Storey’s Skippers – Round 2

Round 1 is done and we are quickly onto Round 2 with the expected return of the most expensive POD player of all time in Patrick Dangerfield. To the 34,000 teams that started him congratulations I’m sure your Captain decision may be somewhat easier. For those that don’t, this is the list of players to consider this week.

If you are unsure about how to make the most of the loophole just follow this link for a helpful guide!

But first, it’s always important to consider the fixtures to allow you to make the most of your loophole and with games stretching from Thursday through to Monday this is one of the best rounds for loophole options.


Dustin Martin, Richmond: Playing on the Thursday night and coming off a very nice 139 means Dusty is primed to have a big game in the Grand Final re-match. He has a solid record against the Crows (as he does most teams) averaging 106 from five games since 2013. During that period he has a low score of 79 and highest score of 151. However only twice in those two games has Dusty gone 120+

Rory Laird, Adelaide: The most selected defender had a magnificent Round 1 showing us why he is in such a high percentage of teams. He will be looking to back it up against the reigning premiers this week at the Adelaide Oval where he averages 109 SC points over his last 12 games there. Of those 12 games five have been over the 120 mark that we consider to be a decent vice-captains score. Given his importance to Adelaide it wouldn’t surprise me to see Laird have another big game and making him vice-captain may just come off handsomely for those willing to take a chance.

Todd Goldstein, North Melbourne: In the teaming rain up in Cairns last week Goldstein had an amazing first half, reminding us why he is one of the best ruckmen in the league. It just so happens that this week he comes up against one of the teams he absolutely loves to dominate – the Saints. Since 2011 Goldy has faced off against St. Kilda ten times for an average of … wait for it … 121! His lowest score during that time was 92 while his highest was a monstrous 166. Given he’s coming off a great game, albeit a slower second half which may have been due to the conditions more so than anything else, if you have Goldstein I don’t think you can look past him as a VC option.

Who will you be vice-captaining this week? Vote below

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Max Gawn, Melbourne: Big Max did everything expected of him last week, except kick THAT goal. A massive 60 points third quarter meant that he finished the day with 139 SC points. It is also well known that before last season’s injury, Max performed amazingly well when on an interstate trip. So much so that in the seven interstate games Gawn played in 2016 he averaged a ridiculous 150 with his lowest score being 116. However if there is one team that Gawn struggles against it would be the Lions, albeit off a very small data sample. In his last three games vs Brisbane Max averages only 82 with a highest score of 105 – low for his standards. Let’s hope this weekend we see the resurgence of Interstate Gawny!

Tom Mitchell, Hawthorn: I’m not sure what more needs to be said about this man, he’s just a ball magnet. Coming off a record 53 disposal game all the talk has been about how will Geelong stop him? The answer is I don’t think you can stop him getting the ball you just have to try and stop him being damaging. All of this leads to Mitchell being as SuperCoach friendly a captain as Danger, Ablett and Swan of past years. At the MCG last season Mitchell averaged 199.5 and despite the fact he will be going up against Geelong’s star-studded midfield don’t let this deter you.

Gary Ablett, Geelong: I’ve avoided writing about Danger purely because I mentioned him in the intro and there is still a modicum of concern about whether he may in fact be a late withdrawal on Monday. So instead the GOAT is the man I would consider to be this week’s captain. Since 2007 Ablett has played against the Hawks 14 times for an average of 142 with only one of these scores being below 100 and eleven being more than 120! It’s fair to say he loves playing the Hawks. Of course there are concerns that if Dangerfield plays Ablett may spend more time in the forward line. But, after his great display against the Demons in Round 1, it definitely looks like Gazza is ready to go and will be spending plenty of time in the middle. And who knows, maybe with Dangerfield in the side less attention will be paid to the Little Master.

If your vice-captain doesn’t work out who will you be your team’s captain this week? Vote and comment below?

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Good luck with your choices for captains this week. I hope they score well for you!

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