The SCHQ Barometer – Round 1

Each week here at SuperCoach HQ we will be taking a look at the players who are performing at both a higher and lower fantasy level than is expected of them, taking into account consistency, ownership percentage and long term fantasy prospects.

Some of the players may be trending up one week and down the next, or vice versa.

Who were the players you thought outperformed expectations and who was a let down? They don’t even have to be players you’ve selected, maybe it was someone you thought was set for a big year and it just didn’t eventuate.


Trending Up ⬆

Ed Vickers-Willis, North Melbourne: The second year man from the Kangaroos went coco-bananas this week scoring 104 SC points which is the most in his short eight game career. Conditions in Cairns were horrendous which hurt his disposal efficiency but the fact that EVW was still able to find a lot of the ball and score the way he did was promising. At present he’s in just 749 teams and while it’s too early to jump on if the good scores continue to add up he could be the type of player priced low enough to give your team an edge.

Kade Simpson, Carlton: Once the unfortunate news of Sam Docherty’s ACL injury was announced, the first thing many teams did was lock Simmo into their teams. Then JLT came around and sadly he stunk it up so most jumped off. To the 13,482 who stuck fat my sincere congratulations because if the first game is anything to go by he looks like an absolute certainty to be in the top 3 defenders for season 2018. Find a way to get him in at some stage because he won’t be in just 7.5% of teams for long.

Trending Down ⬇

Aaron Naughton, Western Bulldogs: Putting in a first gamer as a player trending down might be a little harsh but of concern was the fact that GWS absolutely destroyed the Dogs and the ball spent a lot of time down in the defence where Naughton played, yet he only managed the 9 touches! Of more concern is that he is now facing a breakeven of 40. He’s got one more week to prove himself to be a capable scorer but we simply can’t have rookies losing money. If you are one of the 72,000+ teams with him, be prepared to burn a trade next week!

Michael Hibberd, Melbourne: He was the second most expensive defender on the market this season, given Docherty’s injury, and if you selected him in your starting side you’d have been a little nervous at half time. While he finished with a respectable score of 74 you’d be expecting more given his price. It was obvious the Cats put a lot of work into him making sure he was always under pressure. If you are one of the 51,000 teams that have him you’d be hoping teams haven’t figured him out like they did with Jason Johannisen. If you don’t have him keep an eye on him because a couple more lowish scores will make him a prime candidate from an upgrade.


Trending Up ⬆

Luke Parker, Sydney: After dominating both JLT games, Parker thrust himself into contention and for the just over 17,000 teams that took the chance, they were rewarded mightily. 32 touches, 9 tackles and an absolute belter of a goal (goal of the year?) made sure Parker ended Round 1 with the highest score of any midfielder. It was commonly accepted that he carried an injury pretty much all the way through last season which restricted his ability to play in the middle of the ground, but those concerns no longer appear valid. If you are looking to downgrade a Zorko or upgrade on the injured Tom Liberatore this is a very good choice.

Stephen Coniglio, Greater Western Sydney: Another man who scored well in the JLT series and has proven to be a good scorer in the past dominated Round 1, thrusting himself into contention with 129 SC points. The only concern is how good GWS’ midfield is and how many points these players will take away from each other. The Giants ran riot over the Bulldogs and that allowed their midfield players – Shiel, Kelly, Whitfield, Coniglio and Taranto – all to score 100+. Something to keep an eye on.

Trending Down ⬇

Dayne Zorko, Brisbane: One of the best rules of SuperCoach is to never overreact when your premiums score lower than expected in Round 1. However, I am breaking that rule this week and removing Zorko from my team after just the one match. He was putrid, insipid despite player under the closed roof of Etihad, if you looked at his disposal efficiency you would have thought he was playing in Cairns with North Melbourne and Gold Coast. Alas, when Zorko goes low, he goes very low and with Beams back in the team I’m still not convinced of his scoring ability.

Nathan Fyfe, Fremantle: Shockingly, the second most selected midfielder behind Dusty just didn’t perform. Only the 22 touches and 75 SC points. He rotated a lot between the midfield and forward lines and while at this stage it doesn’t hurt to keep him because he’s in over 50% of teams, if that number begins to drop, and the scores don’t begin to come, decisions will need to be made. I hope to see Fyfe’s name in the ‘trending up’ section before long.


Trending Up ⬆

Aaron Sandilands, Fremantle: One of my favourite players to watch dominate a ruck duel just went crazy, particularly after Ryder went down in the third quarter, finishing with 52 hitouts and a very nice 104 SC points. He was priced at an average of around the mid eighties and despite being 35 years old if he’s body doesn’t give up on him I can see him still pushing the 95-100 point average this season. If you are looking for a Ryder replacement and want someone with a low % of teams selected in, Sandilands is a good option.

Timothy English, Western Bulldogs: The long lanky Bulldogs ruckman was one of the very few bright spots on an otherwise poor day for the Dogs. 12 hitouts, 13 touches and 3 tackles made for a great score of 83 SC points. He genuinely looked hungry and competitive and at his price and with his duel position status if he scores well again this week a corrective rookie trade could well be an option.

Trending Down ⬇

Mason Cox, Collingwood: 11,000 teams took the risk on Big Coxy and unfortunately it didn’t pay off. Not only did he not score very well – just the 47 SC points – but he also got suspended for one week. At this stage I wouldn’t trade him out after just 1 poor performance but sadly the signs aren’t great.


Trending Up ⬆

A big week for forwards: It was hard to narrow down players trending up to just a couple of players given some of the scores seen this week. Popular choices Lance Franklin, Sydney, Jack Billings, St. Kilda and Toby Greene, Greater Western Sydney all went extremely big, while popular mid-pricers James Sicily, Hawthorn and Charlie Curnow, Carlton both also scored well. Jeremy Cameron, Greater Western Sydney, Jack Gunston, Hawthorn, and Charlie Dixon, Port Adelaide, all started the season extremely well as point of difference selections. Hard to go wrong this week with forwards but which players will consistently be able to deliver and remain ‘trending up’ will be the key.

Trending Down ⬇

Cameron Rayner, Brisbane: Similar to Naughton I don’t like putting first game players in the trending down category after just one game but here we are. At his price of just over 200k sadly scores in the 30’s aren’t going to cut it and will soon see a price drop rather than a price rise. I am also concerned with job security and the ability to find enough of the ball to score high enough to justify the price. If you are one of the just over 57,000 teams that selected Rayner, you have a big decision to make this week or next.

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