Player Radar 2018 – Jeremy Howe

The high-flying Jeremy Howe has made the Pies’ half-back line his own over the last couple of years. For this reason he has become SuperCoach relevant and I will therefore be looking at him in this article.

Player: Jeremy Howe
Team: Collingwood
Age: 27
Price: $517,600
Position: Defender
Games played: 21
2017 average: 94.1
100+ scores: 9
85+ scores: 15


Howe’s game is so fantasy friendly. He roams across the Pies half-back line and racks up 9 marks per game (3rd in the comp). As well as that Howe averages 15 kicks per game and is 15th in the comp for rebound 50s with 4 per game. These stats are what helped Howe average a solid 94 points last season.

Howe has now had two good seasons in a row. With his average of 92 in 2016 and most recently 94 last year. This makes it easier to pick Howe as he has proven that he wasn’t just a one hit wonder having only one good season. The intercepting marker has cemented himself as the player the Pies use out of the back-line.

Howe only had 6 scores out of 21 under 85 points which is a really good return. Two of those scores were injury affected, as he scored 63 in round 15 when he got injured, he missed round 16 and in round 17 and coming back from injury he scored 65. After that 65 he was fit again and bounced back with scores of 114, 131, 91 and 96 the next four weeks.

Howe is at a really ripe age of 27, and around that age most players hit their peak. His body is really reliable which is shown by the amount of games played each year from 2012 to 2017; 22, 21, 22, 22, 20 and 21, respectively.


It’s really hard to mount a case on why not to pick Jeremy Howe. The only real negative is that he doesn’t have a as high scoring ceiling as other defenders like Simpson and Houli at relatively the same price. Although he can be much more consistent, scoring below 85 on fewer occasions.

Summary: Howe has shown his scoring ability averaging 92 plus two years in a row now. He is super consistent only scoring under 85 points six times out of 21 games last season. His body is solid and has only missed 4 games in the last 6 seasons.

Verdict: I haven’t seen Howe in many teams at all so far so he can be a real quality POD for your SuperCoach team. He is the perfect price for a D2 or D3 depending on your teams structure. Howe can even be the perfect replacement for the now injured Zac Williams.

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