The SCHQ Barometer – Round 4

Round 4 has come and gone and what a tough week it was. A number of popular players who had performed well in weeks 1-3 had a poor week this week including Tom Mitchell. Nonetheless, here we are for another edition of the SCHQ Barometer – where we take a look at those players who are red hot, and those who are not!


Trending Up ⬆

Michael Hurley, Essendon: While he isn’t the cheapest of defenders, in fact he is the third most expensive (2nd if you don’t count Docherty) if you are one of the 26,383 teams that have him you would be mightily impressed with what he has dished up so far this season. 3 scores of 100+ and an 84 in the game against the Bulldogs where Essendon were very poor means he is a model of consistency. Most teams have bigger issues but if you are looking for a premium defender to upgrade to, there may be no better than Hurley.

Elliot Yeo, West Coast: The acid was well and truly on him after a horrific score of 27 last week, but did he pull off a miraculous comeback or what. Last week I wrote that Yeo had a breakeven of 177 and only a 1% chance of achieving it and while he didn’t get there he did give it a damn good go. A final score of 150, along with scores of 109 and 105 so far this season mean he is well and truly in my sights. Probably won’t drop as much as I had anticipated but for around 500k he’s a bargain!=

Trending Down ⬇

Riley Bonner, Port Adelaide: After scoring a 119 in Round 1and a solid 78 in slippery conditions in Round 2, a tonne of teams jumped on Bonner and ever since he’s performed extremely poorly. Scores of 68 and 60 are not what you bought him in for. For now if you are one of the 52,907 people with Bonner I would hold onto him and pray that he will return to his better scoring ways. If nothing else he will still make a bit of money and be primed for an upgrade or downgrade if his scoring doesn’t pick up again.

Michael Hibberd, Melbourne:  Sadly for Hibbo and his 40,000+ owners, he just doesn’t seem to be the same player fantasy wise as last season. Many are calling him the ‘Heath Shaw of 2018’ which means if you have him I would bite the bullet and trade him out. A number of teams regretted holding Shaw last year and it cost them. I know it hurts to sideways trade a player you selected to be a premium but with Yeo only $30,000 I can’t see the upside of holding him for any longer.


Trending Up ⬆

Brandan Parfitt, Geelong: It’s amazing to think that in Geelong’s star-studded midfield that Parfitt is finding the points to flourish this year. With an average of 106.5, a price of just under 400k and ownership of just under 5%, Parfitt is making a strong case for selection in our team. His dual-position status comes in handy and with scores of 104, 92, 62 and a ridiculous 168 this week, if he keeps this up we will be regretting not considering him earlier. If you want to take a chance on someone, this might just be the bloke.

Steele Sidebottom, Collingwood: Sidebottom has been a model of consistency so far this season with two scores of 92 to open the round and now two scores of 130+. With Collingwood looking the goods the last few weeks and Sidebottom being an integral part to that, as well as the fact that he’s only in 1.8% of sides if you trade him in not only will you be getting a premium scorer but also a POD. One to genuinely consider.

Trending Down ⬇

Josh P. Kennedy, Sydney: The midfield bull appears to have been tamed. Or the very least he’s carrying an injury. While not completely disappointing in Rounds 1-3 with scores of 93, 100 and 92 his score against the Bulldogs this week (46) was supremely disappointing. The good news is he may turn it around in the second half of the season, at which stage he’ll have bottomed out completely. Until then, add him to your watchlist and keep and eye on his scores.

Rory Sloane, Adelaide:  If I heard once on the weekend that Sloane looked injury I heard it a million times and it’s hard to argue otherwise. A great score of 141 against the Tigers in Round has meant that his average hasn’t plummeted too much, however, other scores 89, 78 and 59 just aren’t going to cut the mustard unfortunately. Given he looks injured, isn’t scoring particularly and hasn’t bottomed out in price, if you still have him consider a trade, otherwise just ride it out and hope he can get past whatever is holding him back.


Trending Up ⬆

Brodie Grundy,  Collingwood: No longer can you ignore him. I don’t need to say much more other than he is a beast at the moment and even having Mason Cox in the team can’t slow him down. Approaching must have territory.

Trending Down ⬇

Matthew Kreuzer, Carlton: Last year’s most dominate ruckman has been a shadow of his former self this season. It hasn’t helped that Carlton have been particularly poor so far and with no scores above 100 as yet, it might be time to just let him go before he loses any more money.


Trending Up ⬆

Robbie Gray, Port Adelaide: 3 games so far this season. 3 100+ SuperCoach scores. Gray has probably been the most dominant and exciting forward prospect so far this season. After missing Round 1 he has come in and not missed a beat. Spending plenty of time around the ball, Gray showed his class this week scoring 145 SC points. Will be a top 3 forward come the end of the season so if you are looking for someone, look no further.

Trending Down ⬇

Jack Billings, St Kilda: I can’t hold out hope for a revival anymore. I’m trading him this week before it’s too late.

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