The SCHQ Barometer – Round 6

Round 6 has come and gone and what a tough one it was particularly with all the outs in the forward line! Round 7 doesn’t look to be getting any easier for us! The SCHQ Barometer is here to help with players who are flying under the radar as well as those who are just not flying at all.


Trending Up 

Alex Witherden, Brisbane: It has been a tough year for the Lions with no wins on the board as yet. However, one of their brightest sparks has been Alex Witherden. The 2017 SuperCoach cash cow has continued his rise into premium defender, through six rounds so far this season. He has managed to accumulate two 100+ scores, with another two in the 90’s (as well as one score of 89). His only ‘down’ week was Round 2 against the Dees when he scored a  respectable 77. The best part is he is only in 3% of teams and the ball is likely to continue to be spending a reasonable amount of time in the Lions defence, so Witherden will continue to have every chance to rack up the points..

Jimmy Webster, St Kilda: With the unfortunate news of Dylan Roberton being sidelined for the rest of the season while he is monitored for that irregular heartbeat – the news is better for Jimmy Webster. He came back into the team last week against the Hawks and scored an impressive 112. This affirms his scoring abilities after he played Rounds 1-3 and scored well – averaging 94 SC points a game. He is currently selected in less than 1% of teams and is cheap at just 443.7k. Similarly to Witherden above, the ball has been spending a lot of time in the Saints defence and with that likely to continue and Roberton’s absence for the rest of the season, Webster is a solid pickup at his price, given the scoring ability he has demonstrated so far this season.

Trending Down 

Zach Tuohy, Geelong: Sadly, for the 7% of teams that have Zach Tuohy he has not been able to take his scoring ability to the next level this season. After a decent first four rounds in which he averaged 94 SC points, his last two weeks have been stinkers scoring just 51 against Port Adelaide, before a putrid 25 against the Swans last week. At this stage he is probably worth holding even though he hasn’t completely bottomed out yet (breakeven of 172 this week!) because he has shown he can score at a premium level when Geelong are at full strength. But if your patience has worn thin and you are wanting to trade him, now is probably your last chance.

Riley Bonner, Port Adelaide:  After starting the season with a score of 119, Bonner had many coaches excited, however it appears he was a trap all along and hasn’t really got close to reaching those heights again. His three-round average is a horrific 59 SC points and he has now started to lose money. For those that bought him in before his price rise in Round 3, trade him out now and bank the extra 50k that he has made, because it doesn’t appear his scoring is going to improve unfortunately. If you traded him in after his first price rise, you’ve wasted two trades now because you too just can’t keep him anymore. TRADE!


Trending Up 

Adam Treloar, Collingwood: After burning a number of teams last year, Treloar was put on the ‘never again’ list by many coaches including myself. However, I think it might now be time to take him off that list and begin to consider him as an option again. The ANZAC day medallist backed up his best on ground performance with, probably, an even better performance against the Tigers last week. It appears as though Treloar has cleaned up his disposal efficiency with no clangers last week, something that would have been unheard of last year. This has increased his scoring potential greatly and with only 1 score below the 100 mark this season, Treloar is fast becoming a must have commodity. While he is currently close to his highest price point, he is still only in 5% of teams, so if you jump on now while it would cost you a bit, his scores could be the difference for league wins and a fast rise up the rankings.

Patrick Cripps, Carlton: Back-to-back massive scores for Patrick Cripps has seen him quickly become even more SuperCoach relevant than he was before. After starting the season off in red-hot fashion Cripps cooled down a little in Rounds 3 and 4 with double scores of 92 leading some to question if he could score well enough in a poorly performing Carlton midfield. Undoubtedly the answer is yes and with a breakeven of 46 this week, unless you are willing to get him in this week, you are now going to have to wait, or pay more than 600k for him. Given he is in 33% of teams, if you don’t have him you could find yourself falling behind the rest of the teams in your leagues very quickly.

Trending Down 

Bryce Gibbs, Adelaide: After a great start to his first season with his new team, Gibbs has fallen off the rails the last two week with two consecutive scores below 100. He was super consistent in the early rounds and maybe he was due for a few quiet week but he is now haemorrhaging money, which for those that bought him in after his price rise is hurting because he is now worth 50k less than his price to start the season. With Matt Crouch returning to the team last week, let’s hope this eases the attention Gibbs has been attracting because two more scores below 100 will really put those of us with him in a big hole.

Luke Parker, Sydney: A strong Round 1 performance thrust Parker into contention, and when he backed it up again in Round 2 with another 100+ score, his ownership grew by around 3%. Unfortunately since then his scores haven’t reached those heights and he’s been largely disappointing. With Buddy out last week, Parker was required to spend even more time in the forward line than usual, which always hurts his scoring, even though he is generally dangerous. If I was one of the 10% of teams that had Parker I would consider trading given he is already 482.5k and has a breakeven of 132 this week. He just hasn’t kicked on and to be honest I can’t see his fortunes turning around anytime soon..


Trending Up 

Scott Lycett, West Coast: He is continuing to share the ruck duties with Nic Nat (possibly to NN’s detriment) but after consecutive scores in triple figures, those that selected Lycett from the start are beginning to see a nice return on their investment. While the scoring may not continue his breakeven is now just a paltry 11 and as he has already made his owner’s 120.6k the price rises are going to continue for a little while yet. Handy stuff with the bye rounds not too far away.

Trending Down

Sam Jacobs, Adelaide: Things haven’t gone that well for Sauce this season with only the one score above 100. Sadly, if you have him I’d cut your losses and trade him because I can’t see him turning it around.


Trending Up  

Mitch Robinson, Brisbane: Mitch Robinson started the season as a mid-pricer who we weren’t sure would finish in the top 10 averaging forwards of 2018, but this appears to be completely off the mark. He isn’t spending nearly as much time forward as was expected and his scores prove it. He is currently the 10th ranked forward of the season, but his actual ranking is 9th given that Sam Reid has only played one game. He is super consistent and better yet, he is only in 2% of sides. His price is still reasonable at under 500k and if he can avoid injuries he will finish the season as a top 10 averaging forward.

Trending Down 

Charlie Curnow, Carlton: Curnow started the season like a house on fire with scores of 126 and 96 to begin his season. Unfortunately, things haven’t continued and it now appears that he has picked up an injury which might just be some much-needed rest for a young player. If you are in the 7% of teams with Curnow I would trade him now as I can’t see him finishing the season as a top 10 forward anyway and his price is likely to only decrease from this point on. Mitch Robinson for only 50k extra might even be a great sideways trade for your team if you don’t have extra funds available.

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