The SCHQ Barometer – Round 3

We are now three rounds into the season and with our first league matches out of the way and players prices starting to rise and fall the SuperCoach HQ Barometer is prepared to turn the heat way up on some underperforming fantasy selections as well as give praise to those that pleasing their owner’s with strong performances.


Trending Up ⬆

Luke Ryan, Fremantle: Scores of 92, 106 and 114 have put Ryan firmly in the frame for a spot in your defence. Still priced at just under $450,000 he’s form is hard to ignore. With Fremantle playing their last five games of the season at home, a direct correlation with SuperCoach Finals, investing in Fremantle players such as Ryan may not be such a bad idea post the bye rounds. If you want a bargain now though don’t be afraid to trade Ryan in because he won’t be this price for long.

Tom Stewart, Geelong: The popular cash cow of 2017 hasn’t seemed to have been slowed down by the second year blues. A price rise of $31,600 this week sees him priced at just over $400,000 with three solid scores of 84, 110 and 97 behind him so far. In other good news the ball seems to be finding its way down to the Cats defence quite a bit so far this season so Stewart is getting quite a bit of opportunity to use the ball. Another POD defence pick at a cheap price.

Paul Seedsman, Adelaide: I am liking what I am seeing from Paul Seedsman and as the cheapest option in our barometer this week it is not too late to jump on. Scores of 75, 99 and 110 appear to suggest that Seedsman has filled the hole left in the Adelaide defence by Brodie Smith’s injury. With a breakeven of -2 this week and priced at just around the 350k mark he’s a bargain that could fly you up the rankings if he continues to perform the way he has been.

Trending Down ⬇

Elliot Yeo, West Coast: This one is a bit harsh considering he scored 109 and 105 in the first two weeks. But, after a putrid 27 he is well within our sights. If you had him I would keep him because I think this was just an off day. If you don’t have him you’re in luck because his breakeven is 177 this week (funnily enough the stats gurus are still giving him a 1% chance of achieving that) and after a 40k loss this week expect him to be cheap as chips in a few more weeks once that 27 comes through his cycle.


Trending Up ⬆

Stephen Coniglio, Greater Western Sydney: I can no longer ignore Coniglio’s scoring prowess, with no scores below 120 through the first three rounds. If you started him from the beginning my sincerest congratulations because I ultimately didn’t take the chance and am now wishing I had of. The good news is for those who made the same mistake as me, it’s not too late to get him. Sure he’s costing us 46k more now than he would have at the start of the season but at just under 500k and with a breakeven of just 53 we can all still jump on this week.

Jack Macrae, Western Bulldogs: I wrote about him last week and I couldn’t not mention him again this week. Scores of 120, 142 and 131 have thrust him very much into the spotlight for good reason. If you have Gary Ablett I would be trading to this man while his ownership percentage is still just a tiny 1.6%. Although we are probably paying top dollar given his breakeven is a relatively high 88, if Macrae keeps scoring the way he has been we shouldn’t be left disappointed!

Trending Down ⬇

Luke Davies-Unackie, North Melbourne & Paddy Dow, Carlton: Another harsh couple of choices considering both are first year players. However, they just are not living up to what we chose them for and that’s make us some money. We did pay a premium for them and are just not seeing a return on that investment. LDU had a good game against the Saints in Round 2 scoring 77 but other than that two scores in the 20’s don’t fulfil confidence. The same thing can be said for Paddy Dow, although he’s scores have at least all been closer to the 40’s. While both have smallish breakeven’s this week, big decisions are coming next week on the back of another minuscule price rise.

Zach Merrett, Essendon: If you are one of the 16,611 teams with Merrett I feel for you. After suffering a clumsy concussion in Round 1 he bounced back with an ok 95 in Round 2 before stinking it up again in Round 3 scoring just the 53 points. Sadly, it’s unlikely he’s finished his price fall with a breakeven of 158 this week and statistically just a 6% chance of achieving that. If you’ve got him and think he can bounce back, hold him and just cop the price fall. For those that don’t you’ll have a cheap upgrade option in a couple of weeks if he can return to his scoring ways.


Trending Up ⬆

Callum Sinclair,  Sydney: When Sam Naismith went down in pre-season with an ACL injury, Sinclair walked into the Swans as if he were the last man standing. With Tippett retiring mid off-season he knew the ruck duties were likely his for the whole of the 2018 season. So far, his performances have been extremely solid. Scores of 106, 75 and 152 demonstrate that Sinclair is thriving as the Swans #1 ruck. In good news he’s also a pretty handy forward as he showed us this week when he went forward and kicked three goals against the Giants. In more good news, with Sam Reid’s injury he will probably continue to be spending time in the Swans forward line. He’s a risk but with him being in just 2% of sides, he is one who could very well pay off.

Brodie Grundy, Collingwood: Back to back massive scores should have him well and truly on every team’s radar. I was concerned about his ability to score with Mason Cox in the team but after what he did this week I don’t have that concern anymore. Still owned by only a small number of team’s means Grundy is another option if you are looking for a ruck upgrade.


Trending Up ⬆

Jesse Hogan, Melbourne: The wise heads of SuperCoach have forever told us that key-position players both forward and back don’t score well (with the odd exception of course). Jesse Hogan is fast becoming one of those exceptions. His scores have been extremely good so far and he is playing a very SuperCoach friendly role with more work up the ground and less isolation inside 50. I’m still scared he’s going to go back to scoring 60’s and 70’s if I jump on but you may have more courage than I do. If so, Hogan could be your man.

Trending Down ⬇

Jack Billings, St Kilda: There are a lot of things going wrong at St. Kilda and for those of us with Jack Billings, his performances are one of them. After a magnificent 133 in Round 1 that made all those that didn’t select him envious he’s followed up with a poor score of 79 and an even worse 54. At this stage I’m backing him in to turn it around, although a breakeven of 160 is scary. For me he gets one more week but another poor score this week and he’ll be gone from my team.

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