Player Radar 2018 – Toby McLean

It seems like every year we have to keep asking ourselves, who is the next forward/midfielder to take our teams onto SuperCoach glory. I’ve seen Jack Billings and Issac Heeney in a lot of sides so far, but I’m going to give you another to consider.

Player: Toby McLean
Team: Western Bulldogs
Age: 22
Price: $470,200
Position: Fwd/Mid
Games played 2017: 19
2017 average: 86pts
100+ Scores: 4
90+ scores: 7


I was starting to do some research for my SuperCoach side this year when I thought: who was the biggest break-out player of last year? I quickly set on Josh Kelly, to which I believe most people will agree. So I started with how many years ago Kelly was drafted before his break-out year and started to compare the numbers.

Kelly’s stats:
Drafted 2013
2014: Averaged 17 possessions and 68 SuperCoach pts
2015: Averaged 18 possessions, 69 pts
2016: Averaged 24 possessions, 87 pts
2017: Averaged 30 possessions, 114 pts

McLean’s stats:
Drafted 2014
2015: Averaged 16 possessions, 63 pts
2016: Averaged 17 possessions, 70 pts
2017: Averaged 22 possessions, 86 pts
2018: ?

Now yes, those are compelling stats above and Toby is tracking along nicely. There is more in the last ten rounds of the 2017 season too, as McLean averaged a very nice 97.2 pts (which included four hundreds) in that period. Make no mistake, he was right up there with the top forwards at the end of the season.


I guess you’re saying that McLean is not in the same calibre as Kelly, and yes Kelly is an absolute jet and McLean is not there yet. But who saw Kelly’s break-out coming?

The other question you need to ask is; is he part of the Dogs best midfield? With Hunter, Wallis, Liberatore, Bontempelli and Macrae, it’s not going to be the easiest to break into.

Also just quickly, is he going to be consistent enough to warrant the starting price of $470,200? Because if you’re spending that amount you’re hoping he’s going to be a keeper.

Summary: Toby is priced just below premium status but is on an upward path in my opinion. On the other hand he is fraught with danger because of the price and place in the team. Which way will he go?

Verdict: I’m a fan and he is currently sitting in my team at F3. I will be tracking the rest of his pre-season closely with anticipation and suggest others do the same.

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