The SCHQ Barometer – Round 7

Just like that Round 7 has been completed and we are now 1/3 of the way through the season. Time is flying and with bye rounds approaching this week may prove pivotal with a number of very good downgrade options like Charlie Spargo, Ben Ronke and Kobe Mutch on the bubble just to name a few. However, for those not inspired by these rookies, or if you are only considering picking one of these and using the cash to upgrade someone else, the barometer is here to take a look at some players who are performing well and may be flying under the radar, as well as those you should be looking to get rid of.


Trending Up 

James Sicily, Hawthorn: Sicily has been a tough one to deal with for his owner’s this season but after scoring 145 on the weekend, those that stuck fat with him, or traded him in like I did last week, would be very happy with the return on investment, despite the two one-game week suspensions Sicily has managed to wrack up in the first seven rounds. However, with the versatility of DPP status allowing you to swing him forward or back as required, Sicily is a must-have, if not for his scoring but for the fact he’s already owned by 25% of teams. I would expect that number to increase and frankly you don’t want to miss out. Find a way to get him in.

Jimmy Webster, St Kilda: For the second week in a row Webster hit the 100 mark and it’s no surprise for those that read the Barometer last week. Webster has proven to be a legitimate scoring option this season and with Dylan Roberton missing for the rest of the season, he appears to have taken over that role and the SC points are flowing! As mentioned last week, the ball is spending a fair amount of time in the Saints defence giving Webster the best opportunity to score points. At his price point, 464,800 Webster is great upgrade option and is currently rated as the 7th best averaging defender. Best of all he is only in 975 teams! Outrageous.

Trending Down 

Jeremy Finlayson, Greater Western Sydney: The cash cow might just have run his race. A breakeven of 86 isn’t unachievable but given his 3 and 5 Round Averages are both below this mark I think it’s time to say goodbye and bank the cash that he has helped us generate.

Shane Savage, St. Kilda:  For the second time in three weeks, Savage posted a mediocre score below 100 with an average 72 SC points. Given most of his better scores came when Jimmy Webster was out of the side, it is unclear if we have seen a shift in role that is resulting a reduced capacity to score points. At this stage Savage is a wait and see but with a breakeven of 96 this week, one more poor score may just see him well and truly on the trading block.


Trending Up 

Jack Macrae, Western Bulldogs: Anyone who scores 189 SC points in a game is traveling pretty well and that’s just the start of it. With only 1 score below 100 so far this season (albeit that was a 98) and five scores of 120+, Macrae is fast becoming the must have midfielder of 2018. The problem those of us that don’t have him now is how do we generate enough cash to get him in ASAP. He is already priced at a hefty 628k, has a breakeven of just 45 this week, so we can expect a huge price rise again next week. Whatever you have to do, find a way to get him in because his form this season is outrageous.

Josh P. Kennedy, Sydney: Found himself in a spot of bother a few weeks ago but his comeback in the last fortnight has been seriously impressive and much more like what we have come to expect from JPK. With the fixture starting to ease up on the Swans after this week against the Hawks, although I say that with much trepidation given how even it is this year, now would not be a bad time to bring Kennedy in as a fallen premium. A breakeven of 7 means this will probably be your last chance to get him in for under 500k. Not a bad option if can continue his form of the past few weeks.

Trending Down 

Dustin Martin, Richmond: Three big scores in his first four games has people clambering to trade Dusty in. Unfortunately since then, things haven’t gone to plan, with three consecutive scores below 100, something he did only once in 2017! The good news for those without him is that he has a breakeven of 162 this week and could fall to just over 500k if he puts up another 80-90 this week. He really, really needs to turn it around but given 61% of teams own him, we aren’t really losing too much by continuing to play him.


Trending Up 

Aaron Sandilands, Fremantle: It was Sandilands’ second big score of the year, as he just had his way in the ruck against the Tigers.11 touches and 48 hitouts saw his score the most of any ruckman in Round 7, finishing up with 144 SC points. The problem with Sandilands so far this season is consistency. The mixture of scores the big man is throwing up is really hurting his ability to become a top 2 ruckman, and while Gawn and Grundy are travelling better at this stage of the season, keep an eye on if Sandi can turn it around!

Trending Down 

Matthew Kreuzer, Carlton: After a two week absence due to injury, Kreuzer returned in Round 7 and unfortunately wasn’t able to return to last years form. He is yet to reach the 100 mark in any of the four games he has played this season, and sadly he doesn’t look like turning it around any time soon. If you are in the small percentage of teams that have clung on to him in the hope of a miraculous turnaround, now may be your last chance to trade him while he is still worth something.


Trending Up  

Toby McLean, Western Bulldogs: McLean had a great game against the Suns in Round 7 just another reason why he is currently the 3rd highest averaging forward in SuperCoach (I’ve removed Mason Wood as he has only played the 1 game). McLean has been super consistent all season with only two scores below 100 and only one of those being a slightly disappointing 72. Still in just 13% of teams, McLean is still somewhat of a POD and teams without him should be looking to get him in.

Trending Down 

Christian Petracca, Melbourne: It has been a bit of a ‘dog’ of a year so far for popular pick Christian Petracca. The season started alright with Petracca managing to average 95.3 through the first three rounds of 2018. Unfortunately since then he has been ‘bitten’ by the form bug, not managing to score higher than 73 SC points. At this stage a lot of teams are sticking fat, as Petracca still has ownership of over 20%, but with a breakeven of 128 this week, and already priced at a measly $403,000 he is set for another price drop. Given all of this, teams with Christian are in a tough position. He’s not worth a lot on the market but is due to lose more value, and his form is uninspiring. If it were me, I’d stick fat and pray that he turns it around. I don’t think trading him now does any good but a few more scores in the 40’s would have me changing my mind.

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