. He now misses this week as well as next week with the bye, and when teams are struggling to cobble together 18 players each week, undisciplined acts hurt a lot.


Trending Up 

Callum Sinclair, Sydney: Carrying the Swans ruck load this season has seen Sinclair’s output go through the roof. He’s currently the fifth best averaging ruckman of 2018 and after a lean few weeks has scored back-to-back scores of 120+. Probably not fantasy relevant and with a big matchup against Naitanui this week, we will see if his form can continue against one of the best in the game.

Trending Down 

Max Gawn, Melbourne: One bad game and the people decide that you’ve gone from hero to zero. Gawn was probably outplayed in what was a battle of the big men on Queens Birthday with Brodie Grundy, and while I am sure it was a one off poor game for Gawn, I will be expecting a big bounce back after his bye this week. Look out!


Trending Up  

Mason Cox, Collingwood: A career high in goals, saw Cox deliver what I imagine would be his best ever SuperCoach score. Not fantasy relevant at all but just wanted to acknowledge the big American whose marking ability has come on in leaps and bounds this season.

Trending Down 

Charlie Spargo, Melbourne: Similar to Lachlan Murphy, putting first year players in the underperforming section is harsh, but again this one is purely for SuperCoach purposes. With the Dees having the bye this week and Spargo losing $300 last week, now is the perfect time to move him on. With Liam Ryan hopefully returning this week, Michael Apeness on the bubble and Josh Battle hopefully keeping his spot in the Saints side, there are a few options who not only allow you to downgrade Spargo and make use of his cash generation, but these replacements also give you another playing option this week.

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