Player Radar 2018 – Michael Barlow

The SuperCoach pre season is well and truly upon us and for those that want to achieve the crowning glory of being a league champion, or even a personal best in the overall rankings, it is important to look into all sorts of different players and how they can contribute to your teams overall chances of success.

Today that player is Michael Barlow.

Player: Michael Barlow
Team: Gold Coast Suns
Age: 30
Price: $462,700
Position: Forward/Midfielder
Games played 2017: 12
2017 average: 84.2
100+ scores: 3
90+ scores: 5


Here’s something no one has ever said before … the Gold Coast Suns really excite me this season.

Sure they may not make the finals or win heaps of games but I feel like the circus has finally left town and with a new coach, coming from completing an apprenticeship at a team first club like the Swans, there is, at the very least, a sense of hope at the club now.

In order to implement this team first culture, Stewy Dew is going to have to rely on the veterans he has at his disposal, particularly in the midfield, meaning Michael Barlow is likely to have a significant role to play.

He’s back in full training, and came second the Suns’ 2km time trial. Fitness is not an issue.


The negatives surrounding Barlow are all pretty obvious.

He’s just turned 30 and is coming off a horror broken leg for the second time in his career, meaning he may just be one injury away from having to call time on his career.

Given he’s listed as dual position player there is a fear that he may waste away playing a negative role in the forward line, but personally I can’t see it happening.
He’ll either play a majority of his time in the midfield or you won’t see him in Suns best 22.

Summary: Barlow is a veteran with a number of years of experience behind him and a career average of 99 SC points. In further good news he’s reportedly training in full so will have a decent pre season behind him come round 1. Given his age and previous injury concerns he’s also likely to be a point of difference forward.

Verdict: Barlow is currently locked away in my team as an F3 but depending upon my final structure, could possibly slide to F4. Just one of many players to definitely keep an eye on in the JLT.

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