Player Radar 2018 – Scott Pendlebury

Scott Pendlebury has been one of the most consistent SuperCoach scorers ever and a lock for almost everyone’s team most years. After injury restricted his games in 2017, Pendles managed a respectable 106.7 average. Unlike past years, he isn’t selected by majority of players and could be a solid differential.

Player: Scott Pendlebury
Team: Collingwood
Age: 30
Price: $586.5
Position: Midfielder
Games played in 2017: 16
2017 average: 106.7
100+ scores: 8
90+ scores: 4


Consistency. The last time Pendles averaged below 115 before the 2017 season was in 2010. And 2017 was still very consistent for Pendlebury, until he sustained a broken finger in Round 17. He managed to deliver his owners high scores of 130, 142, 146 and 149,showing that he can still go large and isn’t showing too many signs of slowing down.

When you select Pendlebury, you know what you are going to get. He is one of the most reliable SuperCoach scorers of the past decade. Before the season previous he was a top 10 SuperCoach midfielder almost every season and I think that he’s capable of breaking back into the top 10 midfield scorers if he can play every game.

Differential. A word not usually mentioned when we talk about Pendlebury but this year he is currently owned by only 9% of players. His high scores can get you one-up on the competition. Also comes in at a good price for $586k which is cheap for him considering his high price tags of previous seasons.


His averaged dropped off from 118 points in 2016 to 106 in 201. This is a pretty drastic drop off, although in my opinion the significantly lower average can be put down to his injury. I think he will still continue his historically good form this season. On the flip side some may argue that this is the start of a drop off in form as he is now 30 years old.

Missed a number of games last season due to injury, something we haven’t seen in the past from Pendles. He also had some finger issues during the International Rules series. Although to date he has completed all of the pre-season we can’t yet be sure if he will have more injury problems.

Positional changes. Buckley has in the past played Pendlebury off a half back flank and furthermore there have been rumours he will spend more time forward this season. As a full time midfielder Pendlebury as we all know is an excellent scorer, but Collingwood do have a lot of midfield depth, if he does spend more time as a half back or deep forward there is no doubt it will most likely affect his scoring.

Summary: Pendlebury is a very consistent scorer and despite his drop off in output last season he is still a very good selection who I expect to average around 110 points. Will push to be a top 10 scoring midfielder again.

Verdict: If you can fit him into your team structure pick him. A bit of a differential and with his scoring potential and consistent high output he will be a great selection.

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