SuperCoach HQ Hot Tub Time Machine – Round 9

After a brief hiatus the SuperCoach HQ Hot Tub Time Machine is back and it is becoming more important than ever with popular captain options letting us down in recent weeks.

So let’s look at who has historically performed well against their opponents this week.

Cats v Dogs

It is fair to say that Patrick Dangerfield enjoys playing against the Doggies. In the teams two meetings last year he was the only player from either team to score above 130 with two great scores – 173 in Round 13 followed by 144 in Round 19.

In Round 16, 2015 Luke Dahlhaus, scored 143, and in Round 5 2013, Harry Taylor played in defence and cut everything off for Geelong scoring 138.

With this game being the first of the weekend, and Danger’s record against the Bulldogs, I can’t see why you would VC anyone else!

Saints v Swans

With only one meeting between these two teams in each of the last 3 years, it may be difficult to read too much into the form of any of the players in these two teams.

Nonetheless, in Round 21 last year Lance Franklin (141) and Daniel Hannebery (131) both scored well in an absolute rout of the Sainters. In 2014, Buddy again ran riot with 168 points.

For the Saints there is some good news. Back in 2013 Nick Riewoldt scored 152 in Round 5 and Jarryn Geary followed suit in Round 21 with 130, during the same game Josh Kennedy also scored 136.

If you are looking for value in terms of your vice-captain maybe consider Buddy. After a game last week that saw everything he touch not quite turn out in the way we expect, he is due a big game.

Giants v Tigers

The last time these two met, Richmond only scored 23 points for the whole game (yes you are reading that correctly 23!), which obviously meant that the ball spent a whole lot of time in the Tigers defence.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that Alex Rance scored 145. Meanwhile, down the same end Steve Johnson wound back the clock with an impressive display ending with 146.

In Round 14, 2015 Trent Cotchin led the Tigers to victory finishing with 132 SC points.

In 2014, these teams met twice and we saw players like Jack Riewoldt (189), Matt Thomas (147), Brandon Ellis (142) and Dustin Martin (134) score well in Richmond’s 113-point win in Round 10. Brandon Ellis (142) backed it up in Round 19 while Callan Ward (136) performed well for the Giants.

Lions v Crows

Things have started to turn sour for the Lions after being pretty impressive in the early rounds. The same can be said for the “Premiership favourites” Adelaide who have been bullied the last two weeks.

However, I can’t see the Lions getting anywhere near the Crows, especially given what happened the last time they faced each other in Round 20 last year. No less than five Crows players scored above 130 including: Brad Crouch (144), Tom Lynch (138), Rory Sloane (137) and Daniel Talia (137).

In Round 21, 2015, Dayne Zorko scored well, finishing with 157 and Rory Sloane again led the for the Crows with 149 SC points.

Round 20 2014, saw the Crows win by 103 and yet again the Crows dominated the SuperCoach scores. Rory Sloane scored big again with 172, while Sam Jacobs had his way in the ruck finishing on 164, and the big Texan, Tex Walker, slaughtered the Lions defence scoring 133.

Sloane loves playing the Lions and after a poor couple of weeks, I can definitely see him bouncing back in a big way.

Pies v Hawks

Who can forget the Round 23 game these two sides played last season that saw Jack Fitzpatrick storm out of the middle and kick the winning goal from fifty?

Two players that tried to will their teams over the line that day were Adam Treloar (150), who probably won’t be there this week, and Shaun Burgoyne (130).

In Round 14 2015, Scott Pendlebury cut a swath through the Hawthorn midfield scoring 184 SC points, and with the weight of his partner having finally given birth off of his shoulders could we see a return to this type of scoring from SuperCoach’s most consistent player?

Bombers v Eagles; Demons v Kangaroos; Dockers v Blues

The Sunday fixtures are usually maintained for miracle captaincy options only so for the purpose of this article I will only be providing a brief look at the history of players from the Sunday games.

The first is Essendon and West Coast, which can only be described as a low scoring SC fixture with only 3 current Essendon players having scored 130+ since 2013. I would steer clear of making anyone captain in this game.

Brent Stanton – 141 SC points (2015)

Zachary Merrett – 130 SC points (2015)

Mark Baguley – 130 SC points (2014)

The Demons pulled off a great win last week in Adelaide but are always prone to a let down the week after. I would therefore suggest that if you are running low of options on Sunday and need a miracle captain choice to pull of the win, consider Todd Goldstein.

Told Goldstein – 172 SC points (2016), 155 (2015), 158 (2013)

Ben Cunnington – 151 SC points (2015), 151 (2013)

Shaun Higgins – 145 SC points (2015)

Jack Viney – 135 SC points (2015)

Bernie Vince – 162 SC points (2014)

The last game of Round 9 isn’t filling me with any confidence and I would avoid at all costs, but if you really need a miracle these players have good scoring records.

David Mundy – 133 SC points (2015)

Nathan Fyfe – 171 SC points (2014); 138 (2013)

Lachie Neale – 143 SC points (2014)

Aaron Sandilands – 137 SC points (2014)





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