Player Radar 2018 – Elliot Yeo

It’s not often that a blacklisted burn-man rises from the ashes and makes himself SuperCoach relevant again. Elliot Yeo is a man who has recently managed to do it but I’m not convinced by him in 2018…

Is he a trap? Let’s find out why he could be.

Player: Elliot Yeo
Team: West Coast Eagles
Age: 24
Price: $561,300
Position: Defender
Games played 2017: 21
2017 average: 102
100+ scores: 10
90+ scores: 14


The talk of more midfield time is a positive about Yeo’s potential in SuperCoach 2018. With seasoned Brownlow medalist-winning veterans Sam Mitchell and Matt Priddis retired, Yeo has an opportunity to make a full time midfield spot his own. Andrew Gaff is typically a wingman so Yeo could form a trio with teammates Dom Sheed and Luke Shuey as the go to inside midfielders for the Eagles. This extra midfield time would scream more SuperCoach points as Yeo would get more contested footy. At 190cm, Yeo’s body would be well suited to inside midfield craft.

Yeo’s scoring ceiling is as high as any which was displayed during his 2017 season when he put out scores like 139, 141 and 150. These numbers make Yeo a genuine vice captain or captain option, which is handy. Be careful though because on the flip side, Yeo has some very low scores. Scores of 59, 71 and 77 alongside his shocking finals series scores of 67 and 61 show case that.


Yeo did average 102 but didn’t really put together a full season and was very inconsistent. In the first eight rounds he averaged 113 points per game and was being talked about as a contender for the Brownlow Medal. But from Round 14 onwards Yeo only averaged 93 points per game. If he averaged that for the full season, would price him at around $510k this season. If Yeo starts his year the way he ended it that’s a potential $50k wasted (or $50k saved by not starting with him).

Before Yeo’s magnificent average of 102 last year his best average in a season was in 2015 when he played 21 games and averaged an underwhelming 82. Not to mention the year after he played 19 games and dropped his average down to an even worse 75. There just isn’t enough historically good scoring from Yeo that makes me want to pick him.

Elliot Yeo has had an injury-hampered preseason with his hip injury that has been keeping him out of training with the main group. So many times in past years picking players who have had injury-affected pre-seasons has backfired badly. Yeo is hoping to get himself back by the start of AFLX, but even then it’s a lot of pre-season missed. Going into the season will be testing for Yeo as hip injuries can occur again easily from a dodgy tackle, corkie or even too much repeat sprint efforts during games.

Although Yeo played all but one game in 2017, his body in the past hasn’t been able to make it through a whole season. He missed 21 games from 2013-2016, demonstrating the effects a footy season has on his body.

Summary: Yeo could expect more midfield time this year following the retirements of Sam Mitchell and Matt Priddis. His scoring ceiling is high which presents him as loopholing and captain options, but be careful, he can have stinkers. Although overall Yeo’s year was impressive last season, he was very inconsistent at times. Yeo has only had the one good year which could ring alarm bells for some coaches. The gun Eagle has also been battling a hip injury this pre-season causing him to train with the rehab group.

I’m extremely worried that Elliot Yeo is going to be the burn-man of 2018. Yes I could be wrong, and I’m not hiding that could be reality. But there are danger signs and at that price it would hurt a lot if he flopped. I think to be safe you don’t start with him but if he plays well he is your first upgrade.

One thought on “Player Radar 2018 – Elliot Yeo

  1. My hunch is Yeo scored a lot of points from intercept possession’s last year. Moving to the midfield will potentially have a negative impact on his scoring output.


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