The SCHQ Barometer – Round 5

Almost a week after it started Round 5 has finally finished and Round 6 starts tomorrow night with the Dogs and the Blues at Etihad Stadium! As such there isn’t much time for you to ponder what trades you might want to make, and with a couple of popular downgrade options on the bubble this week, now might not be the time to look at some players trending up, but the SCHQ Barometer doesn’t wait for anything. So, let’s get into it!


Trending Up ⬆

Scott D. Thompson, North Melbourne: North Melbourne are flying and a big reason for that is the way their defence has been holding up and giving them great rebound off the half-back. Scott Thompson has been immense for the Roos and his SuperCoach average is nearing the heights of his 2013 efforts which after four straight seasons of averaging between 79 to 70 this increase to his current average of 98.4 is unexpected. The best part about Thompson’s performances is that he has scored 3 scores of 100+ and is currently in the top 6 averaging defenders, yet is only in 1% of teams. If you’re looking for a left field choice, Thompson is in red hot form at the moment.

Tom Jonas, Port Adelaide: Back-to-back 100+ scores have Jonas in the frame as one of the most consistent SuperCoach defenders. Five Rounds in to the season and Jonas has looked rock solid with three scores of 84, 87 and 84 before scores of 102 and 105 in the last fortnight. While you might not get massive scores from him, Jonas has so far not disappointed anyone either. So, if you want consistency and low ownership, Jonas is a man who is stepping up.

Trending Down ⬇

Jeremy McGovern, West Coast: Only 5% of teams own McGovern and it’s been a roller-coaster. Round 5 saw him score 121 and some thought he might have turned it around and found his role in the West Coast team, however it appears like his range of scores in Rounds 1-3 and this week are more what you should expect. I wouldn’t consider trading him even though he may throw in the odd 120 he is likely to also score far too many 60-80’s for him to find himself in the top 6 defenders come the end of the year

Michael Hibberd, Melbourne:  He’s been in this section pretty much every week bar one from memory but after this week he won’t be included in the trending down section anymore because what owners have got so far is what you may to start to expect from Hibbo. I suggested trading a few weeks ago and it’s hard to argue that his currency is of any use now however this might just be the last chance if have the cash to upgrade, or want to downgrade to give you more cash for upgrades elsewhere.


Trending Up ⬆

Andrew Gaff, West Coast: His last four weeks have been immense which has contributed to a three-round average that has him placed within the top 5 over that period (I’ve not included George Horlin-Smith because he’s just played the one game!). As with North Melbourne, West Coast have been another big surprise this season. Gaff himself has only got one score below 100 this year and that was in Round 1 against the Swans and was still a solid 92! He’s accumulating possessions for fun with 29, 32 and 31 respectively in his last 3 weeks. With ownership of just 1% Gaff is reasonably priced at $549.1k and would be a good addition to your side.

Scott Pendlebury, Collingwood: There was a lot of concern in the pre-season regarding Pendles role and scoring ability but it’s fair to say that these concerns may have been unfounded. Like Gaff above, Pendles has only scored one score below 100 and that was a 99 in Round 1! Since then he’s contributed scores of 109, 113, 106 and 123 last week. The best part is Pendles is in just 6% of sides which is unheard of for someone of his credentials. A big chance to be traded in to my side this week!

Trending Down ⬇

Tom Mitchell, Hawthorn: Given the start to Mitchell’s season this is a bit harsh but after two games scoring under 100, a response is needed. After copping two tags in a row, and Alistair Clarkson effectively welcoming it, I would not be surprised if teams continue to put a player to him because it appears to have worked with just 24 touches in Round 4 and 19 last week. Given his calibre I wouldn’t expect him to continue to play poorly but we need a response this week against the Saints.

Mitch Duncan, Geelong: Duncan has struggled to find his way in the Geelong team this season after a breakout year last year. He’s only played the three games so far but two of them have been well below his best. After an injury interrupted year so far hopefully, Duncan can bounce back but I struggle to see enough points for him given the players still to come back into the Cats side. If you own him though I wish you luck but I don’t have confidence he can turn it around.


Trending Up ⬆

Brodie Grundy,  Collingwood: The best ruckman in the competition period. I don’t know that I need to add anything else. He and Max Gawn are dominating the competition at the moment and are the must have rucks.



Trending Up ⬆

Sam Menegola, Geelong: After a rough start to the season, Menegola has bounced back extremely well, highlighting why he was the most expensive SuperCoach forward to start the season. Three straight scores have thrust back into contention for a spot in every team’s forward line, and while I have decided to include him as this week’s trending up forward, I do still hold concerns for his scoring ability once Ablett returns into this side and Duncan hits full form and as such will hold off looking to get him in, but 5% of teams are getting a massive contribution from a premium POD.

Trending Down ⬇

Lance Franklin, Sydney: With the news out of the Swans this week being that Buddy hasn’t trained since Round 1, it makes his performances all the more amazing except for last week against Adelaide where he was extremely well held. It is for that performance, and the fact that he may be out for a period of up to 4 weeks that Buddy finds himself trending down this week. For the 34% of teams you have a big decision but with the rumoured time he may just be on the sideline for I would consider trading him, but not until next week, just in case. For those without him, look for a cheap, fit, rejuvenated Buddy to be a great pickup after the bye rounds if he misses more than the one week!

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