The SCHQ Barometer – Round 2

Round 2 saw a number of interesting results both on the field and fantasy wise and with important decisions looming ahead of prices rising in Round 3 for a large majority of players, trades this week are at a premium.

The SuperCoach HQ Barometer is turning up the heat on those players who are underperforming, while providing you with replacements that are exciting us!


Trending Up ⬆

Shannon Hurn, West Coast: The Eagles have been the surprise packet so far early in the season, with many expecting them to fall dramatically down the ladder. However, their performance in Round 1 against the Swans was more than commendable and after a win against the hapless Bulldogs in Round 2, the form lines are looking pretty solid. A big part of the Eagles defence is the veteran leadership and long kicking ability provided by Shannon Hurn, who has proven to be a good SuperCoach scorer in the past. Back to back scores of 112 and 138 mean that at his price of $487,200 and his ownership of a measly 888 teams, he could be the perfect option for an underperforming premium side-ways trade.

Heath Shaw, Greater Western Sydney: Once bitten, twice shy, is usually a very good adage to live by when it comes to underperforming premiums, however the exception may very well need to be made for Heater after two super consistent scores of 110 and 114. He seems to be back in his preferred rebounding role and with that unlikely to change, and his price still relatively low, now may be the time to jump on before he rises in price too much.

Trending Down ⬇

James Sicily, Hawthorn: If you started Sicily you would have been expecting him to fluctuate massively throughout the year. When he scores big, he’ll likely score very big as we saw in Round 1, however he is prone to throwing in the odd 50 and 60 score as well. When it is all said and done, he may very well average around the 90-95 mark this season but with a suspension for the next round and the up-and-down nature of Sicily’s scoring should leave you questioning whether you want to persist with him.

Michael Hibberd, Melbourne: For the second week in a row Hibberd has found himself trending down and a big decision is looming for the almost 53,000 teams that have him given his price point. Wasting a sideways trade on a player you selected at the start of the season as a premium always hurts but after two scores in the 70’s in a row and a clear change in role resulting in less kick in duties being assigned his way, you may very well have to act now to preserve the cash you forked out for him.


Trending Up ⬆

Clayton Oliver, Melbourne: After being the surprise packet of the SuperCoach season last year, Clarry has continued this season where he left off not missing a beat despite the injury concerns that loomed over him during pre-season and the JLT series. Scores of 123 and 146 mean he will likely be around the 650,000 mark before too long. If you have an injured midfielder such as Matt Crouch, or underperforming premiums such as Rockliff or Menegola (discussed below) now might be the best time to sideways trade them to Oliver to avoid paying too much more than you have to.

Jack Macrae, Western Bulldogs: It appears as though Macrae has taken over the mantle as the Dogs most influential and damaging midfielder from the Bont. After a successful 2017 SuperCoach campaign for many teams as a forward, it is probably not overly surprising to see Macrae take it to another level this season. He won’t be priced at 587k for long and with him being in just shy of 2,000 teams he is a very solid choice if you are looking for a midfield pod premium.

Trending Down ⬇

Tom Rockliff, Port Adelaide: For some players turning up to a new club can see a change in their fortunes however, for Rockliff this has yet to occur. Scores of 55 in Round 1 and a extremely worrying 17 in Round 2 mean that Rockliff is likely to fall further in price after starting the season at just $529,400. The good news is he is coming off no pre-season so we can hope that his scores are just a reflection of the no preparation he has had. It also means that if and when Rocky does turn his scoring around he may be at a very tasty price for a straight swap with a rookie. Unfortunately, if you were one of the 8,000 odd teams that started him, I think you have to trade him purely to preserve the money you spent to begin the season. A straight swap for Coniglio may even be the way to go!

Sam Menegola, Geelong: Of the 13,500 teams that selected Menegola, most are likely to have him as a forward, however, as he is a dual position player he is eligible to be a midfielder. During pre-season there was serious concern that Menegola would struggle for midfield minutes with the return of Gary Ablett. So far, these concerns have been well founded. Two rounds into the season with scores of 74 and 57 mean that if you selected him, it might be time to consider a trade while he still holds value because it’s unlikely we’ll see a scoring improvement from him.


Trending Up ⬆

Jarrod Witts, Gold Coast: Passed off as a one-hit wonder most didn’t expect Witts to back up, or even better his performances from last season but through two rounds that is exactly what he has done. Scores of 131 and 105 and a low ownership mean that if you are looking for a ruckmen, Witts should be right up there. He manages to find quite a bit of the ball around the ground and is more than capable of holding his own in ruck contests against the league’s best. An underrated, undervalued pick.

Todd Goldstein, North Melbourne: With Preuss no where to be seen Goldstein has wound back the clock and is performing at the level he has shown to be capable of a few years ago. As long as he continues to ruck alone he is a great pickup and at $521,400 if you are looking to get someone in this week, he may not be this cheap again this season.

Trending Down ⬇

Tim English, Western Bulldogs: Trended up in Round 1 but sadly his stock took a bit of hit this week with a poor score. Hopefully he can return to scores around the 60-70 mark for all those who traded him in last week but he’s no longer the ‘must have’ commodity he was a week ago.


Trending Up ⬆

Justin Westhoff, Port Adelaide: With Ryder having gone down with injury, Westhoff is finding himself around the ball a lot more than usual and if his first two rounds are anything to go by, it appears that he is extremely significant structurally for the way the Power are looking to play. The Hoff has always been a very solid contested mark and those abilities have not diminished. With back to back 100+ scores, a low ownership percentage and DPP status, Westhoff may be another 470k player who can become a premium forward this year.

Trending Down ⬇

Joe Daniher, Essendon: After being labelled the best forward in the game by some pundits it hasn’t been the start to the season many were expecting from Daniher with scores of just 58 and 38 in Rounds 1 and 2. Daniher’s game is very much SuperCoach relevant, with his ability to take big marks, kick goals and float up the ground if need be, however, we just haven’t seen much of this early in the season. I don’t expect it to continue, but at this point in time Daniher is trending well below his expected output.

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