Player Radar 2018 – Nat Fyfe

Fremantle captain Nat Fyfe fit and firing can rival any player in the competition. He is a contested ball winning beast and can score large SuperCoach points at will.

Let’s see why he should be a starting premium in your team.

Player: Nat Fyfe
Team: Fremantle
Age: 26
Price: $597,900
Position: Midfielder
Games played 2017: 21
2017 average: 109
100+ scores: 13
90+ scores: 17


Fyfe is a genuine proven scorer. He has averages of 122 and 124 in the past which are huge numbers and he most recently averaged 109 in 2017. When you look at the heights Fyfe has reached and the fact he is still at a very good age of 26, you can see the potential value for money in picking him as he can go up from an average of 109 to anywhere between 110-125.

The Fremantle skipper’s scoring potential presents vice captain loophole and captain options for team on a weekly basis. He regularly goes 130+ and could be your vice captain on a Saturday with Danger captain on a Sunday, or captain on a Saturday if Danger fails on a Friday night, for example.

Fyfe had a very strong finish to the year last year as he himself said that he felt he got to know his body again. He stated in an interview post-season recently;

“I feel a lot more confident in my body and what I can achieve,” Fyfe said.

In his last 8 rounds he averaged 126 points which was highlighted by ripping scores of 132, 139, 140 and 142. All solid captain scores.

Fyfe has been known for his inability to play out a whole season because of injury. But in 2017 he managed to only miss one game playing a total of 21 for the year. This shows positive signs that Fyfe has done the right rehab and recovers well after games now, learning from experiences he has had to endure in the past.

At 26 years of age, Nat is at the time of his career that many players hit their peak. It’s an exciting scenario as Fyfe already has a Brownlow to his name and big SuperCoach averages in the past. He is determined to get back to his very best and as he said in the Fox Footy documentary ‘FYFE’, begin his “climb back to relevance”.


In previous years until 2017, Fyfe’s body hasn’t been able to play out full seasons of footy. From seasons 2010 to 2016 he missed a total of 53 games. Some may have been from other reasons than injury but it’s still a large amount of games to be missed.

The potential of more time spent forward could also impact the scoring potential of Fyfe. As he wants to become the best player again, it means he must remould his game to the way the best play. This means he must add to his contested midfield and clearance game the ability to go down forward and kick goals, like Dusty and Danger. In the same interview mentioned above, Fyfe discussed the topic of playing forward, indicating he most likely will have stints up forward in 2018.

Fyfe said; “I’ve been trying to spend as much time forward as I can in training, but, again, we’ll just have to see how the flow of our midfield works. But if I can get forward, then I will.”

More forward time for Fyfe might not be all bad though. It worked in the favour of Danger and Dusty. They both kicked their goals and both averaged high possession numbers. Danger kicked 45 goals and averaged 30 disposals, while Dusty kicked 37 and averaged 30 disposals.

Summary: The pros in picking Fyfe in 2018 far outweigh the cons. There is so much potential value for money in Fyfe and it’s almost impossible to not pick him. His body however before 2017 had struggled to play out seasons and he could see more time up forward in 2017, which could be bad or good for his SuperCoach scoring.

Verdict: Nat Fyfe has already established himself as a SuperCoach powerhouse in the past. It’s whether he can get back to his extreme best again this year. I’m backing him in to do it and will be picking him in 2018.

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