Josho’s Skippers – Round 5

Welcome to the SCHQ captains’ article, I’m Josh Garlick and I’ll be taking the reigns on it from here. We’ll start you off with some good VC options and then if that fails, some even better captains.

Vice Captains

– Parker V Weak Crows’ midfield

No Crouch brothers and a walking wounded Sloane. Gibbs is the only fit and firing Crows midfielder in the side and isn’t really a stopping player. He is usually pretty good at home and playing Friday night means he can be a loophole option. His record against the Crows however isn’t the best, his most recent score against them was a poor 75. His record at home is good though.

– Coniglio v Struggling Saints

What’s going on with the Saints? The pre-2018 top eight prospects have been woeful this season and it doesn’t get easier for them against the Giants this week. Coniglio, in his 100th game this weekend, has been in ripping form and is averaging a solid 122, not going under 116. Hasn’t gone 130+ yet however, could this be his week? Let’s hope.

– Danger V Port Adelaide

Danger hasn’t had the best three games back but has still managed the three tons and a decent 130 in his first game. Dangerfield has a last three games average of 140 against Port which includes scores of 119, 137 and 163. In his last 10 games at Adelaide Oval (including is days at the Crows) Danger averaged 132 with high scores such as 188, 152, 142 and 141. His lowest only being 106. Someone to take the punt on as the VC to say the very least.

– Fyfe at home V Doggies

Fyfe loves playing at home in his home state of Perth and averages 130 in his last 6 games there. His scores include 160 and 120 at Optus and 142, 140, 93, 126 at Domain Stadium. This shows it doesn’t matter the change of venue, Fyfe is still a beast at home.

Who would I end up choosing as my Vice Captain? Fyfe for me.


– Tom Mitchell V North

One thing Tom Mitchell showed to the rest of the competition is that you can tag him but he will still impact on the games. That was shown on the weekend when he was tagged my Jones but still managed 13 clearances and 24 disposals. So in my opinion North tagger Ben Jacobs goes to Jaeger O’Meara this week who has struggled from the tag in the past and is coming off a 2 goal, 26 disposal performance. Mitchell has been in hot form this year with three of his four scores being above 145. Expect a big score at the ‘G this Sunday, a viable skipper option.

– Gawn v Richmond (Nank the Tank)

Isn’t it good seeing the big man fit and firing! The bearded Demon has only played one game since 2015 against the Tigers but it was a good one as he scored a ripping 160. He is on a roll and an interesting stat has come out that no ruck has scored more than 75 against Gawn in the first four rounds! ‘Uh oh’ to Nank owners (myself included). He has a huge height advantage on the 199cm Nankervis and should put on a show on the big stage.

– Dusty v Melbourne

Crazy form this man is in. Leading up to the Lions game there was plenty of talk that he was going to cop heavy attention. So what did he do? He left the midfield, went up forward and kicked bloody 6! It led to a score of 141 continuing his blistering start to the year where he has averaged 133 in his first four games.

You’d expect Melbourne wouldn’t try tagging him after it clearly didn’t help them tagging Titch (see above) as they let the other Hawks player run a muck. Titch still played well regardless and they copped a heavy 67 point loss. ANZAC Eve is expected to draw a crowd of 85,000+ and we all know how good Dusty is on the big stage. He loves playing at the ‘G too so if you have him (which I hope you do) you’d probably want to put the C on him.

– Grundy, ANZAC Day v Bombers

Is there a man who has played better this year than Brodie Grundy? Right up there with Dusty and Titch in terms of genuine output this year and is coming off a extremely rare 33 possession game for a ruckman.

The best part? He is doing with Cox in the team. He is averaging 132 for the year and looks unstoppable. What’s his problem though? Grundy has scored 71, 80 and 54 in his last three games against the Bombers. However you can’t ignore the fact he is a much more improved player this year. A solid captain option if you have him.


I’ll be debating Gawn or Dusty as my captain right up to the bounce of Tuesday night’s ANZAC Eve game if Fyfe fails to score a captain’s score.

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