Player X v Player Y – you decide!

We’ve been running a polls on our Facebook page over the past couple of weeks in order to gauge the community’s preference on popular selections and noodle-scratchers.

It makes for interesting reading, and some don’t go the way you’d expect. Let’s start in the rucks.


Sam Jacobs v Max Gawn

The overwhelming majority went the way of the Demon, even despite Jacobs‘ strong scoring record. I wonder if we ran this again before round one if the result would be the same?

Tom Mitchell v Josh Kelly

I thought the Victorian bias might get Tommy over the line here and I was right, but just. At the moment, I’m closer to picking Kelly personally, even despite Mitchell’s fantastic 2017 season. They’ll likely both end up as top 10 midfielders, but of course it’s all about picking the ones who start the fastest.

Got a comparison you’d like to see? Leave a comment below and we’ll put the best ones up on FB!

Michael Hibberd v Jeremy Howe

Blimey! Have a look at Hibberd’s percentage. Yes, I had him last year, but Howe’s cheaper, a little more durable and intercepts more often.

Dayne Beams v Patrick Cripps

We got a lot of Mexican girls when this was floated around on our socials – and it’s a fair question! I’ve got both at the minute, although like the community I’m a little more sold on Cripps than Beams right at the moment.

Jack Billings v Isaac Heeney

Will probably be the two most popular forwards (rookies aside) and a very interesting poll question. It started off very early, but by the time the poll was finishing up, the Billings hamstring news came out and a serious swing went the way of the Heen. I hope we see Billings in round one because I really want to select him.

Dustin Martin? Yes/No

“Are you going to start with Dusty in SuperCoach?”
It’s certainly one of the toughest questions I’m facing this year, along with “When are you going to get a new haircut?” and “What do you mean you drank it all?” But we’ll only be answering the first one here. Seems like everyone is as divided as I am – man oh man that’s a close poll.

Michael Hurley v Rory Laird

Another poll that we accidentally put the mozz on! Almost as soon as this one went up, Hurley hurt his wrist at Essendon’s intraclub. But he’s convinced it’s nothing serious. Laird is a very safe bet, Hurley could reward you handsomely.

Devon Smith v Christian Petracca

A couple of very popular forward selections and two who seem to be the ‘flavour-of-the-month’. The Demon won the poll, but not by very much.

Patty Dangerfield? Yes/No

Maybe the most burning question of all. For me, it’s a no-brainer. You’ve gotta have Patty. But others have decided he’s simply too expensive for their plans at the hefty $749,800. Which way are you swinging?

Got any others you’d like to see? Let us know and we’ll let our FB community decide!

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