Team Reveal – The SC Saviour’s Team

G’day everyone!

Before you get stuck into my team, a little background on me.
I have been playing SuperCoach since 2010 when my Primary School teacher decided to start a School SuperCoach league. Being a mad Tigers supporter and inexperienced player, at least 80% of my team was full of my favourite players!

That year, I lost my grand final to my teacher and the next year I studied SuperCoach harder. I never took it seriously up until last year where all I focused on was SuperCoach! I only finished in the top 6% of all players but this season I want to go even better, so here is my team (for the moment)!


Rory Laird: Known for his consistency, Laird averaged a decent 100.2 in 2017. A couple of scores below 80 was frustrating but they were in games where Adelaide dominated and Laird and his defenders didn’t see much of the ball. Laird can also push up the ground with his half-back role which has him as a lock for me.
Kade Simpson: KS has always been a decent scorer in SuperCoach. Had a big year in 2016 but not as influential in 2017 with Docherty racking up the defensive disposals. With ‘The Doc’ injured, Simpson will be the perfect person to fill the role! I like him a lot!
Brandon Ellis: Hibberd and Hurley are popular picks for a team’s premium defensive line-up. I have gone for Ellis to be different. But also, I believe there’s plenty of improvement left in his game, even after last season’s success at Tigerland.
Cam O’Shea: The move to Carlton in a young team will give O’Shea plenty of game time! Last season he didn’t play a game and his price is a steal at $166k. If he can average mid 70ss like he did in 2013 and 2014, you’ll be able to upgrade to a premium D4 in no time!
The rookies: Sam Murray, Isaac Cumming, Lachlan Keefe, Tom Doedee


Dustin Martin: Brownlow medal, MVP, All-Australian, Jack Dyer medal…the list goes on. Oh wait, he also won the Norm Smith! Anyways, this man is a jet, a bull, a passionate player who always wants the ball. Dusty may be a tad expensive and many know he has that yearly price drop but Round 1 against Carlton wont let me look past Dusty as a big VC option.
Tom Mitchell: This bloke would have to have leather poisoning after last season. An average of 36 touches a game meant he averaged a massive 119 points per game. But Mitchell loves to handball, averaging a ridiculous 21 handballs a game. If these become kicks, his average could realistically reach 125+! Gotta have him as a lock.
Zach Merrett: At only 22 years of age, in his 5th season of AFL, and after averaging 110 last season, you can only see Merrett getting better. Though Merrett struggled with a tag last season, he finished the year with solid scores of 90+ in his final 4 games, including a big 135 against Freo in an extremely crucial game. I believe Merrett will yet again be a star for the Dons and the competition this season.
Nat Fyfe: I took the risk on Fyfe after his poor start of 2017, when people traded him out, I traded him in. Fyfe’s last 4 games were scores of 140, 115, 142 and 121! I cannot look past Fyfe this season (after how well he finished for me last season), especially if the Dockers can improve after yet again another disappointing season.
Patrick Cripps: At $537.3k, Patty is a steal! Only 22 years of age and one of Carlton’s most promising young superstars. He scored 114, 134 and 126 before ending his season at round 16 through injury. A lock for me.
Stephen Coniglio: Another superstar with an injury affected 2017. Averaged 106 in 2016 and 91.4 in 2017, but was never fully fit. With a full pre-season we should see Coniglio back to form. At $452k I feel like he is more of a steal than a risk like many have been telling me.
Must-watch rookies: Paddy Dow, Luke Davies-Uniacke, Tim Kelly
The other rookies: Nathan Freeman, Jake Brown


Sam Jacobs: Hasn’t been as big as he use to be in the SuperCoach scoring department, ‘the Big Sauce’ is still a quality pick though! Averaging 96 last year is still solid but I believe he will find that 100+ form again. I have chosen against Nic Nat based on the fact he isn’t fully fit and I don’t want to waste a trade on a ruckman.
Max Gawn: You can’t look past Max, if he is fully fit and gets back that 2016 form, you will appreciate the price he is at! Get him now while he is cheap!
The rookie: Tony Olango


Isaac Heeney: Had a solid 2017 averaging 98 in just his third season. With more midfield time he will only grow that average and is a MEGA lock for my team F1! Is also smart around goals and averages five tackles a game!
Jack Billings: Solid average in his 4th season, the young star forward had a decent average of 93! With more midfield time and better kicking boots we should see more touches and more goals, hopefully resulting in a 100+ season average. This could be a big season for Billings.
Luke Dahlhaus: Had a massive 2016 season averaging 100+ and being involved Premiership success. But, he spent most of his time in the midfield that season. The change to being a predominant forward burnt me and many others last season. One week 90, one week 60, you just never knew with Dahl last year. But this year we are expecting him to be involved in the midfield group again and should be seeing more consistent scores.
Allen Christensen: Not a familiar name in SuperCoach, Christensen didn’t play a game in his first season at the Lions. When in form, he averaged 93 in 2013, 90 in 2014 and 86 in 2015. At $267k, it’s a risk, but I’m taking it!
The rookies: Paul Ahern, Willie Rioli, Jack Higgins, Changkuoth Jiath

Well, that’s it! I’d love to hear your thoughts on my SuperCoach 2018 team. Best of luck to all teams this season and be sure to follow me on Twitter @scsaviour.

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